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Name: Cuxmay
City: France
Sent: Sat March 03 2007 05:59 PM

I love your style and I wish I will find your CDs in France. I posted an article about you in Wikipedia using your "Biography" page, I wish it will make you a little more famous. Thank you and goodbye. Cuxmay.
 :00 Excuse me but I don't write englis very well. :00

Name: John M.
City: Bay Shore, NY
Sent: Mon January 03 2007 12:06 PM

you guys ar awsome... you guys are really good and want to kno wif u sell your cd in the long island area of new york? cuz i want one cuz its really good but i cant buy stuff through the mail. you guys should go to a major lable company and show thm what you got cuz its really good. hope to hear music from you guys ! :h

Name: Eric
City: Ryebrook, NY
Sent: Wed December 27 2006 06:43 PM

thanks for the cd's guys! YOU ROCK

Name: andrew
City: aliso. ca

Sent: Sat November 11 2006 10:33 PM

im a junior in high school and i just radomly found a CD that on of my subsitute teachers gave me in 7 grade...i listened to it and went and checked out your website and recognize the guy in ur pics... anyway u guys are pretty good, keep it up

Name: Santia Nance
City: Hampton, VA
Sent: Sat November 11 2006 05:08 PM

I love you guys. :f forever.

Name: Matt Rosario
City: acworth, Ga

Sent: Thu August 10 2006 06:05 PM

Hey whats up guys? well I found you on accident...Im glad I did...thought you were blink or angels and airwaves for a second till I looked you up...anyways just wanted to send ya something...going to buy 5 of your cds...just incase 4 get scratched too badly from being played...o and i want that compilation cd and of course the sticker...anyways take care..keep rockin...lets get somemore songs going and make another cd and sell that for a buck too...cya...Matt

Name: Kaylee
Sent: Sat August 05 2006 06:14 PM

AHH the same thing happened to me. i downloaded a bunch of A&A songs and loved them then i went to get lyrics and they were totally different. What happened? why is it like that? well i dont care you guys are really good!!

Name: CiCi
City: Phoenix, AZ
Sent: Wed July 26 2006 10:52 PM

HEY omg i love this band so much!!! when r u going to come to concert in arizona!! im so going!! :f

Name: Justin R.
City: Kokomo, Indiana
Sent: Fri July 14 2006 08:59 PM

You guys kick ass.  I found you guys accidentally when I was trying to download Angels and Airwaves and even though I HATE when people mislabel songs...I couldn't help but like it.  Requiem for an Undying Love is the one I happened to download.  Checked out some more of your stuff on Myspace and it was enough to convince me to buy 15 of your CD's.  Keep it up guys, you can be huge.

Name: Craig Purdon
City: Renfrew (a small town near glasgow in scotland)
Sent: Thu June 23 2006 05:30 PM

uh hey guys!!! i just searched for the angels and airwaves song "a littles enough" on a file sharing site (illegal i know but i have no money to buy cd's) and i got ur song smmer of 89 instead!!!! alot better!! so im now a fan but got ur song illegally....sorry!! :00

Name: Gerardo
City: Culiacán, México

Sent: Fri June 16 2006 02:28 PM

Hi, I heard your song "Requiem For An Undying Love", it rocks, honestly that was a sweet song. Keep rocking!

Name: j0hnny arsenic
City: brd minnesota
Sent: Mon June 12 2006 04:47 PM

you guys fucken rule!!! summer of 89 is my favorite songs and all my friends love you guys - rock on! peace&love

Name: mea culpa
City: The Suck, Texas
Sent: Fri June 02 2006 06:29 AM

Requiem For An Undying Love my friends Requiem For An Undying Love

Name: Rachel
City: Albion, NE
Sent: Thu June 01 2006 06:43 PM

yea yall perdy much rock not only my sicks...but also my shoes off!!  :e ...i love the new song you guys guys really make hollywood geeks look like freaks! you r like knight in shining armor ...:D...keep it stringing

Name: Kelly Tells
City: Kansas
Sent: Fri May 26 2006 08:54 PM

With the way the world is today, I was relieved to find a great band that hasn't been attacked by mtv yet. Oh and three cheers for the song Summer of '89, that's probably my favorite.  

Name: Clark
City: South Africa
Sent: Tue May 23 2006 01:08 AM

i like your music, most of your songs were relabled to be those of Blink182's aftermath Angels and Airwaves when i downloaded it from a p2p program. but yours is kinda cooler, good luck and all the best for the future

Name: Josh
City: Salisbury, England
Sent: Sun May 14 2006 12:50 PM

Same as ur music as wrongly titled stuff, that didnt match the lyrics i had.

Thought it was quite good, googled your lyrics and ended up here!

Keep up the good work!

Name: Sam
City: Manchester (England)
Sent: Sat April 29 2006 01:15 PM

Yeah no shit you guys are amazing! you've gotta get some more stuff out. i came across you when on google. anyway whatever you guys are amazing! manchester is where you wana be for shows trust me!

Name: becky
City: hong kong

Sent: Fri April 07 2006 08:46 AM

i accidently came across you guys while downloading some music..anyway..the song was incorrectly titled as another bands stuff and i looked for lyrics but couldnt find any that matched the file then i typed your lyrics on google and came across you guys/..

crap, you guys are so good.
i'd ask for a cd, but i live half way across the world and my parents arent into inernet buyinh.
you guys kick ass.
If you ever get the chance- come to hong kong.

Name: Teren
Sent: Wed March 01 2006 09:11 PM

I like it! Thanks! ;-)

Name: A Fan
City: NY, NY
Sent: Mon January 02 2006 01:29 AM

Times are rough. Don't be fooled. You're going to make it. Take it from an old exec.. you have what it takes.

Name: Kandice
City: Houston,Texas
Sent: Mon December 26 2005 10:59 AM

hey, thanks for being rad. AND writing some awesome music. YAY, hope to see y'all in Texas one day.

Name: FrogKid
City: Indiana
Sent: Fri December 16 2005 04:01 AM

Hello! yo cd is awsome ! my fav. song is Prom night. Really cool.

Name: Alex Spitz
City: anaheim ca
Sent: Fri November 18 2005 03:03 PM

whats up guys this is alex your old bass player...just wanted to say whats up and hope all is well...rock on dudes...

Name: Lisa
City: Placentia, Ca
Sent: Sun November 13 2005 06:54 PM

wow its a miricle i found you guys. i recently found the cd u guys gave out at ma high school a yr or so ago and man i love your guys' sound. its noice! well best of luck, and your songs on myspace sound really great. okie dokie hope to get to buy a shirt soon. laters.

Name: doug
City: molino fl
Sent: Sun November 06 2005 10:22 PM

i like fish

Name: Alyssa
City: Grosse Pointe, MICHIGAN
Sent: Fri September 02 2005 01:57 PM

drowning fish....definitly my favorite band!! i love it mwaaaahhh.!

Name: Kenneth
City: Honolulu, HI
Sent: Sun July 10 2005 11:03 AM

My wife actually stumbled on you guys while doing an online scavanger hunt. I have to say I am glad she did. You guys have a very cool sound. If you guys dont mind, I am deployed in the Middle East and I run the music morale server. I would love to upload a few of your songs so others can check you guys out.

Name: Aaron "Llama" Myles
City: I Live In England, Dudes
Sent: Sat July 09 2005 10:02 AM

*whispers* you guys rock.... *shouts* YOU ROCK!!!! yeah, i stumbled across your music and i must say :um.... you rock lol! yeah so hope when you're bored of America you will come to England and show us your stuff!

Name: (haha you dont kno)
City: Indiana
Sent: Fri June 17 2005 10:51 AM

Hey i love all your songs as they are really cool. My Favorite song is called Prom Night.

Name: sam
City: melbourne, australia
Sent: Mon May 09 2005 11:35 PM

please come to australia!!! i love drowning fish and they should come 2 australia and meet all they're australian fans!!!

Name: emily
City: oh just good ol' britain baby!
Sent: Sat April 23 2005 07:37 AM

really like the music, drowning fish should definatly consider doing some touring in the UK and Europe pretty pretty please???

Name: Ron
City: Ludwigshafen, RLP Germany
Sent: Tue March 29 2005 04:39 PM

Hi, i just found your Page on, you guys really rock! your songs are awsome, just the right music for summer and surfin Greetz to sunny California, Ron

Name: Dizzy Santangelo
City: Cape Hatteras, NC
Sent: Thu March 10 2005 04:44 PM

you guys ROCK! like seriously dude, you guys could get a big ass record deal e-a-s-y yo. Just wanna say thanks for the sweet sweet inspiration to pick up my guitar and start a band. Thanks yo -Dizzy*

Name: Cody
City: Broomfield, CO
Sent: Sat January 29 2005 10:56 PM

the new songs are pretty sweet, thats awesome that you guys haven't changed your style of music

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: Wed January 26 2005 07:00 PM

\m/ Sorry I haven't gotten around to ordering the CD with the new songs yet...I jsut forgot...They're awesome though, keep it up! Oh, and congrats on getting on MTV!

Name: Virginia
City: El Cajon, Ca
Sent: Mon January 24 2005 01:14 AM

Hey what's up? This is a really awesome site, Hey Marc, you gotta come visit me fo sure now that i know you're in a fuckin rock band. Well, call me sometime. Keep on ROCKIN!!!!!

Name: akka-lak-ee-oh-ickkee (pronounced dave)
City: hoffman estates,illinois
Sent: Sat January 08 2005 11:51 AM

dont let this go to your head or anything but you guys fucking rock! doing the victory powerslam off the table with my head as i'm writing this.....all the luck and hoping for more music from the fish...dave

Name: ashley
City: newport beach, cali
Sent: Mon January 03 2005 04:32 PM

these guys rock, i know them because they're my 3rd grade teacher's brothers, and we each got free cds from them, and since then iv loved their music

Sent: Fri December 31 2004 01:12 PM



Name: ashley
City: Newport Beach ,CA
Sent: Sun November 28 2004 03:57 PM

Hey guys! YOU ROCK! I will so buy ur cd! have a concert in newpory pleeez

Name: Andrea
City: Greenacres, FLorida
Sent: Thu November 25 2004 05:53 PM

Hey you guys I havent visited ur site in a while, congrats on winning 2nd place in the KIIS FM contest!! I used to live in O.C. but i recently moved out to Florida, if I decide some day to have a party would you guys be willing to fly out here??? ~Andrea P.S. you guys ROCK!!

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: Mon November 22 2004 02:47 PM

Wheeee...finally the new songs are available! I'll be sending my order sometime this week...How much would it cost me to get a couple stickers? Can't wait to hear the new songs, Dakota PS: Sorry if this sent more than computer was/is spazzing out...

Name: Mike
City: Kent Island, MD
Sent: Sat November 20 2004 08:32 AM

Great sound guys, some of these songs really hit home for me ;;. Hope I see your record out in my hometown soon!

Name: *~Rebecca Dieffenbach~*
City: jacumba c.a.
Sent: Tue November 16 2004 05:03 AM

Hey Marc...i got the cds they are great me and my friends love the cds...u guys toldly rock...well i have a few qushions so hit me up at faceparty or aim Rodgerst9!well hope to talk soon have a very nice day.

Name: pay!!
City: cali
Sent: 1.06 PM - sat 13 nov 2004

hey u guys are realllllly good im always listening to you..i personaly kind of know marc he's really cool and thats how i got u'r first cd! im always listening and i think im wearing it out haha,.. but just wanted to say u guys are awesome and my friendas think so to!!!

Name: Kellie Angel
City: Angel Town, NC
Sent: 11.11 AM - tue 9 nov 2004

Hey marc!! I promised I would sign your guestbook.. Thank you for sending the cd's they are wonderful!!! You guys rock... Good luck with you music I hope u go as far as u want too....

Love ya,


Name: Rebecca Dieffenbach
City: jacumba,C.A.
Sent: 7.53 PM - mon 1 nov 2004

Hey u all i wish u guys the best of luck and your music rocks i love it. keep up the good work.
your buddy beckylynn17

Name: brennan stonner
City: burney, CA
Sent: 3.11 PM - tue 26 oct 2004

hey guys or chicks,

i just wanted to let you know that i fucking love you already and i havent heard your music(yet im going to get your cd) i love the name
think big and you will go big

brennan stonner

plz e-mail me back thanx

Name: clutch
Sent: 10.29 AM - thu 21 oct 2004

wheres the new stuff, updates. let us know whats going on

Name: Juancho
City: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sent: 9.50 AM - sat 9 oct 2004

Drowning Fish rocks Buenos Aires... we're so far but your lyrics and music are a great bond!

still you're awesome guys, keep on doing it


Name: Snoop Dunk
City: Auckland, New Zealand.
Sent: 11.00 PM - wed 6 oct 2004

I heard you guys a few years back on ...

You're great. I mean, I'm not very fond of the genre of music that you play. But I really like your music, people can relate to it ... Brain freeze especially. I'm sure all us little gits have felt that way some time in our lives. I like how you put the stories along with the lyrics to the songs, they make it easier to understand and relate to the songs.

Anyways, you guys are awesome. I mean, even I, the flaming git who hates most music made after the 80's and REALLY dis-likes emo pop-punk type music, likes you. You guys rule and I hope you guys get real big some day. Even if you aren't Deep Purple or AC/DC.

Prom night is great, first song I downloaded, my favourite ... I'm going to stop typing now.

Name: Lo
City: Laguna Beach, CA
Sent: 1.56 PM - sat 25 sep 2004

MARC! I got your message on and yes, I drooled so I figured that I would sign your guestbook thingy. Anyway, I can't wait for my CD to arrive and even though I dont remember your guys playing LBHS I'm sure that I will love it. Don't forget to watch the premiere of LAGUNA BEACH: THE REAL ORANGE COUNTY on September 28th and 10:30pm on MTV. Thanks...

Name: Sam Johnston
City: Greensboro, North Carolina
Sent: 9.58 PM - tue 21 sep 2004

I have just found out about your band and i can say that you are now one of my favorites, just by listenig to the lyrics and even reading the stories that go along with the songs i can relate to... every one and alot of them are, in whole, how i feel. i just wanted to let you know that u guys ROCK

Name: Heidi
City: NPE, Florida
Sent: 12.05 PM - fri 17 sep 2004

Holy crap its been forever since ive been to this site almost two years.....wheres Billy?
I remember gettin one of those cd's and you asll signed it...I still have it :0)) my sn used to be Love4allpunk aim: Dont4getoBreathe

Name: Jakob
City: Uppsala, Sweden
Sent: 11.36 AM - fri 17 sep 2004

Hey i had to write to u guys before u get too famous to have a guestbook lol. I love ur music, Prom Night is my favourit it's so emo, but your new stuff is great too. I hope u never stop doing this music.
I'll probably buy your CD soon btw

Name: Tiffany
City: Lake Forest, CA
Sent: 2.01 PM - sun 5 sep 2004

Hey guys...someone handed me your CD after an Ataris concert in Orange County like two years ago and it's still one of my favorite CDs! I love it. :)

Name: Allie
City: Overland Park, KS
Sent: 11.30 AM - wed 1 sep 2004

I just wanted to tell you all that I love your lyrics because they are so powerful. I can completely relate to some of the songs about lost love and the memories that go along with it. Thanks for being you.


Oh yeah, you guys should consider coming to Kansas City for a show sometime!

Name: Christina
City: fountain valley, CA
Sent: 7.56 AM - tue 31 aug 2004

Hi guys, you were all great playing at Los Amigos High School. We all loved you guys a lot. I just graduated this year, but I hope you come back to the school again so more ppl can listen. I've also started learning acoustic guitar, so hopefully I get somewhere with it. Best of success in the future!

Name: Circlip
City: Sydney, Australia
Sent: 7.30 PM - sun 22 aug 2004

Hey, you guys are great! I found you from a Blink182 yahoo group, as I am a fan of Blink, and I like what you have been producing. I hope you guys make it big, I really do, it'd be great to get worldwide exposure. Thanks guys for making my days happy with your songs, and I hope you can get a bigger fan-base. You guys ROCK!!!! :)

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 7.16 PM - sat 31 jul 2004

W00t W00t for acousticness...I've mainly been lisetnign to acoustic stuff anyway, so that would be great! Can't wait for the new songs!

Name: Trottel
City: Deutschland (or Germany as you say)
Sent: 4.14 AM - thu 29 jul 2004

just write to tell you that you also have fans in Germany (and not only bands with the same name)!
And always remember:
" Black Jack und Nutten, ach scheiss auf Black Jack!"
Sorry, but I think I won't translate this but if you like futurama you might have heard it in English!

Sent: 8.34 PM - wed 28 jul 2004

when are you guys going to perform at FVHS [Fountain Valley High School] again ??? well i hope you guys do when school starts ! :] YOU GUYS ROX MY SOX ! ;D

Name: Drowning fish
City: Hannover, Germany
Sent: 2.45 AM - sun 18 jul 2004

Hi there!

We're Drowning Fish,a Punk Rock Band from Isernhagen/Hannover,Germany and we have just found out,that our Name already exsist.
This is no fake,we searched for our name in the www and came to your HP.
We're a little bit sad about it,because now,we have to find an other name.
But never mind,
our Logo is better than yours so we can handle this funny situation!
And good luck for your future

Name: Cody
City: broomfield, Co
Sent: 4.07 PM - tue 6 jul 2004

damn i am still surprised you guys havent gotten signed, after all these years

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 4.59 PM - wed 16 jun 2004

What she said |

Name: Harriet
City: Alpharetta,GA
Sent: 4.45 PM - tue 15 jun 2004

Hi, I found your band two years or so ago and I love you guys. Yes, I've been telling my friends about you too and they have checked you out. When you guys can, come to Georgia. It would be appreciated.
Love you guys,
Harriet Hagele

Name: Reila aka Anne Reila
City: brea, ca
Sent: 10.58 PM - sun 13 jun 2004

nice to finally meet you in person guys :)

Name: Valerie
City: San Diego
Sent: 9.47 PM - sun 13 jun 2004

sup ppl! hey Drowning Fish...u guys r doing awesome..keep up the great work....i love u guys!!!!! *MUAH*

Name: maria
City: aliso viejo ca
Sent: 11.58 AM - sat 12 jun 2004

hey guys im sorry about the dum comment...i was high on i guess you cant really recognize jokes from sarcasm...but again im sorry...i didnt realize i would be calling myself dumb....oops! lol...kay so wad up marc!(again) oh your guys's songs are so em, love em!

Name: minTy freshh
City: Aliso viejo ca
Sent: 11.39 AM - sat 12 jun 2004

hey Marc your the greatest sub! you like dont care if we talk...which is cool coz the other subs do(they all suck). but times...i hope the picture you took of our class turned out like wouldnt be able to take it if it wasnt for ME...the person who gave you batteries :P but the movie we had to see was DUMM...anyway...your band's you guys have a record label? j.w. ok umm...i hope to see you later marc even if you said your not gonna sub (6th per. science [houston] is the dumbest offence guys...but this year's all over so wtf...)

Name: Alysse
City: Laguna Niguel, California
Sent: 9.30 AM - sat 12 jun 2004

Hey! One of u guys subbed at Aliso Viejo Middle School, for Mr. Houstens class. I wish u could've substituted for the rest of the year. Oh well! NEway, ur band is pretty cool, good luck with it!

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 11.03 AM - thu 10 jun 2004

I just thought of guys need a forum instead of everyone having to email their questions...maybe you could use invision free or something...good luck with recording the new stuff! :)

Name: Jake
City: laguna Niguel
Sent: 7.49 PM - wed 9 jun 2004

Great cd! U subbed for Mr. Houston's class june 9th. I hope you can go far with your band. Great job. I love the song 16, a bombshell... and My Friend

Name: Lauren and Boni
Sent: 5.21 PM - wed 9 jun 2004

hey it's the kids from marc's sub class from Aliso Viejo Middle school!!!! we love the drowing fish!!! we love the picture of him and the statue of the lady! LOL!!!!

City: melbourne, victoria
Sent: 9.58 PM - tue 8 jun 2004

i like this site i hadn't herd of drowning fish till the start of this year but now i have i'm glad

Name: cheyenne fakouri
City: alcopoco new mexico
Sent: 2.08 PM - sat 5 jun 2004

u have nice abs. marc i love u .

Name: kristin spore
City: laguna niguel, ca
Sent: 2.07 PM - sat 5 jun 2004

hey hey mr. marcos or marc. u subed fo rmy science class @ aliso veijo middle school. 4 mr. kokx. hes a loser, u need 2 take over. i love ur c'd \! good luck with ur tour w/ blink. next time u sub i want ur autograph. by the way ur really hot. like really hot. wow

Name: kyle clark
City: laguna niguel, california
Sent: 11.16 AM - fri 4 jun 2004


Name: Eric Chin
City: Laguna Niguel CA
Sent: 9.23 PM - thu 3 jun 2004

O can u give me a cd? its eric when u cum bak to Mrs.Chelesniks? if u can that would be great................. C ya!
O u r the greatest sub!

Name: Eric Chin
City: Laguna Niguel CA.
Sent: 9.20 PM - thu 3 jun 2004

Hey Mr. Marcos! Sup its me the student that was in Mrs.Chelesniks. Dood u rock man! try to teech us again. O good luck with ur band thingie. I hope u go on tour wit Blink-182! 2fav. band! later!

Name: lauren
City: laguna niguel, ca
Sent: 6.00 PM - wed 2 jun 2004

Hey Marc I had you as a sub one time at my school and you are like the coolest ever! YOU ROCK. I

Name: kermit
City: Deutschland (Germany, as you say)
Sent: 7.30 AM - thu 27 may 2004

Hi, guys!
I just wanted to say that your music is great, keep it up!

Name: kamyar
City: laguna niguel, california
Sent: 3.21 PM - mon 24 may 2004

hey man its kamyar you subbed us in science in mr. mcgreoger and mrs. scheriman. to tell you it want keenan or aaron.

Name: Al
City: Laguna, Niguel
Sent: 9.07 PM - fri 21 may 2004

dude, you subbed my drama class! effing scary-------yea i probably annoyed the hell out of you but ne ways you guys kick so if you sub me again it'll be chill and ill talk to u again. oh and thats for the cd, i've been listening to it alot and it kicks.oh yea, i go to Niguel Hills and i was in Mrs. Erlingers drama, i had the fake Prodas and blus jacket yea have fun. Peace!

Name: bonnie
Sent: 1.08 AM - tue 18 may 2004

hey yall this web site is preety good keep going with wat ur doing and u'll go far

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 1.30 PM - mon 17 may 2004

Hm...I might just have to check out those new comps that you're on...can't wait for the new songs, will you guys be releasing them on an EP, because I'd buy some if you did...and one more thing...are you ever making another Handpicked and Homemade?

Name: Luis Beltran
City: Santa Ana, CA
Sent: 11.13 AM - mon 3 may 2004

damn u guys kick ass!!! i only cn u guys play one time at my school and i just loved it. i hope u guys continue playing cuz u guys ROCK.

Name: Nils
City: Stockholm, Stockholm
Sent: 10.23 PM - fri 23 apr 2004

Hej, kul att komma in p er sida

Name: Saman Mirsoltani
City: Aliso Viejo CA
Sent: 11.04 PM - wed 21 apr 2004

Hello one of u guys subed in my science and english class and it was very very fun i liked it a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kandis
City: Laguna Niguel California
Sent: 4.16 PM - wed 21 apr 2004

Oh yeah, and I got a sticker too!

Name: Kandis
City: Laguna Niguel California
Sent: 4.15 PM - wed 21 apr 2004

One of you guys was my subsitute at Niguel Hills Middle School ^_^

Name: Tom
City: England
Sent: 2.51 PM - sun 18 apr 2004

Is there ne where in England that distrobutes the CD?

Sent: 11.10 AM - sat 17 apr 2004

last night was pure <3 besides the fact with greg..grr.i love hanging with you kids and can never seem to get enough of faris. oh man its classic. sigh but dennys by far had to be the best thing we did last night. that guy well what can i say i wish i went up and talked to him haha. and mario im sorry you couldntve been there we missed you, i hope your having fun in vegas. oh yeah and our little phone talk....we need to have those more often. ok im gonna get. love you. ex oh ex oh.

Name: Danny Thomson
City: Tampa, FL
Sent: 3.49 PM - wed 14 apr 2004

Ive been a fan for along time, LOVE the music and KEEP playing!!!!!!

City: Bogota, Cundinamarca
Sent: 1.12 PM - wed 14 apr 2004

Hello, i am jorge from lazypunk records... if anybody wants the colombian release send me an e-mail.

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 5.44 PM - tue 13 apr 2004

Hey dudes...I like the new lyrics, and is there anyway I can get one of the CD's that's beings released by Lazypunks? Because I'd love to be able to get one...well, good luck, can'ta wait for a new record!

Name: Jessica
City: Irvine
Sent: 9.52 PM - sat 10 apr 2004

hey it was great hanging with you guys the other night we should do sometime again. you guys have so pretty good songs. good luck with being able to go really far.

Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE/ Dodge City, KS
Sent: 5.55 AM - fri 2 apr 2004

Hey everyone. what's up? nothing's going on here except that I haven't updated the band's fan site in FOREVER!!! It's partially because Marc kinda lost contact with me *tear*sniffle* and partially because my computer here in nebraska is SHIT. If anyone has any updates on info with the band lemme know cause i'm starting a new site this summer. Thanks and I hope to hear from ya'll soon.

All My love

Name: Naomi
City: stanton,california
Sent: 1.57 PM - sun 28 mar 2004

WHen are you guys comming to Rancho again??

Name: Steven Nguyen
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 11.30 AM - sat 27 mar 2004

You were my substitute teacher for Ms.Howell on Thursday. Period 4

Name: marina mladenovic
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 4.37 PM - fri 26 mar 2004

Marc was also my sub for english, 4 period! sorry, if u thought we were annoying, but we're advertising ur band with the stickers! drowning fish rocks my socks!

p.s. i was the really annoying girl with brown hair on the left side of the class :)

Name: Manuel Zavala
City: Peoria, Arizona
Sent: 12.49 PM - fri 26 mar 2004

Name: Katie Knox
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 7.55 PM - thu 25 mar 2004


P.S. i was one of the nice students in 5th period! so yeah!!

Name: Kriz: from mr. Valdiviezios class at marco
Sent: 8.46 PM - wed 24 mar 2004

Killer site.

Name: Josh Camp
City: Dana Point, California
Sent: 2.09 PM - mon 22 mar 2004

i posted here im in Mrs. Parks 5th period Geometry class at Dana Hills. Do i get extra credit for this? U guys are pretty good.

Name: Stephanie
City: Aliso Viejo, CA
Sent: 9.35 AM - sun 21 mar 2004

Hey guys. You guys rock. I can't wait to see you guys play agian. Its been a while since I seen you guys play. So hope to see you rock out soon.

Name: Jennifer Fouch
City: Laguna Niguel, California
Sent: 3.49 PM - sun 14 mar 2004

Hey Drowning Fish ! I don't know all of you but Marc-- u were my substitute at aliso viejo middle school ! haha u subbed for my in mr houston's class...and u were pretty awesome. u gave our class ur band's website and so i checked it out and u guys are soo good ! i like your music drowning fish ! U rock... never change :)

Name: Jes Campanaro
City: Hershey,PA
Sent: 8.15 AM - sat 13 mar 2004

I <3 Drowning Fish!!!! I think it's great. Everything good...lyrics, voice...I know it hasn't hit PA yet, but I'm sure it will.All my friends think I'm nuts, but they are starting to follow me more and more...(don't really like to be a leader, but yeh) You all ROCK! Don't ever give up...:)

Name: April Baguindo
City: Las Vegas, NV
Sent: 3.39 AM - thu 11 mar 2004

Great songs..Deep Heart felt lyrics. Seems to me that ALL great bands reign from The O.C. Keep it up. You have fans in Vegas:)

Name: student of aliso hs
City: ca
Sent: 8.57 PM - wed 10 mar 2004

marc, you were an awesome sub, but your music rocks even harder!! you guys are awesome! keep up the good work becuase i know it will pay off for you guys!! i cant wait for the new songs!!

Name: Stephanie
City: Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin
Sent: 6.39 PM - wed 10 mar 2004

Just listened to the Cd... Its awesome!!! You guys rock... yeah.

Name: Britney
City: Derby, England
Sent: 10.26 AM - tue 9 mar 2004

Hay guys just stumbled across your site, it's like total rad

Name: Manuel Zavala
City: Peoria, Arizona
Sent: 2.40 PM - mon 8 mar 2004

Hey guys, my friend introduced me to your music and it's some of the best stuff I've heard. Anyways, keep it coming! I'm with you all the way.

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 4.52 PM - sun 7 mar 2004

I love the new lyrics to "The Breaking of My Heart"...oh the news it says you're preparing to record 3 or 4 songs...does that mean that you're releasing an EP? If you do I'll be sure to pick up a few copies because I'm sure it'll be great! :)

Name: pelin chalayan
City: Laguna Hills California
Sent: 12.05 PM - sat 6 mar 2004

hey....I got to your website from marc. He was my substitue for science just recently. I love your songs. Best lyrics i've heard 4 a long time. I enjoy your website. Marc..sry i don't know your last name i 4got it,But if you remember me i was the brunette in your 6th period clas. Just wanted to say love your music!!!!!!!

Name: Saman
City: Aliso Viejo CA
Sent: 9.41 PM - thu 4 mar 2004

Hi marc u wre my sub at school!

Name: Nadine Correa
City: Los Alamitos, CA
Sent: 3.07 PM - wed 3 mar 2004

You guys are so slap-my-face-fantastic. Drowning Fish RULES. ass

Sent: 3.02 PM - wed 3 mar 2004


Name: Ryan
City: La Mirada, Ca
Sent: 7.36 PM - sat 28 feb 2004

I got your $1 cd, and it totally rocks. In my opinion, it's worth a lot more. :) Well, rock on and hope to see a show soon. Peace out.

Name: Allison
City: Pinckney, Michigan
Sent: 9.51 AM - sat 28 feb 2004

I think you guys are an awsome band keep up the good work!


Name: Anthony Verdugo
City: anaheim, Ca
Sent: 7.57 PM - tue 24 feb 2004

What up Homies its my anthony hopefully one day will play a show together me and you guys could go on are own tour together that would be sweet stuff but alrighty playas you guys have tight music your a great insperation on my band and keep up the good tunes later

Name: Laura
City: Bartlett , TN
Sent: 2.28 PM - tue 17 feb 2004

WOW i really like alot of your songs . You guys really rock ! PLEASE OH PLEASE come to Mephis IN concert sometime! I would love to see you ! Keep doing what you are doing because it rocks!!!!

Name: Jessica
City: Boston, MA
Sent: 3.08 PM - thu 12 feb 2004

I gotta say... you guys are amazing! Hopefully I'll be ordering your album soon. I've been asking around, mainly to radio stations, here about you guys... tryin to get your stuff some air time up here. I think you guys would hit it big time up here in Boston... especially with the high school age kids. Kepp playin'! You guys are awesome!

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 4.05 PM - mon 9 feb 2004

For all of you who keep saying "we want more Drowning Fish stuff!" u can just go to and make your own stuff...well, that is, with Marc and/or Mario's can make lots of stuff....t-shirts, hoodies, and even thongs....

Name: Karla
City: Dallas, TX
Sent: 9.01 PM - fri 6 feb 2004

When are you going to get new pictures of you guys on the site??

Name: Nikki
City: CA
Sent: 3.18 AM - fri 6 feb 2004

Awesome site! I will tell all of my friends :).

Name: caro
City: oc
Sent: 3.53 PM - fri 30 jan 2004

god its been forever since ive seen you kids. we need to hang out sometime soon. hit me up. xoxo.

Name: Christian
City: Laguna Niguel,Ca
Sent: 6.39 PM - wed 28 jan 2004

Hey,cant wait to go to one of your concerts(marc hope to see you soon by the way loved your video)Bye.

Name: fox
City: fort worth, tx
Sent: 11.02 PM - tue 27 jan 2004

i ordered your cd a little over a year ago and i haven't stopped telling people about you. You guys rock hard!!! don't stop playin, i'm coming to cali just to see you guys... keep it goin on and email me if you guys ever get a new cd or any shirts or merch of any kind. :) thx for the great music guys!!! <3 xoxo fox

Name: Stacie Ann
City: Nebraska
Sent: 1.23 PM - mon 26 jan 2004

Hey... my friend Andrea gave me your CD awhile back... but I just wanted to tell you that I think it's AWSOME! HOpe to see ya live sometime!

Name: ana
City: Orange, Ca
Sent: 6.50 PM - fri 23 jan 2004

i loved ur video guys!!! awesome job!!!

Name: John
City: ca
Sent: 12.15 AM - tue 20 jan 2004

You have a nice site!

Name: Kris
City: Cleveland, Ohio
Sent: 2.34 AM - wed 14 jan 2004

I was just surfin and came across your site. I love the name! I play with an original political rock band based out out of Cleveland, Ohio. If you get a chance, check out our site

Name: eric
Sent: 12.36 AM - mon 12 jan 2004

grey skies, sunny smiles is seriously like such an awesome song.. i love it! great job you guys.. when can i hear some new stuff??

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 6.03 AM - sun 11 jan 2004

I accidentally hit send before I could list my fav. here they are (they're in no order)
Prom Night
There For You
Wish This Were a Love Song
I'll Miss You
Summer of '89

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 5.53 AM - sun 11 jan 2004

Well....I got my CD yesterday, and all I have to say is IT'S GREAT! Awesome job guys, keep it up!

Name: Junior
City: Garden Grove, CA
Sent: 6.08 AM - wed 31 dec 2003

Yo, I had the pleasure of seeing your show, which was at my school. You guys were great! Keep up the good work.

Name: Alex
Sent: 9.24 AM - tue 30 dec 2003

You guys are great.. but where's the merch? I want to get a T-shirt!

Name: Adam
City: Carmel, CA
Sent: 8.53 PM - fri 19 dec 2003

yo yo yo, Drowning Fish is so gangsta. jk. i downloaded a ton of your songs on (before it died) and i think they are all awesome. you guys are really awesome and you inspire me to write alot. you guys should come play at Carmel high, because it would be rad. anyway, you guys rule.
p.s. check out my band

Name: Dakota
City: Blairsville, GA
Sent: 3.43 PM - mon 15 dec 2003

well....I saw this site being advertised on so I decided to come....good site and from what I've heard...good band...I'm gonna mail my order for 5 CDs (which I keep forgetting to do....I had it ready like 5 days ago) tomorrow...and ummm yea...

Name: Alex Small
City: San Clemente
Sent: 8.39 PM - tue 9 dec 2003

i was in one of your substitute classes for mrs baytieh.

Name: Robb
City: SC, CA
Sent: 8.19 PM - tue 9 dec 2003

Hey wats up, Marc substituted my class today and handed out Demos to the class and i was lucky enough to get one, i was listening to u guys today and thought u guys were pretty good. So yeah i hope Marc substituts us again....Laaaaaate. -Robb-

Name: Martin
City: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Sent: 9.22 AM - tue 9 dec 2003

Yea i head about you guys on a site...i checked your site out and ordered a cd. It kicked ass! You guys really fuckin rule. You music is really inspiring and good. From listing to you 16 a bombshell and my friend song it gave me alot of good ideas. You guys rock

Name: Candice
City: La,Ca
Sent: 11.37 AM - mon 8 dec 2003


Name: Nick
City: Middlesbrough, England
Sent: 10.34 AM - mon 1 dec 2003

Hey, its nick from the english drowning fish. Well, we were called the drowning fish until about 6 months ago! Now we're The Shortlist; and have done pretty well for ourselves hehe. We'd love to support you if you ever do a UK tour! lol

Name: Ashley
City: Newport Beach, Califonia
Sent: 8.07 AM - fri 28 nov 2003

Drowning Fish is the best band ever!!!!!!!!

Name: Mike Ghazaleh (Luck Zero guitarist)
City: Columbia, Missouri
Sent: 8.56 AM - tue 25 nov 2003

Hey guys. Just stopping in (visiting the site from school), and love the lyrics to "The breaking of my heart". They're inspirational. Makes me wanna write...

Name: Alex
City: Massachusetts
Sent: 9.59 AM - sun 23 nov 2003

Hey the new Blink CD is awesome, as is yours which I've had for a few months now. You should really get some shirts made, I'd definately get one.

Name: Anthony
City: garden grove, CA
Sent: 12.27 PM - sat 22 nov 2003

HEy marc we met at the BLink 182 signing at best buy. well ur band is awsome, and mabye if u get a lip ring ill like u as much as TOM. well i was just kidding but bye bye

Name: hope n illa
City: highland, CA
Sent: 4.52 PM - thu 20 nov 2003

Hey guys wuts up? thanx for the cd you gave us at the blink 182 autograph signing. u guys are awesome! hope we will see you on tour sometime!

Name: caro
Sent: 9.01 PM - tue 18 nov 2003

i miss you kids! we need to hang out soon.

Name: Jenny
City: mission viejo Ca
Sent: 5.24 PM - wed 12 nov 2003

You guys sound great and your realy hot

Name: Stefan
City: Germany
Sent: 3.57 AM - tue 11 nov 2003

Hey guys!
I just want to let you know that you've also fans in Germany and in Europe!
Go on like this, you're great!!

Name: caro
Sent: 9.52 PM - sun 9 nov 2003

hey marc i tried to respond to your email, but everytime i tried to send it aol kicked me off. im just letting you know so you dont think im to much of a flake. i gtg ill talk to you kids later. love ya.

Name: cody
City: fullerton, ca
Sent: 11.24 AM - fri 7 nov 2003

whats up guys i went to fullerton high last yaer when u guys played and i htought u were bad ass there really was not that many people watching but u guys tore it up

Name: Samantha
City: Calabasas
Sent: 10.25 PM - thu 6 nov 2003

I swear ya'll gonna be famous one day! You should really try to push your stuff to some record lables (maybe rhino or drive thru). I think you guys have the looks and the vocals to be the next blink! peace out!

Name: Jackie
City: Placentia, California
Sent: 4.13 PM - sun 2 nov 2003

Hey! Drowning Fish rocks man. I'm a friend of Nicole Kassis, and you guys played at Valencia High School and you rocked. Come play again! Theres like 400 extra freshmen this year so you'll get new fans! Haha. I remember you sang "14" instead of "16" it was so cute for Nicole. Haha. We'll I'll be going, rock on. =D

Name: Josh W.
City: Weaverville, N.C.
Sent: 6.16 PM - thu 30 oct 2003

Hey I just got your CD it is so good and the lyrics are so great...makes me want to right songs and play the guitar even more now.....hmm i hope that you dont mind that im sending one of your cds to a friend who lives in Paris France ;)

Name: Andrea McGrath
City: Hastings, NE
Sent: 5.47 PM - mon 27 oct 2003

Thanks for the cd's. I'm really enjoying them. And your stickers are awesome!! Good luck with all your future endeavors. Andrea

Name: nyland rim
City: misiion viejo, CA
Sent: 10.09 AM - thu 23 oct 2003

hey whats up i was in one of mr Lynn,s sub classes and he told us to check out ur sight and so i did it looks pretty cool!!!

P>S where can u listen to some of ur songs?

Name: SamLeona
City: Irvine
Sent: 7.32 PM - wed 22 oct 2003

OMFG!!! Marc is so fine!!!! He has the raddest vocals!!! I want to F*ck him sooooo bad!!!!

Name: Rocio
City: Santa Ana, CA
Sent: 10.22 PM - fri 17 oct 2003

You guys rock my world, strong like wolf!

Name: Sammy*
City: West Keansburg, New Jersey
Sent: 8.29 AM - sun 12 oct 2003


Name: Marissa
City: Port Monmouth,New Jersey
Sent: 10.44 AM - sun 5 oct 2003

Hey nice site...nice cd too i have it...i like the song summer of 89 cuz that was when i was fun fun....
xoxoxo marissa

Name: Xtina
City: Foutain Valley Ca
Sent: 2.53 PM - sat 4 oct 2003

Yo sup kiddo. I just wanted to let u guys know that i still LOVE your music! and I wanted to know when you are gonna come out with some new songs.

Name: XtymourX
City: Dana Point, Ca
Sent: 7.02 PM - wed 1 oct 2003

haha this is the coolest band you guys will ever listen to. They used to babysit me and scare me with their stupid masks...good times. Coolest guys around, everyone buy their CD.


Name: Cody
City: Broomfield, Co
Sent: 6.08 PM - wed 1 oct 2003

Hey what's up. Those new lyrics are pimp. Keep writting more i'd like to read them and hear the songs. Keep it up. Later

Name: chris
City: Exeter, NH
Sent: 4.12 PM - tue 30 sep 2003

ya i found your song prom night on kazaa and i have to say its very good i want to know if this one dollar cd thing is for real because i have some friends who would be ineterested in it along with myself.

Name: Tatiana
City: San Juan Capistrano
Sent: 5.59 PM - mon 22 sep 2003

It's that time again! It's time for me to sign the "guest" booklet thingymiboper. (HAhA FUNNY WORD!)

Marc, i just remembered something about the time you subed for my wood shop class. I was the one that got paper balls hit againts my head by the other guyz in my class. (Stevie and Kwame). yah.. I bet you dont remember though... Oh well if you do tell me! Thanx alot for being a GREAT band!

Me (Tatiana)

Name: krista litzin
City: navajo New Mexico
Sent: 8.12 AM - tue 16 sep 2003

i love your website it is the best!!!!!!!!

Name: Eduardo Ramirez
City: Irvine, CA
Sent: 4.45 PM - sun 14 sep 2003

You guy's are a great band and I hope to see you guy's play again, and you guys rocked at Irvine High School

Name: Lauren
City: Irvine, CA
Sent: 10.13 AM - sat 13 sep 2003


Name: WeNdEe
City: Long Beach, California
Sent: 8.47 AM - sat 13 sep 2003

Hey guys! I heard you guys on KIIS and I have to say you guys sound really good. I hope you'll have more shows! And since you guys are doing shows at high school, you should come over to my school *LakeWood High* !!! HAHA well keep up the exellent work and I'll be sure to come and check you guys out again haha!

Name: christian mayo
City: laguna niguel, ca
Sent: 3.36 PM - thu 11 sep 2003


Name: toby
City: fv, ca
Sent: 2.38 PM - thu 11 sep 2003

la la la... oook... so wait did you find a drummer?? im sooooo lost. i checked like.. everythign on the site and either theres nothing or i really really stupid. or maybe both. either way... whats up?

Name: Natasha
Sent: 6.15 PM - wed 3 sep 2003

Reminder that Rock at the Park is September 5th from 4:00-5:30 at the Aliso Viejo Community Park. Life Alert, $4.99 Fan, and Rising Dissent are playing. Come have fun!!!

Name: alex
City: yorba linda ca
Sent: 3.14 PM - fri 29 aug 2003

whats up guys its me alex your old bass player, just wanted to say whats up and wanted to see how you were doing...later

Name: raeida
Sent: 2.45 PM - sun 24 aug 2003

hi this is raeida from knotts
so listened to your cd the other day it was good my fave was summer of 89 ttyl bye

Name: catie
City: melbourne, FL
Sent: 6.45 AM - sun 24 aug 2003

hey drowning fish!
i just wanted to say that u guys r awesome, i love ur band! when r u coming to florida to play a show?? i know a ton of people who would be there! please come! u guys rock!!!

Name: Lauren
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Sent: 9.46 AM - wed 20 aug 2003

you guys rock! your cd's awesome, keep up the good work

Name: Tyler
City: lakewood, WA
Sent: 10.54 PM - fri 15 aug 2003

hey, i just found out about you guys a while ago and you rock, love all the songs. There is a band called Instant Winner that is coming to california on tour soon. check them out

Name: toby
City: fv, ca
Sent: 10.05 PM - thu 14 aug 2003

hey!! wait im sooo lost.. so do you have a new drummer and nobody told me? or.. wait.. what? im sooo slow. ahhh. ok well anyways. yay a music video sounds like err.. fun. ahh so many cameras. ok im gonna shut up now. byyyeee!!! have fun!!

Sent: 5.10 PM - thu 14 aug 2003

HeY I jUsT StARtEd LiStEnInG tO DrOwNiNg FiSh. I FoUnD yOuR Cd On A BuS AnD I tOoK It HoMe It WaS PrEeTy GoOd. WeLl JuSt WaNtEd To SaY YoU GuYs RoCk AnD I'lL PaSs ThE WoRd AlOnG. WeLl GoOd LuCk WiTh EvErYtHiNg:)

Name: Natasha
Sent: 9.15 AM - mon 11 aug 2003

The Rock at the Park show was awesome!!! Thanks so much to all of you guys that came and supported this great band!!! See you next time, September 5th for Life Alert, $4.99 Fan, and Rising Dissent!!!

Sent: 3.12 PM - sat 9 aug 2003


Name: Ruzzel
City: Lempster,HN
Sent: 9.30 AM - fri 8 aug 2003

Drowning Fish YOU RULE!!!! Keep it up and stay cool!!

Name: Natasha
Sent: 10.00 AM - sat 2 aug 2003

Hey Drowning Fish fans!!! Come see Drowning Fish perform at the Aliso Viejo Community Park on August 8th at 4:00!!! For more info:
Hope to see you all there!!!

Name: ana
City: orange,CA
Sent: 10.48 PM - fri 1 aug 2003

hey guys! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! i wish you guys find a drummer soon!!i wish i could be your drummer! laters

Name: kat
City: laguna niguel, ca
Sent: 12.51 PM - wed 30 jul 2003

drowning would rock my socks off, had i been wearing them. they're so good, they don't even need capital letters to express it.

Name: Jorge
City: Bogota
Sent: 12.19 PM - wed 30 jul 2003

Drowning Fish is a good band!

Name: Hermes
City: Mission Viejo, Ca
Sent: 2.44 PM - sun 27 jul 2003

I'm not really an avid punk listener but have occasionally listened to what is shown on MTV. The ataris and simple plan are what I listen to mostly. Weird thing about me finding out about them was that they happened to be playing at my school (Trabuco Hills class of 2003) and I approached them for their "demo" because I started liking punk or pop..whatever but the bands that came their always sucked. To my surprise, I listened to it. And 2 hours later, I was a big fan. Their cd is in my cd case along with bigger commercial bands or rappers and their's is my favorite. Thank you.

Name: Lola
City: New Port Richey, Florida
Sent: 5.24 PM - thu 17 jul 2003

I juts wanted to say that ive been listening to your cd ever since you guys sent it to me for a dollar.... i think your music rocks and keep making more music. did you guys ever think about coming to coachman park in clearwater or a show for tampa florida? *smile* keep up the awessome work

Name: Naila Rahman
City: Meadville, PA
Sent: 5.45 AM - sun 13 jul 2003

Hey all,
Long time no contact! Congrats on the second place. I miss the emails from you! Hit me up with some.

Name: yoduh4077
City: San Jose, CA
Sent: 6.56 PM - sat 12 jul 2003



Name: Ginger
City: Bowling Green, Ky
Sent: 9.22 PM - wed 9 jul 2003

Since i'm from almost the other side of the world.. I'll tell all my locals about ya ;)

Name: Mike
City: Orange, Ca
Sent: 4.31 PM - mon 7 jul 2003

Hey guys wuts up? I noticed you guys need a drummer. I'm a drummer. I got some demo songs if you guys wanna hear them. Lemme know. Talk to you soon.

Name: Mark113
City: Brooklyn, NY
Sent: 9.13 PM - sat 5 jul 2003

Ey guys. Well you probably don't remember me, but i ordered 3 cd's from you when you first started the crazy $1 cd sale. I think it was like 2 or mayve even 3 years ago. Wow time flies. Well i was flipping through my cd collection (which i haven't done in awhile) and i stubbled upon the cd i ordered and i just had to listen to it again. And once i listened to it i remembered how good you guys were.
You guys seem to be really moving up, and a lot has happened since i last checked the site. I'm glad you guys are becoming much more of a household name. Even some people way out here on the East Coast have been talking about you.

Great work! See ya later

Name: Sam
City: Orange
Sent: 4.51 PM - tue 1 jul 2003


Name: Kevin Finlay
City: Glasgow,Scotland
Sent: 11.56 AM - tue 1 jul 2003

Hey Mario its kev here from Scotland,luv the cd man, when you guys gonna be doing a european tour?????come on get your asses over here

Name: Edgar Leyva
City: ASheville NC
Sent: 9.22 AM - sat 28 jun 2003

hey guys i love prom night that song is tight i play guitar and iwas juss wondering where i could get the tab for it ?
keep on rockn

Name: bballinprogirl
City: laguna niguel, california
Sent: 12.59 PM - fri 27 jun 2003

OMG! YOU GUYS RULE! i have your cd! and prom night is my fav. song!! keep up the good work

Name: Me
City: Stillwater, OK
Sent: 8.00 PM - tue 24 jun 2003

Back before the all american rejects got famous, they were called drowning fish. They suck and they're assholes. You are much better.

Name: Chris Kelishes
City: Los Angeles, CA
Sent: 2.21 PM - tue 24 jun 2003

Hey M & M,
I heard you guys are posing nude for Rolling Stone. My sister can't wait for that issue! I know it's been a long time since we last spoke but I'm all for putting together another St. Luke's show.... Haha. Email me back if you get a chance.

Name: Josh
City: Aliso Viejo CA
Sent: 1.57 PM - tue 24 jun 2003

hey do u have the video of the show at aliso viejo cumunity par, i filmed it

Name: Oliver Johansen
City: Cerritos, California
Sent: 9.41 AM - mon 23 jun 2003

Your band is really neat. I just had a really, really outstanding time listening to your incredibly unbelievable performance at my high school last month.

So much talent and energy goes into your performances.
UNBELIEVABLE is all I have to say. I just really can't wait for you to come back. I work at the local
K-MART and all of the employees really love you guys.

Name: olivia
Sent: 6.46 PM - sun 22 jun 2003


Name: Emily
City: Laguna Niguel
Sent: 11.33 AM - sun 22 jun 2003

Hey guys! I started listening to you guys when Marc... or as i had to call him Mr. Morcos, substituted for our class. And after begging him for a CD i got one! And Oh My Lord are you guys awesome! A few days ago we we're in the car and ya'all came on Rick Dees and i was freaking out! I WAS SOO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! You guys deserved to be #1 soo much. But I'm totally happy you got second place! I'm trying to advertise you guys as much as possible and i hope to see you guys play real soon! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! And I'm totally in love with your song Prom Night!!! Keep it up guys! Your gonna go real far!!!

Name: toby
City: fv,ca
Sent: 8.24 PM - sat 21 jun 2003

hey guys- long time no see. i miss my fishies!! must.. go.. to... show.. ahhh!! congrats on the kiis contest!! you had my vote. cant wait to catch you at another show.

Name: Kim
City: Irvine, Ca
Sent: 2.14 PM - fri 20 jun 2003

Hey guys. Just wanted to say congrats on being #2. I heard it this morning on my way to school and made my dad shut up. Hope you find a bassist soon.

Name: Jaymz
City: Australia
Sent: 7.43 PM - thu 19 jun 2003

hey, you guys are cool, i have heared your stuff and would like u's to keep up tha good work.

Sent: 9.16 PM - wed 18 jun 2003


Name: Sarah
City: fountain valley, ca
Sent: 7.14 PM - wed 18 jun 2003

wow it's been awhile since i've seen you guys play. probably don't remember me [ovhs battle of the bands roadcrew] but i'm hoping you'll play a show or two over the summer so that i can catch you play again. good luck with the kiis fm contest and know that i'm voting and having others vote too. later.

Name: Alexandra
City: Aliso Viejo, CA
Sent: 6.34 PM - wed 18 jun 2003

HEY BOYS!!! You guys are great! I remember when we were all little partying with S.O.Y.O! You guys kicked ass then too!! Keep it up!

Name: meldrew69 from england
City: ENGLAND, UK remember me :)
Sent: 1.27 PM - wed 18 jun 2003

hello agen! aint spoke on here for a while! the compilation is ace and the album is amazing! hope you find a drummer soon! and well keep on rocking the way yous do! drowning fish fans add my msn address and we can talk punk!!!

Name: Hermes
City: Mission Viejo, California
Sent: 3.29 PM - thu 12 jun 2003

You guys are probably one of my most favorite groups/artists to listen to of all time. That's pretty hard to do. I must say that whoever writes has a knack for melodies going along with it. I can tell there's something missing from you guys becoming as commercial as soda, but other than that ya'll are great. Next to Saves the Day ya'll r the best.

Name: Zac
City: Emmaus, Pa
Sent: 1.23 PM - wed 11 jun 2003

hey i think u guys r really great. i really like ur sound. my friend jon d. introduced me to ur guys' music and its great. i wish u could come to my high skool to play that would really kick. thx so much i love u guys so much.(im not gay just to let u all know i just really like ur music)

Name: Lauren
City: irvine, CA.
Sent: 10.22 PM - mon 9 jun 2003

Yo Yo Yo, hey boys just wanted to say hi and that you gave a sweet performance at our school last week. i let a friend of mine know that you were looking for a drum and he said his friend peter might still be looking for a band. i'll play your cd for him (which you guys so kindly signed for me) and see what he thinks. Thanks again, hope to see you rock steadies again soon. luvz!

Name: Cristina
City: Fountain Valley California
Sent: 8.19 PM - mon 9 jun 2003

Hey you guys! I realy enjoyed your CD. You played @ my high School a while back (Los Amigos High School) and i also thought i saw you at THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS @ Fountain Valley High School. I can really relate to alot of your songs...especially the Summer of '89...That song Rocks!! Every time I have a Bon Fire I play that song along with Memories Made, Times Forgotte and Hanging On. Well you guys RoCk! Just though you should know!

Name: Brett Webb
City: Yorba Linda, Ca
Sent: 9.04 PM - sun 8 jun 2003

Hey you played at el dorado recently and i got one of ur cd's and i think your music is really good i really like the cd!

Name: Brittany
City: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Sent: 6.48 PM - sun 8 jun 2003

eh.. I think I'm the only person NOT from california.. but I've listened to some of your stuff and you guys rock, I ordered the CD, so yay for me. anyway, i hope you guys get a lot of radio play one day, that would rock. good luck, laters!

Name: Leslie
City: Irvine, Ca
Sent: 6.18 PM - sun 8 jun 2003

hey guyz! ya'll played at my school last wekk and it kicked ass! i have the c.d. and its awsome! love you guyz and hope ya'll have much sucess! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
luv always,

Name: Yesi
City: Anaheim,Ca
Sent: 5.09 PM - sun 8 jun 2003

I'll do my best to help ya guys out. (The Kiis FM contest thing)

Name: Ilse
City: Santa Ana,CA
Sent: 12.10 PM - sat 7 jun 2003

Hey Guys
YOu guys were great You can totally see that you guys love what you do!!!! And Mario you're HOT!!!! hope to see you guys around!

Name: Christina
City: irvine, california
Sent: 3.57 PM - fri 6 jun 2003

I loved your band...for some reason, you guys remind me of Green Day. The cd was great and I burned a copy for my friend.
The Drummer was Hot!!!!!!
So Was the Vocals!!!!
It was gerat!!!

Name: Jennifer
City: Palmdale, CA
Sent: 8.13 AM - fri 6 jun 2003

Hey Guys! I heard you on Rick Dees and you guys were AUSOME! Im about to buy a couple of your cds and get my free sticker! Anyways I will try to hook you guys up when my Birthday comes around!

Name: Spencer Askin
City: Aliso Viejo Ca
Sent: 6.39 PM - thu 5 jun 2003

HEYYY MAN. I'm the lead guitarist from the band Mothra. We're uhh i guess opening for you guys on the 13th at the park next to my school. Yeah so were like 13 but we know how to play. So do you guys so keep it up and see you guyss there..!

Name: mike
City: irvine
Sent: 8.40 PM - sun 1 jun 2003

hey i just wanted to say that you guys are freakin pro!man i dont even listen to rock music, i listen to rap and i still gotta give it up for u guys. and dont get a new drummer hes pro damnit! yea and your logo is crazy too.

Name: Sam Mac
City: Norwood, Pa
Sent: 11.31 AM - sun 1 jun 2003

Hey You guys are awesome, but you live too far away for me to see you guys...

Name: Kim
City: Irvine, Ca
Sent: 2.57 PM - fri 30 may 2003

hey guys! Thank you sooo much for coming to our school and playing. Hope you didn't mind playing all of our crazy long lunch. You guys are awsome and I can't wait to check you you again. Lots of love!

Name: Severina
City: orange,CA
Sent: 2.45 PM - fri 30 may 2003

hey you guys totally rock i cant stop listening to the c.d i got and your hot!!!! keep rockin and you can defnitly see me at one of your shows!!! lots of love and kisses!!!! Severina

Name: Mia
City: Irvine, California
Sent: 8.14 PM - thu 29 may 2003

This site is awsome, love the watery back-ground. One thing though . . . more pictures! There has to be atleast one good face shot of eachband member . . . if you guys show off you're looks, you'll get many female fans (like me).

Name: Brian James
City: Irvine, California
Sent: 7.51 PM - thu 29 may 2003

Your band was awesome, your cd was even more awesome. You guys shouldn't look for a new drummer, the one you have right now is super good, you just look for a new bass player. Well those are just my ideas, keep up making new songs and come back to Irvine sometime.

Name: Samantha ( Sam) Simmons
City: Orange
Sent: 4.03 PM - thu 29 may 2003

hey, you guys played at my school last friday, and i just wanted to say that you guys are great. i think that i have heard you play once before at chain, opening for smile maybe? i am not sure, but great show, and keep the kids posted will ya. P.S. you guys sound awesome even w/out a bass. my neighbor is 18, and he is a really good drummer, i mentioned you to him, and he said that he will e-mail you in a little while. have fun

Name: Nikole
City: Irvine, CA
Sent: 2.05 PM - thu 29 may 2003

Hey guys! I saw the band at IHS today, and picked up a CD. You guys are doing great. ^_^ Honestly, I think you're the best band so far this week. (Today's Thurs.) Anyways, I hope you make it big. Best of luck to you guys~!

Name: crystal
City: anaheim cali
Sent: 11.19 AM - thu 29 may 2003

just wanted to say waz up cd is great and all my friends love thanks alot for going out to play for my school

Name: Michael davis
City: orange, CA
Sent: 6.11 AM - thu 29 may 2003

hey, you guys were great at my school, at orange high. i watched the whole show and i liked how you played sound garden. and i love you cd! thanks for the free cd, there are a tons of great songs, i hope you come back to orange high school to play again! you guys kick ass!! ill see you at my b-day party soon, i hope!! much love!

Name: Eric Lee
City: Anaheim, CA
Sent: 8.32 PM - wed 28 may 2003

Hey guys i thought you band was great even though you didnt have a bass player. well hope to hear more of your guys music. KEEP ON PLayING!

Name: Alice
City: Anaheim
Sent: 6.25 PM - wed 28 may 2003

Hey, Heard you guys at my school(Magnolia). You guys were awsome and when you do become the #1 band just remember Magnolia. Peace out.

Name: Nicole
City: anaheim, CA
Sent: 12.59 PM - wed 28 may 2003

You guys played at Magnolia HS today and I thought you were great! Not bad looking either!(Especially you, Mario!) :) Good luck finding your drummer. Can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to be in your band. Thanks!

Name: Danielle p.
City: orange,cali
Sent: 7.10 PM - tue 27 may 2003

You guys are seriously one of the best bands. I love coming home and listening to you.I got your cd when you came to Orange high. Thanks so much!

Name: breana
City: garden grove,ca
Sent: 9.31 AM - tue 27 may 2003

hi how was your weekend? just wanted to say hi and now i gotta go bye.

Name: jim
City: orange ,ca
Sent: 5.44 AM - tue 27 may 2003

hey was up guys just wanted to say that i love ur music and that u guys should come back to orange high when u get ur new drummer (rock on)

Name: Megan
City: orange,CA
Sent: 8.34 PM - mon 26 may 2003

HEY!!! you guys rock!!! and keep rockin!!!:)~

Name: Raymond
City: Losangeles ca
Sent: 5.57 PM - mon 26 may 2003

Hey i think drowning fish is realy good i could relate with one of the songs because i liked a girl but she didnt like me back and that sucks

Name: ToT
City: Itatiba, So Paulo
Sent: 6.17 PM - sun 25 may 2003

Im from Brasil and I liked your songs..
t mais manos..

Name: Heather
City: Dodge City, KS
Sent: 4.36 PM - sun 25 may 2003

Hey everyone...i know that i haven't updated my site since last summer (sorry) but i'm going to my dad's on thursday so it'll be updated by this upcoming saturday...i promise. So start checking it out again

thanks everyone

PS. Marc, u better start writing me back cause i need some stuff for my site!!!

Name: Timmer
City: Anaheim, Ca
Sent: 2.14 PM - sun 25 may 2003

Hey guys whats up? Just wanted to say hi and that u guys Rock my socks! lol Well anyways keep up the good work and I will be looking for a drummer for u guys! L8s

Name: Jessica anaya
City: Orange, california
Sent: 8.04 PM - sat 24 may 2003

Hi Drowing Fish,(Mario & Marc)
I just wanted to say you guys are great. I heard you at Orange HIgh School the other day and I was Stunned. I usually don't stop to hear the music they play at our school. But I was so intrested to hear more of what you guys were playing. When i found out you guys were giving away cds i had to get one. I listened it so much. I wanted to tell you good luck on everything. Oh! You guys are both so freakin HOT!!!!!!!!!!
See ya good luck!

Name: <3 jEnn yOo
City: Fullerton, CA
Sent: 3.14 PM - sat 24 may 2003

hey! loved your show, you guys played at my school, sunny hills~ i just sat and watched and couldn't move, cause watching you guys was really addicting~ =) Marc:fell in love with you playin the drums! Mario:great singing and playing the guitar~! my friend was videotaping your performance for you, and hah, i accidentally said this on your tape without knowing, "isn't the drummer guy so cute?" xP haha i know you guys will make it big, but i hope you guys stay true and modest even though you become celebs!
*luv ya*

City: orange calif.
Sent: 2.43 PM - sat 24 may 2003

sup guys good luck with everything,try and show up at orange high school again it was was freakin coo..later

Name: Chau
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 10.15 AM - sat 24 may 2003

You guys rock! Mark, I hope you got Pearson to let you come play at our skool. That day when u came and subbed for my SS class was so cool. Well hope you come play at NHMS some day!

Name: Monica
City: Orange,Ca
Sent: 8.40 AM - sat 24 may 2003

You guys rock. I hope u could play agin at Orange high. Thanks for the free cds. The songs on the cd were cool.

Name: Tim
City: Orange,CA
Sent: 4.47 PM - fri 23 may 2003

i saw u guys today at my skool,Orange High, and i just wanted to say u guys rock! so um yea anyways ...thanx for the free CD its pretty badass. and yea hopefully u guys can come back to our skool again sometime.

Name: joe
City: New Jersey
Sent: 2.06 PM - fri 23 may 2003

wow, i think im the only fan from new jersey! (well not the only fan) Anyway....why not just go to guitar center and put up flyers?

Name: Irma
City: Riverside, CA
Sent: 9.00 AM - fri 23 may 2003

i know, i know....i live in riverside and not orange county(but i did before) anyways i used to go to rancho(u guys played there a little while ago) and my boyfriend bought a cd from u. the cd is good and i like ur "pour my heart into these songs" music. but anyways its not u guys care so i'll stop.just wanted to let u know u have fans not only in oc.....

Name: Natalie
City: Laguna Niguel,California
Sent: 10.23 PM - thu 22 may 2003

Hey! Your drummer was my sub. on my birthday and he gave me a free CD!! you guys are fuckin radddd!! You guys are definatly gunna be famous one day...Love, Natalie

Name: Jennifer
City: Fullerton, Cali
Sent: 9.29 AM - tue 20 may 2003

You guys put on a great show yesterday at our school! Good luck on finding a drummer..Thanx for the free cd its awesome youll be seeing me at your next show...take care

Name: Ivon
Sent: 8.41 AM - tue 20 may 2003


Name: Thomas
City: Fullerton, CA
Sent: 10.36 PM - mon 19 may 2003


it was so fun to hear you play at our school today. i wish i could have helped you pack up though. i saw you work from my 5th period class for a long time w/o help. thanks so much for the personalized autograph! hope you find a drummer and more success! btw, i listened to your cd on the way home, and yeah you're good! i'll be sure to check our your next gig!


Name: SHHS!! LANCERS! j/k
City: Fullerton, Ca
Sent: 7.15 PM - mon 19 may 2003

Okay.. i just saw you guys today.. during lunch. you guys did an awesome job! yeah.. you guys rocked.. well it might now looked like but we enjoyed it! well.. i did.. Sunny Hills represent! lol. lates!

Name: I once again sign this!
City: Monkey City (It is being attacked by evil monkeys!)
Sent: 5.53 PM - mon 19 may 2003

I still love you guys! You rock my world. And u know you do so, dont try to change my mind! Ok?...OK! I play drums but....not as good as u guuys deserve..SORRY THOUGH! anyway. Im at a library right now righting this. Since the computer at the HOtel isnt working.. But HEY! Whatever the important thing is that i can/am wrighting this right know so...Luv you guys And everyone elts wrighting this buh bye!

Name: me
City: uhh.. a place with padded walls..?
Sent: 8.36 PM - sun 18 may 2003

hi its me.. uhh.. again..? well. for those of you who want to help promote drowning fish or help them find a new drummer i came up with a ridiculously brilliant way to do so. and and and its fun!! if you have aol search member directory for drummer, drums, etc. and cali, Ca, california, tha sort of thing. you will then end up with a list of drummeres in california. so then you go through the profiles and you find ones whoa rent in bands and you im them asking if they would like to be. and just to promote the band... im people and tell them about DF. but of course tghjese are both fairly time consuming .. but hey the work!! i will keep you all updated on new and exciting ways to promotwe drowning fish!!

Name: Tay
City: California
Sent: 6.38 PM - sat 17 may 2003

WHOO HOO, DROWNING FISH! YOU GUYS ROCK! :) i love your cd!! keep playing!!!!

Name: anthony
City: monterey, ca
Sent: 6.02 PM - fri 16 may 2003

hey, have fun at the mtv video music awards.

Name: toby.. again..
City: Fountain valley, ca
Sent: 3.35 PM - thu 15 may 2003

its me again. jsut wanted to tell you that your new lyrics are awsome! of course. well. have fun at the mtv music awards!! bye!! wow i think this is my shortest message yet. go me!

Name: 2so
City: superior, WI
Sent: 2.13 PM - thu 15 may 2003

drowning fish!
hey, i just wanted to say, that a lot of ur songs got to me. they're very well written and great to listen to. the mood it sets me in, i cant explain. my band was called "drownd fish". but we broke up due to the band chemistry. i dont know if u guys will ever come play up here in Superior, WISCONSIN. or even in wisconsin. but i know u guys have the potential to be great. i can hear it in the music and lyrics of ur songs. thanks a lot for helping me through times.

Name: catie
City: melbourne, FL
Sent: 4.16 PM - wed 14 may 2003

hey guys,
my friend bought a couple of your cd's for us, and i just wanted to say that it's an awesome cd, and i want to know when the next one's coming up! I hope you guys play florida someday!! also, i really like your lyrics page, i thoink its really col how you put all the stories behind the music on there, since most bands don't. thanks!

Name: Sean
City: Westminster, Ca
Sent: 8.11 PM - tue 13 may 2003

Hey whats up thanks a bunch for you guys on coming out to our school and playing there were some dicks out there in the crowd. But i thought you guys were pretty good thanks again!!!

Name: Jolene
City: Aliso Viejo, CA
Sent: 6.53 PM - mon 12 may 2003

OMG, i LOVE your CD!!! One of your members was my substitute teacher in choir today, and he was REALLY CUTE! muah! anyways, i think it would be really cool if i could get an autograph from you guys. if thats ok, send me an email. thanks!!

p.s. i hope you perform at aliso niguel HS sometime.

Name: YourMom
Sent: 5.55 PM - mon 12 may 2003

Yeahhh substitute teacher has a band!haha that's so awesome. I love the CD. It rocks! Why don't you guys come play at our school(Aliso Niguel High School)? It will me a good way to spread your music! Keep up the great work!

Name: Cody
City: denver, CO
Sent: 3.28 PM - mon 12 may 2003

Hey Drowning Fish, I checked out your new lyrics there awesome like all your other music is. even tho i live in colorado i am still planing on seeing you some day some time some where.

Name: Sarah
City: North Fort Myers, Fl
Sent: 11.13 AM - sun 11 may 2003

too bad you're not from florida! i'd love for you to come and play at my school! but i guess i'm just not lucky enough like that. you guys are great, keep up the work, i'm glad you finally got a bassist, takes a little work off marc!

best wishes,

Name: Erin
City: Spencer, IA
Sent: 5.54 AM - sun 11 may 2003

I stumbled across you guys on kazaa, and I have to say you sound awesome. I think you guys are a lot better than half of the bands on mtv and such. I love your music. :)

Name: Fat Mellen AKA Derek
City: Birch Run, MI
Sent: 3.33 PM - sat 10 may 2003

wow there is like no way i can say this... i cant even describe the influince you guys have put on me. you write so descripitive and its just like.... whoa! it makes me like freak out. you write about actual experiences and it is like i could listen to your cd forever. i remember the first time i heard of you guys... i was at a website and i say your link so i hit it and started to download some of your stuff from kazaa. i got the memories made times forgotten cd after that, and the first few songs were total emo and i was kinda like.... you know, just another one of those pop punk bands, but then the other half was the best half of a cd ever. i am sorry i cant say what i want to say right now, but thank you. thank you for making music. you have a loyal fan right here forever and ever.

Name: April
City: Fountain Valley, CA
Sent: 10.25 PM - mon 5 may 2003

Hey i just wanted to thank you guys for playing at my school (Los Amigos) i helped out with giving out cd's for you guys...but i just wanted to let you guys know that bassist or no bassist You're great! =)

Name: john
City: los alamitos
Sent: 4.58 AM - sun 4 may 2003

i thought you guys were awesome when you played at my school. i thought you were one of the best bands that played this year and the only thing i didnt like was that there wasn't any bass, since i play bass.

Name: stardust
City: Santa Ana, Ca
Sent: 8.10 PM - sat 3 may 2003

i just want to say that, i love your music, and i can relate to a lot or your lyrics. i wish you guys the best. keep doing what your doing. love ya lots, maybe you guys can play at my high school one of these days.... :)

Name: CHrIS
City: Bunea Park, CA
Sent: 3.55 PM - fri 2 may 2003

OHHH so good today at Los Al highschool. Good times when my friend stage dived and smacked the pavement; he's hurtin but he said it was all for the fish...

Name: ajay
City: anaheim,ca
Sent: 3.32 PM - fri 2 may 2003

hey u guys were awesome today at los al u guys gotta come back im gonna go c u at the hub... btw everyone my band is Falling Sideways go to our website... come and sign the guestbook and wutnot...laterz

Name: breana
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 10.01 AM - wed 30 apr 2003

hey waz up
it's me breana the loud mouth i go to rancho high school i like the way you guys sang hopefully to see you guys again now i have to go cause the bell is going to ring ok bye bye bye!!!!! peace out

Name: Dolly
City: Garden Grove, CA
Sent: 2.31 PM - tue 29 apr 2003

hey guys!u probably already forgot about meeh but im Dolly, the gurl u sign the CD to during P.E.!well anywayz,i got a chance to hear ur CD and u guyz are pretty kewl!!thanx a lot!!Rancho is the best!!!!

Name: Mike Morila
City: Orange County, CA
Sent: 2.21 PM - tue 29 apr 2003

Hey wuts up guys, I play the drums i saw ur add in the paper if you see this hit me back with an email im interested in joining the band.

Name: Candace
City: Garden Grove, CA
Sent: 2.07 PM - tue 29 apr 2003

Hey Marc and Mario! you probably dont remember me but its me Candace!!! yay yay!!! okay thanx for the email. your website is pretty coo... i luv your CD its so coo! Thanx for coming to the best school, Rancho Alamitos, to play for me and my school mates. you guys are the best!

Name: breana
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 10.47 AM - mon 28 apr 2003

hey guys whats up. just sayin hi well thanks for going to our school it was the best day ever well keep on play good lucky stay cute bye

Name: Binh
City: Garden Grove, Ca
Sent: 8.29 PM - sat 26 apr 2003

Hey Mario and Marc! I just wanted to thank you guys for coming to our school. You guys made our day ALOT better than KIIS FM did! Your CD rocks! Keep up the SuPeR-DuPeR work! :)Hope to hear from you guys really soon! Come back to Rancho anytime you want. If you ever need tah hire anyone to pass out CDS, you can always hire me!!! Buh-bye :)

Name: Richie
City: Garden Grove, Ca
Sent: 12.31 PM - sat 26 apr 2003

i just wanted to say that your cd rocks and it was cool that you guys came to rancho to play. thanks again keep up the good work.

Name: Dave Faustini
City: laguna hills, ca
Sent: 11.04 PM - fri 25 apr 2003

mark i had you for an english sub at LHHS a few weeks ago and u gave me your cd. its pretty good. i play drums in a band called Euphony ( and was wondering if im too young to try out for your band. im only 15 but i can out-drum a lot of people.

Name: jaimie
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 8.53 PM - fri 25 apr 2003

hey.. i just wanted to let u guys know how much i love ur cd....i can't stop listening to it...during lunch..asb(rancho asb) plays ur cd in the student store. thanks so much for coming to our school.
good luck w/ the music....take care now...bye bye

Name: Joann
City: Garden Grove, Ca
Sent: 7.25 PM - fri 25 apr 2003

Hey guys!hows it going? well it was really cool of you guys to come and play at our school (rancho). it was the only thing that was fun that day!you guys are sooo good and one day youre going to make it big!!i really want to go to one of your shows next time you play around here!so dont stop babes!keep up the good work and stay sexy!L8s!

Name: Naomi
City: Stanton, Ca
Sent: 5.20 PM - fri 25 apr 2003

Thankz for comming to Rancho. It was great having you guys over. Your preformance was awsome!You guys saved my life!! If it weren't for ur band i would have been stuck listening to KIIS music!I wish you guys good luck with the band and Thanks for signing my cd!! ^.^

Name: wiilam j williams
City: gardengrove ca
Sent: 2.54 PM - fri 25 apr 2003

dudes u rock thanxs for comein to my school on wensday your songs rule to well late

Name: breana
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 12.53 PM - fri 25 apr 2003

hey whats up everyone? well i just wanted to check up on the guestbook well it look good well talk to all later bye

from breana

Name: Luke - Cool Hand Produx'ns
City: Mulletville, CA
Sent: 10.57 AM - fri 25 apr 2003

What's going on Drowning Fish and fans,

I would like to invite you to what is called The Rock 'n' Waves Fest 2003 in Huntington Beach. It is FREE admission and ALL AGES. Check out the Cool Hand Produx'ns website at: for more details. Maybe we can do some shows together in the future!

Rock on,

Luke - Cool Hand Produx'ns
PS AnneX Apparel,, will be there on May 10/11!!!

Name: breana
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 9.57 AM - fri 25 apr 2003

hey guys. whats up melani. mario and marc kick ass well g2g bye now.


Name: Melani
City: Anaheim, CA
Sent: 7.20 PM - thu 24 apr 2003

You guys play pretty well! I enjoyed watching you guys play at Rancho. although I didn't get to watch you guys play much I listened to your cd and it is pretty good...I don't really know what else to say but...Good Job guys!

Name: breana
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 1.24 PM - thu 24 apr 2003

hey jeff, do u go to rancho?who are you. well i do all find out who u are and say hi.

by jeff. from breana

Name: Jeff Rich
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 11.17 AM - thu 24 apr 2003

nice show at rancho u guys kicked ass

Name: luke-uss
City: broomfield, CO
Sent: 7.49 AM - thu 24 apr 2003

dude you guys are good. Keep it up. I would wnat to try and hear you guys. I live in colorado so i can't enless you guys go on tour. Check out are site at

Name: christina
City: garden grove ca
Sent: 7.27 PM - wed 23 apr 2003

u guys played at my sisters school today she brought home a cd and its good i definitly am interested in the band! keep up the good work

Name: Nate
Sent: 6.49 PM - wed 23 apr 2003

Don't listen to Breana, she is everyone's #1 fan

Name: Jenny
City: Garden Grove,CA
Sent: 4.38 PM - wed 23 apr 2003 guys are the tre-cool. Good luck in the future, with talent like that i'm sure you guys will make it big.

Name: Breana
City: Garden Grove, CA
Sent: 1.17 PM - wed 23 apr 2003

Hey Marc and Mario, you guys rock thanks for playing at my high school, Rancho Alamitos. i just wanted to say you guys are really good and i think you are also really cute. thanks for making my senior year kick ass. hope you make it big. GOOD LUCK. have fun.

From your new #1 fan, Breana Donovan

Name: Cliff
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 6.03 PM - tue 22 apr 2003

Hey guys. I hope you guys get a drummer. I'll keep on keeping an eye out for drummers for you. Wanna keep you playing more and more. Hope to see you perform at Saddleback again!

Name: caro.
Sent: 3.00 PM - mon 21 apr 2003

hey guys its carolyn(the cool chik). whats been up? havent heard from you in awhile. hope everthing is well. talk to you later i suppose. later daze.

Name: Julian
City: Irvine, CA
Sent: 7.19 PM - fri 18 apr 2003

If someone can tell me what they mean by "well-concealed cash," that'd be great...

Name: mike
Sent: 5.28 PM - wed 16 apr 2003

hi toby sent mer

Name: toby
City: fv,ca
Sent: 10.20 PM - mon 14 apr 2003

me again. wow i went to the show on the 11th, as you may remember, and well i just wanted to say hi. again. and see what was going on. because im bored. really bored. since sarah(you may remember her from OVHS)couldnt go she made me cal her during the show so she could hear you and everyone was looking at me weird and some dude said something about how rude it was to be on the phone while u were up there. it was kinda funny. well anyways im rambling again. i just wanted to tell you that you guys were really good and i hope i can see you live again soon. wow thats long...

Name: Scott
City: Denver, Colorado
Sent: 5.32 PM - mon 14 apr 2003

hey hey guys i havent been to the site for a really long, long time so i decided to come and check it out and look whats new thst sucks that alex is leaving he was an awesome, great bass's it would be cool to see you guys but i live in CO. but thats all right i atill listen to your guy's music and i like it alot.

Name: kevin
City: whittier calif.
Sent: 4.56 PM - sun 13 apr 2003

hey guys my name is kevin and i play drums i sent you a letter regarding your drummer wanted add and i would very much like to try out for this band please email me back

Name: caro.
City: irvine.
Sent: 4.00 PM - sun 13 apr 2003

hey guys the show was pretty awesome. yeah i was a roadie yay go me. the gurls were probly mad at me for helping heehee oh well. sorry to hear that alex is leaving. awesome kid. well anyways guys i will see you soon take care. much love.

Name: Tatiana
City: San Jaun
Sent: 10.49 PM - fri 11 apr 2003

You Guys Rule!! One Of You Were My Sub Teather In MY Wood Shop Class (mr takash)! I Love Your Music!!!!!:) I Fall Asleep To It! You People Rock My World! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! C Ya Around! BUh BYe (I LOVE U MARC)

Name: Mandy
City: Aliso Viejo, CA
Sent: 7.29 PM - thu 10 apr 2003

I went to your site because you told me to.Marcos you subbed for our English class a couple of days ago. AVMS
roxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!.......NOT REALLY but ok

Name: a girl in yur class
City: dana point, ca
Sent: 4.19 PM - wed 9 apr 2003 are so f-in hott

Name: anthony
City: monterey, ca
Sent: 9.38 AM - wed 9 apr 2003

Name: Courtney
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 7.21 PM - tue 8 apr 2003

hey boys-->
Marc just subbed for my English class today. Damn!!! He's the cutest sub I've ever had!!! Ok so anywho, he gave me your site and since he was so adorable, I just had to come see what it was about. I love your music, Marc played it(CD) in class and I'm totally gonna buy it soon. I love you guys, and you better become famous rockstars or whatever, or I'm gonna kick your asses. Except Marc, he's too cute. Love you all.
Love Always,
cOuRtNeY xoxo

Name: Stephanie Briere
City: Dana Point C.A
Sent: 10.03 AM - mon 7 apr 2003

Hey you guys are so awesome and to the drummer (forgot name) thanx for the demo cd can't wait till you guys go platinum you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
~Stephanie Briere~

Name: Chanel
City: CA
Sent: 9.53 PM - sat 5 apr 2003

you guys are sooo cool! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! one of your dudes subbed in my class and handed out free CDs and its all that me and my friends have been listening to latley! we are spreading the word! <3 you guys! ur awsome!

Name: Jessa
City: Mission Viejo, CA
Sent: 1.31 PM - sat 5 apr 2003

Hey, one of you guys subbed for my history class a couple of weeks ago at Aliso and gave us some cds. I wanted to say I absolutely LOVE it and listen to it all the time. I'm hoping I can come to the show! Just in case, BREAK A LEG!!!!

Name: Jessica
City: irvine
Sent: 10.06 PM - fri 4 apr 2003

today you performed at Northwood High. you guys were seriously awesome, even though ur bass player was missing, u guys were still good! Good luck!

Name: Megan
City: Irvine
Sent: 8.43 PM - fri 4 apr 2003

I saw you guys performing at Northwood High today. You guys were awesome!

Name: caro.
City: irvine
Sent: 3.30 PM - fri 4 apr 2003

yeah i met you guys in the office today. im so cool. thanks for playing at our school today awesome stuff. i also hear that your playing our talent show tonight as well. wicked fun. well take care byes.

Name: Tonya
City: Costa Mesa, Ca
Sent: 3.45 PM - thu 3 apr 2003

I heard you guys at my high school in Feb. and I havn't been able to stop playing your CD!!! I love all the songs...especially 'Prom Night' and 'I'll Miss You'(they're so sweet)...keep it up...can't wait to see you guys play again...

Name: Nate
City: Olathe KS
Sent: 8.18 PM - wed 2 apr 2003

Man your music is awesome, keep it up, and maybe make plans to stop here sometime for a show i'm sure tons of people would show up.

Name: anthony
City: monterey, ca
Sent: 10.54 AM - tue 1 apr 2003

hey drowning fish: whats up? u guys are awesome. im really glad u are still having the $1 cd sell. i just sent my letter to u guys off. i hope that the cd comes soon. i am also really glad to find out that since im on your mailing list, that im also on the street team. rock on.

Sent: 9.02 AM - tue 1 apr 2003

hey im a big fan and the sites great.. and if anyone knows where i can get teh CD thatd be great

Name: Vincent
City: New York, NY
Sent: 8.42 AM - tue 1 apr 2003

you guys rock, i remember buying 5 of your cd's last year and i gave my friends 4 and they let their friends hear it. hopefully i'll see you guys live one day. i'll keep spreading the word. goodluck with it all

Name: Hannah
City: Centennial, CO
Sent: 12.12 PM - mon 31 mar 2003

Hey you guys should take a road trip to colorado sometime soon... you guys rock. keep up the good work and try to make it out here sometime.

Name: vanessa
City: corona , ca
Sent: 2.03 PM - sun 30 mar 2003

you guys did really good at our school (VHS). I LIKE YOR GUYS CD ITS GOOD . I HOPE TO SEE YOU GYS AGAIN.

Name: sean
City: bennington, VT
Sent: 10.01 AM - sun 30 mar 2003


i got your memories made times forgotten cd about 4 months ago and loved it! since then ive been trying to spread the owrd you guys.

thx for the music

Name: Keri
City: the Pitts, PA
Sent: 7.39 PM - sat 29 mar 2003

found you at - and your music rocks. sending in the $1 (x 5 cuz i want the stickers and compilation) and ill spread it around school - i know a few punkers in philly too. maybe Drowning Fish will just have to make a gig out on the east coast!!

Name: Joey
City: Laredo,TX
Sent: 6.59 PM - sat 29 mar 2003

hey u guys fuckin rock, im not really into punk im more of a metal head but u guys r pretty cool. Uv got really great musical ability. U guys should really coem by laredo, they just opened a new arena but it sucks cause the only one good band thats played here is TOOL, so i think u guys should check it out

Name: Matt Rugenus
City: Bridgeton, New Jersey
Sent: 8.40 PM - fri 28 mar 2003

Hey I like ur music U guys should play in Jersey sometime.

Name: Halley
City: Georgia
Sent: 5.15 PM - thu 27 mar 2003

My friend sent me your music! I love you guys, you Rock! Try to get a record deal so I could see you in concert when your guys come around this side of the us! All my friends here think you ROCK!

Name: Anoynomous
Sent: 5.12 PM - thu 27 mar 2003

You guys rock!!!!!! Marc subbed for our class and left us with CD's!!!!!!! there great!!!!!!!!! come play at Dana High School, we love you!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!

Name: Samantha
City: RSM CA
Sent: 4.35 PM - thu 27 mar 2003

One word: Amazing
I cannot thatnk u guys enough for being such a great band. Your lyrics were perfect during a tough time while a close friend and I were in a fight. I love all of your songs, especially "Summer of '89" and "Memories Made, Times Forgotten". I am encouraging all of my friends 2 buy your cd.
Luv u guys!

Name: Alex
City: Anaheim, Cali
Sent: 6.50 PM - wed 26 mar 2003

You guys were awesome at my skewl (VHS!) I was so impressed with your music and talet! I look forward to goin to a future show and seeing you guys again! Keep rockin and stay sweet! Much Love!

Name: Ali
City: Placentia, CA
Sent: 2.48 PM - mon 24 mar 2003

Hey guys,
I saw you guys play at Valencia HS today and I must say I was impressed. I know how it must have been annoying with those guys in the front giving you crap. By the way I have a band too. Our website isnt ready yet but there is something there so check it out.

Name: Andy
City: Derbyshire, England
Sent: 11.03 AM - mon 24 mar 2003

First of all you are amazing and i have just ordered your cd from interpunk. Secondly everyone should go onto

Name: Rocio
City: Costa Mesa, California
Sent: 7.11 PM - fri 21 mar 2003

I heard your group when you came to Costa Mesa High School and I thought you guys sang really well.

Name: michelle
City: glendora, California
Sent: 3.00 PM - fri 21 mar 2003

you guys rock, i got your demo CD waiting in line to meet Boxcar Racer. I'm going to talk to my principle to see if you guys can play my school, it's an all-GIRL school!

Name: Kathy
City: Fv, Ca
Sent: 2.11 PM - wed 19 mar 2003

Hey what's up you guys? I'm somewhere in the middle of 6th period right now...and i'm so bored! I can't wait till this friday, so that I could go talk to Mr. Knight about having you guys perform at FVHS in May. OH yeah...I have great news! I just got like 10 people to buy your cd today!isn't that cool or what? Well i'm gonna go and finish reading your site now. I'll talk to you guys later! ~peace easy~

Name: jamie
City: huntington beach, california
Sent: 5.30 PM - mon 17 mar 2003

you guys really kicked some major ass at Ocean View High School's Battle of the Bands. honestly the best band there! I picked up your CD and it its remrkable! Mostfre Cd's I pick up are not worth my time and tehy get lost in my massive CD collection! Yet with this Cd i was rocking out and it will go in my car where i will have it playin' 24/7!!!

Name: krissy
City: lake forest
Sent: 4.20 PM - mon 17 mar 2003

my journalism teacher at el toro gave me the memories made, times forgotten demo or whatnot from marc i think
im going to be doing a story on you guys for the paper and hopefully then we will be able to schedule you guys to play at our school cuz thats always fun...anyways if theres anything specific you want me to include in the article just email me back i guess...thanks

Name: Georgina
City: Lake forest
Sent: 7.19 PM - sun 16 mar 2003

You are a good band and when you get famous i will vote for you on trl. thanks for subbing in english.

Name: toby.. wonderful wonderful toby
City: fountain kinda, ca
Sent: 12.30 PM - sun 16 mar 2003

hey there!! remember me?? yeah ok. well i have no life so i decided to say hi. hi. i realize sarah beat me here though.. grr.. sarah.. grr.. ok well u guys were awesome at ovhs and i hope ull be at fvhs like sarah said, we'll bug the hell outa mr. knight(thats jamie for all u people who didnt know that. silly marc. haha) ok yeah. ahh!!! scary. i just read the other entries.. well a few of them.. and marc is a teacher?????? oh my goshness thats so cool you should sub at my skool!! yeah!! that would be awesome. ok. i realize i am wasting everyones time with my stupid remarks but thats ok. well not really. ok bye people. muah!!

Name: Sarah
City: Fountain Valley, CA
Sent: 10.17 PM - sat 15 mar 2003

hey guys. we're gonna have to get you and catie's mom to hook up and plan a party of cucumbers or carrots. I promise. anyways talk to mr.knight about playing at FVHS battle of the bands seeing you have roadies now. :)

Name: Robbie
City: chino, CA
Sent: 1.11 PM - sat 15 mar 2003

Hey, the thanks for the dollar cd. Make sure and check out my clothing co. Arrogant Clothing ( If you mention Drowning Fish we'll send you the SFSE 4 song EP for only a dollar !!!!!!

Name: Braven Carver
City: Lake Forest, CA
Sent: 4.48 PM - fri 14 mar 2003

Hey I just wanted to tell you i love YOUR MUSIC and your not a half bad sub teacher either.!?

Name: Ashley
City: Lake Forest, CA
Sent: 3.18 PM - fri 14 mar 2003

Hey Guys!
I just wanted to say that you guys sounded really good when you played at Trabuco Hills High School the other day! I got one of your c.d.'s and I can't stop listening to it! You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

Name: Brian Wilson
City: RSM,CA
Sent: 9.03 PM - thu 13 mar 2003

Your Cds that you passed out at Trabuco Hills High School was cool lke your musichope to here another cd soon Good Luck! at your next gig

Name: Kelsey
City: Lake Forest, CA
Sent: 6.04 PM - thu 13 mar 2003

Hey, u guys played at my school today(Trabuco) and u sounded awesome!Thanks for coming. I picked up ur guys cd and have listened to the whole thing already! I really like the title song and prom night! I wish u guys the best of luck! *Kelsey*

Name: Molly Miela
City: Foothill Ranch, CA
Sent: 5.48 PM - thu 13 mar 2003

Hey, i am a student from trabuco, and i picked up drowning fish' cd and i thought it was awesome!

Name: marissa knight
City: laguna niguel, ca
Sent: 9.58 PM - wed 12 mar 2003

your music is totally like better than simple plan and good charlotte. i got one of your cds at school and i can't stop istening to you guys if you need help promoting i am therre for you. you guys really know what you are doing. keep it up. rock on.

Name: Patrick Pichon
City: Lake Charles, LA
Sent: 9.40 PM - wed 12 mar 2003

Hey, yall still rock! Check out this band from my school! They are really awesome and rock!

Name: Maricar Alquizola
City: Cebu, Philippines
Sent: 5.49 AM - wed 12 mar 2003

Hey, cool site... I just got it from Mellow del Prado's website. I scan it with my friend Jade's site... Anywayz, hey, I hope I can feature you in my DIY zine and I can also make a review of your cd. Good luck to you guys!!! Keep it up!!!

Name: Wanda
Sent: 7.57 PM - tue 11 mar 2003

Cool site you have here!!Check out mine as well for shirts,hoodies,wristbands,studded belts and alot more!!

City: Port Richey, Florida
Sent: 1.11 PM - tue 11 mar 2003

BILLY!!!! Its your luvva Heidi!! woo I love you guys..most of my friends here know about you. CAUSE OF ME! yes yes yes. Come to Florida!! NOW! bye bye kids

Name: me
City: england
Sent: 3.03 AM - tue 11 mar 2003


Name: Kyle
City: Anaheim Hills, California
Sent: 4.47 PM - mon 10 mar 2003

Sup! I called you guys last night and requested Summer of '89 at the end of the interview. You guys rule.

Name: Chris
City: RSM,CA
Sent: 3.52 PM - mon 10 mar 2003

Hey Marc, whats going on i had you as a sub. but anyways I have a band of my own and i think I could you guys up with some shows. email me if your interested.

Name: Summer Day
City: Lake Forest, CA
Sent: 3.38 PM - mon 10 mar 2003

Your Dad is soooooo cute!

Name: Bergen Hogseth
City: Bergen, Norway
Sent: 3.34 PM - mon 10 mar 2003

Hey, coll name. You guys got some pretty nice music!

Name: Andy
City: Derbyshire,England
Sent: 9.01 AM - mon 10 mar 2003

Hi,Iwas on and i found your site address
, i went onto the music bit and listened to prom night,
it is such a rad song, you guys are awesome.if you ever happen to stop by old sunny England play some shows please. ive sent e-mails to my friends, telling them to check out your site and listen to your songs
keep up the rad work.
Andy, England


Name: Nate Fanning
City: Dundas, Ontario
Sent: 8.56 PM - sun 9 mar 2003

Hey Guys.
I'm from Ontario Canada. My band Identity Crisis was asked to do an interview on the web site and you were one of the bands that had already done an interview on the site so I decided to check you guys out. I love it. You have a real unique sound. Keep up the good work and if you ever come to Ontario Canada we will hook up a show. Keep up the good work.
Nate Fanning -

Name: Leah
City: Port Murray, NJ
Sent: 9.24 PM - fri 7 mar 2003

Hey, I was just looking on the internet, and I don't remember how but I found this band and thought it sounded cool. I sent for my $1 CD and I can't wait to listen to the songs. The lyrics are amazing!! Looks like I'm the first person from NJ whos heard of you guys. If I like the way you sound I will definitly spread the word up here!

Name: *KD &LAUREN*
Sent: 6.48 PM - fri 7 mar 2003


Name: Louise Daigle
City: Buena Park, CA
Sent: 6.18 PM - fri 7 mar 2003

Looking forward to show your site to Matthew. Congratulations and Best of Luck!



Name: Alex Montague
City: Dana Point, CA
Sent: 3.54 PM - fri 7 mar 2003

Heylo. Ok, yeah. Marc... I think it was. You were my sub for 3rd period English at Dana today... Your CD is pretty good, to be honest. Mad props on promoting it at high schools by being a sub, by the way. :o)


Name: Shannon
City: TULSA, oklahoma
Sent: 7.05 AM - thu 6 mar 2003

I came accross your website, dont remember how, but yall are rockin. Keep up the good music!

Name: Yu Juan Ishulan
City: Austin ,Texis
Sent: 3.53 PM - wed 5 mar 2003

why do you make fun of fish because fish cant down

and any way when fish drown dont they float

Name: Lisa
City: Mission Viejo, Ca
Sent: 3.43 PM - wed 5 mar 2003

You were my sub in both my classes today! Well I think you guys should try playing at Sing Sing at the Spectrum. Cool site.

Name: Marla Hurtado
City: Santa Ana
Sent: 10.17 AM - tue 4 mar 2003

hey alex! write me an email!

Name: Monica Ramacciotte
City: RSM, CA
Sent: 1.48 PM - mon 3 mar 2003

Hey, i like your style...i hope to go to some of your concerts!!!A guy gave me your cd at my school (THHS) so i'm really excited to see you guys on the 13th!!
see ya!

Name: DJ JEN
City: CSUF
Sent: 6.00 PM - sun 2 mar 2003

I'm going to play some DROWNING FISH tonight from 10-11 on CORE RADIO, just log onto Call in to request your favorite song at 714-278-5516.

Name: rob
City: murrieta, CA
Sent: 1.48 PM - sun 2 mar 2003

you guys are pretty good but rather generic. i saw your post on the vagrant message board. i sure hope you guys are able to find a label but its going to be hard. go easy on the nastalga and dont try so hard. good luck

Name: Richard Baxter
Sent: 5.34 AM - sat 1 mar 2003

COOOOL Website here..........All Best Wishes......From Drummer Richard Baxter

Name: Drowning Fish Fan Club!!! K-K-and R!
City: Dana Point, California
Sent: 7.14 PM - fri 28 feb 2003

Hey yo! You guys are the frickin raddest band ever!!!! We had Marc as our sub at Dana, he was so rad! We got his autograph and everything, we were so0o stoked!! We totally wanna see you guys in concert! We're gonna try and hook you guys up with a gig at Dana!! We're going to get you guys known and help promote you all through ASU and SOCSA! yeye! Goodbye is our fav song! Good luck with ur band! Later

Name: Kyle
City: Anaheim, California
Sent: 4.40 PM - fri 28 feb 2003

Sup dudes. This band rocks. You performed at my brother's school last week and he gave me your Cd and it was awesome dude. Me and my friends have a band too. Latas dudes

Name: Mike
City: Anaheim, CA
Sent: 12.36 PM - fri 28 feb 2003

Hey everyone, be sure to check out Your new #1 source for Southern California entertainment. Music news, movie news, commentary, contests, and band interviews!

Name: Kyle
Sent: 11.25 AM - fri 28 feb 2003

Heard 'bout this site so here Iam :-)

Name: Richard Wade
City: LaGrange, GA
Sent: 9.52 PM - thu 27 feb 2003

My friend Geoff Abarr....some of the band has talked to him, told me about you guys. I ordered the CD and I can't wait to hear it. I also have a band that I just started. You can check us out at


Name: Jackie
City: Pomona, CA
Sent: 2.28 PM - thu 27 feb 2003

well i found out about Drowning Fish at about the beginning of this year maybe a bit earlier, and i caught the show at the Hub Feb. 1st. and i must say you guys kicked major ass. i doubt you remember us but we were the group of people who came out from the most boring city in ca, Pomona, just to see you guys. yeah it was an awsome show, and i cant wait to see you guys again.

AIM: Jackerlina

Name: Lucy
City: Orange Califonia
Sent: 8.08 PM - wed 26 feb 2003

Hey guys!, well I am barely introduced to your band by a friend that used to go to Century. Well anyway I think u guys kick ass so it would be really kool if u go to Santa Ana high that's were I attend. I wish u good luck. Anywho theres gonna be a Battle of the Band on March 28 so maybe u guys should play next year there. It's an invitation, lol. Well thats it. Rock on!

Name: Girl
City: LF, CA
Sent: 4.36 PM - wed 26 feb 2003

nice site- u were my sub today and yesterday at Serrano for English told me to look ya up- i did

Name: Kathleen
City: Leonia, New Jersey
Sent: 4.05 PM - wed 26 feb 2003

Hey there!! My friend Natalie had ordered me one of your just came today, and i've gotta say.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! keep up the good work!...and try to make it to NJ sometime!

Name: marc mellow
City: philippines
Sent: 12.24 AM - wed 26 feb 2003

hey mario! thanks for signing up our guestbook at! this is jade's bandmate, marc.

City: Lakeforest CA
Sent: 3.22 PM - tue 25 feb 2003

Hey MR. Marcos you tought my french class today and you told me to look you up so i am .. your site is pretty cool. i might see you at one of your concerts maybe.. well come back to Serrano cya

Name: Ariel Rosenfeld
City: Tel-aviv , Isreal
Sent: 11.45 AM - tue 25 feb 2003

Hello, im from Isreal and i wanted to tell you that all the pop-punk lovers in here are crazy about you!!!
you rock!
i wish i could find a tab for some of your songs because they are so great... by the way your lyrics are ,GOD, F&$#ing rule...
Maybe youll come to Israel some day?!

Name: jess love
City: atlanta, ga
Sent: 9.48 AM - tue 25 feb 2003

I LOVE you guys! I'm sending in my money for a couple CD's too and I'm going to give some to my friends. :) I wish you guys the best. Stay rad.

Name: Cecelia Brody
Sent: 9.11 PM - mon 24 feb 2003

You people rock!!!! I bet you well make it to the top and then we can say "Wow! they are from our city!!!" Well...GOOD LUCK!!!Great music guys!!

Name: matt salay
Sent: 6.14 PM - sun 23 feb 2003

hey, you were my sub for mr. lamar ar niguel hills middle school

Name: troy michlitsch
City: broomfield, COL
Sent: 12.09 PM - sat 22 feb 2003

hey you guys are an awsome band....great lyrics and melody...hope someday ull come to colorado guys rock -see ya

Name: Nicole
City: Jefferson City, MO
Sent: 11.33 AM - sat 22 feb 2003

You guys rock :-)

I'm definitely going to try to come see you guys next time I'm in California...

Name: Sarah
City: Villa Park, CA
Sent: 8.20 AM - sat 22 feb 2003

Hey guys! You played at my school yesterday and I seriously think you were the best band that played all week! Thanks for the free cd and keep up the good work!

Name: mark Andrews
City: ENGLAND, UK remember me :)
Sent: 5.57 AM - sat 22 feb 2003

hi just wanted to say that your cd is still being played in my cd player. wen i go to rock club nites in my town i bring your cd and in the interval i get them 2 play a song of yours. i also always meantion you on well thanks for the 5cds you rock and i hope wen ya big and famous youll remember me and come to CORBY, NORTHANTS, to play a gig! cyas!

Name: sonnie
City: Villa Park, CA
Sent: 5.38 PM - fri 21 feb 2003

hey guys! it was too bad that your amps or something was messed up. but, better luck next time! your good, keep up the good work & thanks for the cds!

Name: Cliff
City: Orange, CA
Sent: 5.16 PM - fri 21 feb 2003

You Guys are Awesome!

Name: fino
City: indiana,pa
Sent: 10.39 AM - thu 20 feb 2003

you guys are really good so keep the music rolling out for us! PEACE!!

Name: ROcio "rock'
City: Santa Ana, CA
Sent: 9.50 AM - thu 20 feb 2003

Hey you guys...i changed my e-mail adress so here it is... K.I.T. Love yah guys!!! and mark... i especially love you... you have my sympathy.... Happy Be-lated Valentines day!!!

Name: Mike Brown
City: Santa Ana, CA
Sent: 11.24 AM - wed 19 feb 2003

Whats up guys?,
I just wanted to say thanks for playing at our school.We usually just have a bunch of blow-hard rap stations,it was bad ass to have a decent band for once.

Name: *jessi*
City: lahabra, Ca
Sent: 11.06 AM - wed 19 feb 2003

hey. i saw you guys play at the HUB a few weekends ago. (with no way jose and nutwood.) it was the first time i ever heard of you guys. i really liked your sound. hope you come back around to the HUB soon. hope to see you again.

Name: Erich
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 3.26 PM - tue 18 feb 2003

Marc... you were my substitute teacher today for Spanish!

Name: Jenn
City: Fountain Valley, CA
Sent: 8.49 PM - mon 17 feb 2003

hey you guys.. i hab a BIG question... i see you guys gonna proform at other schools in Fountain Valley but what about Fountain Valley High School mannnn?!?!?! well we'll just wait for you guys to come down here again!! bye bye!!.. by the way.. YOU GUYS ROCK!! =P bye!

Name: Adam
City: Rockville, MD
Sent: 4.35 PM - mon 17 feb 2003

You guys are great. I got to the site from I wanted to know if you'd check out my band's site. Thanks

Name: maddie potter
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Sent: 7.00 AM - mon 17 feb 2003

You guys rock my world!! Every night I listen to you while brushing my hair!! my hair is perfectly straight, just like avril lavigne because all the guys love her!! so you guys should love me just as much as i love you!come to Vegas and visit me some time will ya??

Name: Scottieyou guys get a dea
City: Atl., GA
Sent: 3.32 PM - sat 15 feb 2003

Hey whats up guys!?!? You all rock!!! I cant wait till you guys get a deal so can come play down here!!! newayz ya'll are great and i love your music!! ait talk to later! love you guys!

Name: Rich
City: Schwenksville,PA
Sent: 1.27 PM - sat 15 feb 2003

Great cd guys keep up the godd work. is it a Cd-r format disc because it doesnt play in my walkman.

Name: Haily
City: Concord, Cali
Sent: 9.00 AM - sat 15 feb 2003

I love your lyrics!!! :) I can only say that you guys rock!! I love prom song, but not as much as Hanging On or My girl. keep it up. One question though... when are you guys coming up here in the Bay Area??? I can't wait when you do.

Sent: 5.43 PM - fri 14 feb 2003


Name: Zayra
City: Anaheim, California
Sent: 3.02 PM - fri 14 feb 2003

hey u guyz sound really cool. I'm from Katella High School and would like for u guyz to play at lunch time. But I dunno when so I'll get back to u guyz l8tr k!!! Bai!!

Sincerely, Zayra Martinez
sound technician from Katella High School

Name: lilazndude
City: GG
Sent: 10.52 PM - thu 13 feb 2003

hey all...
Remember me? I was the one helping give out the cds... Yeah that's me... You guys might taped me on your tape, but I'm not sure. Aniwayz... you guys did a really good job at Santiago High... That was the first time I heard a band played live before. It was very interesting. I hope you guys will keep doing what you love because that's what really matters.

Name: Jessica Livigni
City: Garden Grove, Ca
Sent: 8.17 PM - wed 12 feb 2003

hey guys! you really made my day when you came to my school, Santiago. Im sorry about your phone Alex :( wish you had it back. thanks for playing at our school and kept playing when i asked. if you dont remember me i was the little girl with the kitty jacket and beanie who was sitting on the steps in front of you. i kept saying "Play more!!" anyways, it was a fun day and i got a drumstick!! come play again we need more fun music so we can rock out. hope to see you guys play again.


ps thanks for signing my cd, i love it!! :)

Name: Noe Cordova
City: Garden Grove, CA
Sent: 5.46 PM - wed 12 feb 2003

hey wat up dudes im from Santiago High sorry for being so late on this message but u guys were really kool and u guys have been the best band that has been to the skool. the lyrics were realy kool and i could relate to some of the songs. u guys should be a lil harder but then again im not in the band so hope u guys come back to santiago high. and rock our skool once again

Name: plumber
City: garden grove , ca
Sent: 3.16 PM - wed 12 feb 2003

yeah whats up.u guys were was fun.i was that fat kid with the other crazy kid.the guy that looks like a monkey that guy.hes the one that jump off and i was the one that hit was cool we did that little mosh pit i dont know why we were just hyper.thats cool if u guys show up at santiago high again.try working on something harder.we like somthing hard.later

Name: Caitlin
City: Garden Grove, Cali
Sent: 1.19 PM - wed 12 feb 2003

Well thanks for singing @ santiago high!
u guyz rock, hopefully, u guyz will be able to cam back for some more songs!
My homepage >>

Name: stuart
City: uk
Sent: 5.58 AM - wed 12 feb 2003

Hey everyone come check out our website.

Name: Josh
City: garden grove, CA
Sent: 7.29 PM - tue 11 feb 2003

Yo supp guys i saw u at my skool and helped out a little, I think u guys are tight!!

Name: Celena
City: Garden Grove, Cali
Sent: 5.02 PM - tue 11 feb 2003

omg you guys are the best!!!!! you totally rocked my school(Santiago High) Everyone loved you!!!!! I didn't get a c.d though! Well just wanted to check your site out! email me sometime @! Hope you come back and soon!!!! Laterz*-*

Name: michele
City: Anaheim, CA
Sent: 9.19 PM - mon 10 feb 2003

OH MY GOD!!! you guys are soo awesome! all the lyrics to your songs are words that i can totally relate to. i would have never have thought that a BAND would actually play at school, i hate school and you guys made my day!! and that saturday i went and saw you guys at the HUB in Fullerton. That was sycadellic! lol
all my friends dont like you so its kinda hard to see the shows but i WILL FIND A WAY! i love the cd soo much. and i just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE GREAT MUSIC!

Name: Kim
City: Phoenix, AZ
Sent: 8.59 PM - mon 10 feb 2003

hey guys. met you all at the ataris shoot and took your picture with kris and john. just thought i'd check out your site-- nice job!

Name: Willy Marchan
City: santa ana,CA
Sent: 7.48 PM - mon 10 feb 2003

Hey gus whatsup you guys Fucking rocked SHS on thursday feb.06 2003 n e way i just wanted to say keep rockin no matter what!!!!!!!!!


Name: christian
City: yl
Sent: 7.02 PM - mon 10 feb 2003

hey Alex how is it goin, well i am so down for playin shows with you guys. email me and we will talk about it, talk to you later

Name: Jennifer Holleman
City: stroud,ok
Sent: 6.27 PM - mon 10 feb 2003

you guys are awesome.good luck with everything..

Name: Rocio
City: Santa Ana, CA
Sent: 7.12 PM - sun 9 feb 2003

Hey you guys!!!
You rock man! All my friends @Santiago HIgh loved you guys... as you saw i was there for your first two songs... i couldn't miss out hearing you guys. On the way to my field trip i was listening to your CD. I listened to the whole thing about 6 times. Seriouly! I loved it! and i am going to buy your 15song album. It was great gettig to meet you guys... hey if you ever want to go back to Santiago and play again give me a call @ ***-**** and I can hook you guys up... well, i'll try to keep in touch with you guys. LIke i told you guys i don't have internet, well this isn't really my e-mail its my cousins. n/e ways, thanx you guys for comming over... hope to see you again soon @ one of your shows. THanx.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! in case you don't remember me i'm the one who was talking to you all 4th period and bugging you guys about my field trip at the nuclear power plant. :-)
peace n love to all, your "new fan" Rocio

Name: DJ JEN
City: Fullerton
Sent: 11.37 AM - sun 9 feb 2003

Listen Sunday from 10-11p.m. to hear these guys on CORE Radio. Log on to to listen. Call in to request your favorite songs at 714-278-5516.

Name: Lupita L.
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 11.10 AM - sun 9 feb 2003

Hey guys i'm from Santiago HS and i think u guys remember me i was with this total hottie next to me and i was wearing red lipstick if u guys dont remember its ok because i had tons of fun and u guys rock well i hope to see u on the 22nd at that coffee shop u guys are playing rock on and surfs up

Name: Krystle Valenzuela
City: Santa Ana ,Ca
Sent: 7.20 PM - sat 8 feb 2003

You guys totally rock!!!Thank you so much for taking time to go play at my school(Santiago HS.)My friends and I really had a good time as you could probaly tell when we started a mosh pit and jumped off your stage. its about time we got some real music playing at that school.

Name: odie
City: easton,Mass
Sent: 1.48 PM - sat 8 feb 2003

u guys fucking rock

Name: MiangDaimajou
Sent: 11.34 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

sorry but I would rather sound like a loser rather than stupid...
"Uhh...what was I gonna say again? Ohh..uhh...okay I liked about the "Ohh.." ..implying I remembered, kuz I really didnt."
I meant: I lied
and the "lol Cherrie signed 3 times!"
She told me she did! ;_;

Have a shit day!
my pants are tight x_C!

Name: MiangDaimajou
City: Garden Grove, CA
Sent: 11.31 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

lol Cherrie signed 3 times!
anyway, I here wanna say you guys well but vocals kind of suck...I mean, not that you [whoever sings...] has a sucky voice, but the its kind of hard to hear. Dont worry, in my opinions, rocks bands suck while playing live.
Uhh...what was I gonna say again? Ohh..uhh...okay I liked about the "Ohh.." ..implying I remembered, kuz I really didnt.
OH! On the CD, it sounds good, but weird! Drums should be louder, I think...
I should be asleep now, a growing girl needs sleep!
Have a shit day!
my pants are tight x_C!
ps. btw, Im from Santiago HS aka the best high school youve been to ^^

Name: jose nieto
City: Garden Grove California
Sent: 7.34 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

hey guys. how are you? you were just at my school today. you guys rocked!I got my cd sined by you guys. the music is so cool. you guys are great. hopefolly you guys will fo next year agen. hope you guys become famous, unless you dont want to. p.s. I was the kid in the black nirvana shirt.

Name: cavalier
City: Garden Grove CA
Sent: 7.07 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

Well drwoning fish been the best rock band at santiago this year wait let i mean all 4 years ive been there

Name: josh finger
City: garden grove CA
Sent: 4.49 PM - thu 6 feb 2003


Name: Cherrie Nguyen
City: garden grove, ca
Sent: 4.10 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

Hey marc, mario, and alex!! guess who? it's the short hair asb girl that you signed the drumstick to!..well i just wanted to sign ur guestbook to support you guys and i wanted to tell u how much we appreciated you guys. And yes! you guys were FANTASTIC at santiago hs today! (2/6/03) well...bubbyes and if u guys wanna chat..EMAIL MEE.....NOWWW...Love cherrie..o yeah...and i have the pictures of you guys too..=]

Name: Hieetnus
City: Garbage Groove,Imaho
Sent: 3.17 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

U guys eat rocks. When I heard u I wanted to gouge out my eyes. But then I didn't want to. I'm going to jump in a pool of concrete. but first i must take a chower. That's it, I tink????????????????????????????????

Name: Becky
City: Fullerton
Sent: 1.59 PM - thu 6 feb 2003

Hey you guys,
you did a great job at Fullerton High School. Keep up the great work and ROCK ON!!!!
Love #1 fan Becky Karamzadeh

Name: fatbastard101
City: irvine ca
Sent: 8.50 AM - thu 6 feb 2003

you guys fuckin' kick ass!! we should play some shows together!! check us out at maybe we can set something up?

Name: john smith
City: boro
Sent: 4.16 AM - wed 5 feb 2003

u all suck
The drowning fish rule

Name: Jon Dreisbach
City: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Sent: 12.24 PM - tue 4 feb 2003

yo you guys are the greatest!

Name: chris bateson
City: seattle, washington
Sent: 12.21 AM - tue 4 feb 2003

you guys are hella good. i ordered your 1 bucks autograph cd like 5 months ago. good shit. i pump it in my car nonstop. check out my band here: and our website is ROCK ON

Name: Stephanie
City: Laguna,CA
Sent: 5.08 PM - mon 3 feb 2003

Hey you guys are awesome! please read the email i sent Mario. OK? get bak to me

Name: Katie
City: anahiem ca
Sent: 11.33 PM - sun 2 feb 2003

hey u all performed at bphs a while back. i was impressed. gj. hope to see ya hit it big.

p.s. i got a kick out of the sun'll come out tomorrow!

Name: DJ JEN
City: Fullerton
Sent: 6.50 PM - sun 2 feb 2003

Listen to CORE Radio tonight at from 10-11p.m. to hear some of this bands music. To request more call 714-278-5516

Name: Veronica Mayorga
City: Anaheim, California
Sent: 9.12 AM - sat 1 feb 2003

Hey guys, theis is veronica mayorga from savanna high school I just wanted to say that a think you are a real cool band and that you guys are real good. I rally hope that you guys can be famous someday, I know you will. Thanks for the autographs.
Veronica Mayorga

Name: Mike Strong
City: westminster,MD
Sent: 2.07 PM - fri 31 jan 2003

You guys rock!

Name: sarah blume
City: fullerton CA
Sent: 11.54 AM - fri 31 jan 2003

hi i saw you guys play at my shcool (BPHS) I thought you guys were relly cool. Me and three of my friends are coming to the hub tonight. Anyway thanks for coming to our school see you soon.

Name: Nicci
City: Buena Park, Ca
Sent: 10.03 PM - thu 30 jan 2003

Hey Guys. You just played at my school today (Savanna) and I think you guys are awesome. I hear that Alex works with my friend Cole. That's pretty awesome!!!! You guys rock!!!!!!!!! I was the chick sitting there singing along with all your songs!!!! Remember me?

Name: Megan
City: Anaheim, CA
Sent: 6.26 PM - thu 30 jan 2003

Dug the band. YOu guys kicked more ass than the other stuff they have play at our school. Vanessa your a freak you just saw the guy, kick back a little. Beware the obbsession!!!! so yeah you kick ass and you should definetly come back to savanna, we need good music. lots of love dudes

Name: Vanessa Ortiz
City: Anaheim, California
Sent: 4.24 PM - thu 30 jan 2003

i love mario he's the best singer in the world they played at my school and hopefully they'll play again well i love mario i'm his biggest fan Mario if your reading this i love you and i'm gonna marry you someday well gotta go I LOVE MARIO!!!

Sent: 3.17 PM - thu 30 jan 2003

That gig at saddleback was funny...there was no-one really there! Stick to high schoolers.

Name: Matt
City: Lorain, Ohio
Sent: 5.29 PM - wed 29 jan 2003

I was told by Jesse about you guys, so I went home and down loaded some of you songs. I think you guys are really great and I believe you will make it big. i will be buying one of your cds and i been telling ever one about you guys. Good luck with everything. Yeah and try to make it to Cleveland that would be rad. Love your music peace

Name: Jesse
City: Wellington, Ohio
Sent: 10.35 AM - wed 29 jan 2003

You guys are really amazing...and you really deserve to be signed, I am telling every person about you in my school and telling them to pick up your cd...I really hope you guys make it and come to Cleveland!

Name: Colleen
City: Sheffield, OH
Sent: 7.08 AM - wed 29 jan 2003

Drowning Fish: You guys are frigging awesome! I wish I could see you guys play live! Thanks for doing that sweet deal with the cd for a dollar! You guys are so cool. Best of luck with all your future endeavors. Keep rockin'

Name: Justine
City: San Francisco.
Sent: 11.24 PM - tue 28 jan 2003

hello all:) Drowning Fish... you guys are superb Hope you guys can eventually get your asses up here to San Fransico and play haha seriously that'd be awesome, email me if you ever come up here, maybe I can get you a few shows with some bands in NorCal. awesome cd for a buck, what can get better than this guys rule

Name: Coral Barajas
City: Fullerton, CA
Sent: 8.43 PM - tue 28 jan 2003

Cool music, good job keep the music up. PEACE

Name: some dude!!!
City: fullerton,CA
Sent: 6.24 PM - tue 28 jan 2003

i saw u guys today i realy like u stuff its cool
i realy like summer of'89 cool song !!!! yeah

Name: clark kent
City: anaheim,ca
Sent: 6.02 PM - tue 28 jan 2003

you guys rule!

Name: Shibadum
City: Ca
Sent: 4.33 PM - tue 28 jan 2003

Yo boys make me a cd ill give u a dollar but do me one thing please give mathew a very big slap

Name: kristen
City: boston, massachusetts
Sent: 5.27 AM - mon 27 jan 2003

Seriously now guys. I suppose if you want to be part of faceless corporation feel free. I always thought that you guys would know better than to sellout to some third world oppressing capitalist pigs who are just going to turn you into another make-up wearing boyband. I suppose I was wrong. Have fun working for the people you hated most in high school

Name: Amanda
City: Ransomville, NY
Sent: 2.28 PM - sun 26 jan 2003

I think you guys are an awesome band and i am definatly going to promote you as much as i possibly can, which might not be a lot being a small town girl and all but i will do my best because you really are great! Good Luck

Name: Devin parker
City: fairbanks,ak
Sent: 12.21 AM - sun 26 jan 2003

Drowning fish rules all

Name: bun
City: BP
Sent: 9.41 PM - sat 25 jan 2003

brittany!!!!i agree with you the bassist is hot and he gave me his pick!!!!!!!!!!!well see you @school on monday. i'm not really this immature....damn harry potter chocolate frogs......

Name: Alina(bunny)
City: Buena Park, California
Sent: 9.34 PM - sat 25 jan 2003

o-m-g this band is really rad!!!I feel a bit sorry for tyson 'cuz he wanted his band to perform for us, but they have no lead singer!!!!(shucks)Ilove the used...yeah i hope this band(D.F.) plays @ our school again!!!!much luv!!!!

Name: cynthia flores
City: Buena Park CA
Sent: 8.07 PM - sat 25 jan 2003

hey dudes!! i saw u guys at my school a couple weeks ago Buena Park High and u guys were pretty good!! i got a hold of your cd and its cool!! but i didnt get to get ur autographs!! maybe next time yeah? keep up the good work!!

Name: Stefan Gomez
City: San Diego , CA
Sent: 5.49 PM - sat 25 jan 2003

Ey you guys are really badass but you should play more down south by tijuana and san diego, LaTeR!@

Name: mthc
City: laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 12.28 PM - sat 25 jan 2003

don't go on mtv, don't sell out. And raise up the Laguna Niguel Hard-core spirit

Name: Meuch
City: Uniontown,PA
Sent: 7.54 AM - sat 25 jan 2003

Hey guys,
I'm Mike and I think its bad ass what you're doin. I hope to god you guys get a record deal. nothing worse than a good band who doesn't get signed.

Name: Matt Collins
City: Yorba Linda, CA
Sent: 7.40 PM - fri 24 jan 2003

DANG! you guys played at my school and i didnt even know.....but ur music is awsome. PEACE OUT

Name: patty reyes
City: San Bernardino, CA
Sent: 6.21 PM - fri 24 jan 2003

hey guys, you're some really cool cats.....i saw you at my school(Buena Park H.S.) im not really into the type of music you guys played, but you hit a note with i'll be checking you cats out on your feb 1st show.....want to see what you guys can do on a real to say........rock out and i'll see you cats at the love

Name: Kelly
City: Bemidji, MN
Sent: 8.28 PM - thu 23 jan 2003

Hey I found out about you guys on the internet, liked your stuff, so I got your cd and let me tell you, although I am sure you already know it you guys are super great! Hey and who knows maybe someday you'll play in Minnesota, but until the day comes when I can see you live I will listen to the cd. Check ya

Name: teejay
City: buena park, ca
Sent: 7.20 PM - thu 23 jan 2003

hey dudes! ya played @ my school, BPHS, about a week ago. just wanted 2 say you guys were awesome. thanks 4 signin my cd. its really awesome. ciao!

Name: jerry vigil
City: fullerton CA
Sent: 11.27 AM - thu 23 jan 2003

whats up your cd was wack but its alright because one of my friends likes rock so i gave it to him and he likes it so it didnt go to waste well good luck in the future later

Name: ::>HaNdY MaNdY<::
City: BuEnA PaRk
Sent: 6.15 PM - wed 22 jan 2003

HaHaHa i cant believe im signing his guestbook!!! and checkin out this website. like a week later after u guys played at my lame ass skool. any-z u guys sounded all right, im just saying its all about "coochie conspiaracy" and "upSyndrome"!!! But goodluck, it was kinda kool to finally here some kind of rock music at my skool.

Name: Brittany
City: Fullerton CA
Sent: 6.13 PM - wed 22 jan 2003

HEY! u guyz rocked at our skool!!!!! i realli hope mee and my friends see u guys agen!!! u guys are kool and BPHS doesn't do kool things like that so it was kRazy how u guys came and u guys rocked out but yea i hope i go 2 your shows and I think the bassist is pretti kute (don't kno his name though) but Yea ROCK OUT! L8rZ

City: fullerton CA
Sent: 6.01 PM - wed 22 jan 2003

forgot ta tell u that u came ta mah skool BPHS LOL oh well now u know!!!! well hope u guyz come again ! i dont think u would remember me but i was the first one ta ax u for r autographs!! hehehehhe oh and btw mario is so cute!!!!!

City: Fullerton, CA
Sent: 5.55 PM - wed 22 jan 2003

U guyz r soo kool i loved ur songs i keep listenin' ta your cd!!! i even have ur autographs :) hehehhehe well u guz r so kool i love the name i was wonderin' how u guyz came up w/ it!! well C-ya l8er crocodille!!! bye

Name: Taneka Poarch
City: South Central LosAngeles,Ca
Sent: 4.46 PM - wed 22 jan 2003

Hey guys you probably don't remember me you met me at the atatris video shoot i was your line buddy you know the chick you said you be famous by the time you left the parking lot and you were. (See) Anyway, i wanted to sy thank you soo much for being some of the coolest people i have ever met it ruly meant alot to me since my life is soo remedial and i don't know if people really like me.:( I plan on coming to your show on the 1st because i know it's gonna kick ass because since i first put on the c.d it has been in constant rotation. Also i'm trying to get it played on my schools radio station. Till then Always and forever.

Drowning Fish Forever
Taneka Poarch:)

Name: reila
City: on mario's lap, but marc may spank me if he wishes :P
Sent: 1.19 PM - wed 22 jan 2003

hi hi, im sitting here with faris (btw, yes i love him). mario, it was fun talking to you on the phone [too bad marc missed out on our conversation] hehe, you know what i mean ;). p.s. at this moment faris is slapping my ass ... ouch..harder

Name: Adriana Domnguez
City: Buena Park, CA
Sent: 8.44 AM - tue 21 jan 2003

You guys are so cool! You played @ my school on Thursday. (Buena Park H.S) You probably don't remember me but I was the girl in the boy clothes who said she went to your web site. Your c.d. is really good. Thanks for playing @ my school

Name: shira
City: los angeles, CA
Sent: 9.13 PM - mon 20 jan 2003

hey. u guys met me at the ataris concert. i was with carlos and sinta and those ppl. i was the one who came up to mark and started talking to u ppl. i dont think i really have anything of much importance 2 say, i'm just bored and decided to sign this thing. i really like ur demo cd thing and i am gonna buy the full length one sumtym soon...i cant really think of anytihng else to say, so...bye.

Name: danielle boyce
City: moorpark,ca
Sent: 5.34 PM - sun 19 jan 2003

i love your songs! even tho im not oc but im an oc gurl at heart! i really need to see ya guys live cuz dat ould totally kick ass!

Name: Andrew Mattingly
City: Astoria, Or
Sent: 4.00 PM - sun 19 jan 2003

Hey, i just need to say that drowning fish is the first band that actually sings about how i feel. I know alot of other bands sing about girls and stuff, but it seems like Drowning fish goes through the exact same things as me.... Especially in Brain Freeze, i swear that song's about me..... this is one of the best bands out there, they should have no trouble getting a record deal...

Name: Freda
City: Buena Park, CA
Sent: 8.04 PM - sat 18 jan 2003

I was at Buena Park High when you performed on 1/16/03 and I was totally bummed I didn't get to see you guys live (I had a meeting). Then on Friday night, I listened to your CD and I thought you guys were awesome! My favorite song is "Summer of '89"! I just had to let you guys know this 'cause you are the best. thanx 4 signing my CD Mario!

Name: Carlos
City: Los Angelse, Ca
Sent: 4.20 PM - sat 18 jan 2003

hey that other one i think "S-dog" had sent it. i'll will try to go to your other show but its to far. i'll mail you the $5 to you. and can i add to $1 for the CD??i dont know why she put falling birds but birds go to the sea to fall(they die). i like the cd you gave me and track 7. you guys are good and i'll give the other one to Matt i'll try to see you at your show.

Name: Carlos
City: l.a.,ca
Sent: 1.44 PM - sat 18 jan 2003


Name: sinta
City: los angeles, ca
Sent: 10.58 AM - sat 18 jan 2003

hey hey! this is your crazy number one fan that you met in the parking lot of the ataris concert. s dog..or s dawg...or however you spell it. o my gosh, the concert was so awesome, don't you think? you guys are sooo awesome too. carlos and the rest of us are going to try to go to your next show. anyway, he owes you $, see you there!

Name: J.C>
City: Buena Park, CA
Sent: 9.51 PM - fri 17 jan 2003

Mega awesome! playing at our skool.BPHS. My other friends called me a wuss for getting one of your CD's. Who cared.Love the lyrics, especially goodbye, just got out of a relationship identical to the song. Definitely going to be at the hub on the 1st. LatZ!

Name: patty martinez
City: buena park
Sent: 7.44 PM - fri 17 jan 2003

Hey you guys are great I saw you guys when you came to BPHS. Your CD is way too cool. I'll definetely be at your show Feb 1. Maybe you'll play an Elvis song?

#1 ELVIS PRESELY fan *** That's me!!!

Name: Mary Duong
City: Buena Park, CA
Sent: 4.34 PM - fri 17 jan 2003

Hey guys! sorry i didn't sign ur guestbook earlier. But yea....u guys were awesome. great job playing at Buena Park HS! by the way... i was the one filming for u guys! It was a great show and it was something different for our school. Peace!

Name: Mike G/Mrock
City: Columbia, Missouri
Sent: 3.40 PM - fri 17 jan 2003

Hey guys. Been a while! I figured I'd show a bit more support for you guys publically! Sometime this year, I'm hoping to make my way out to get some skateboarding in. While I'm there, I've definently got to get a chance to hear you guys, and hey, maybe I can talk Marc into getting on a skateboard? What do ya say :) ?

Name: Martin Perez
City: Fullerton California
Sent: 8.14 PM - thu 16 jan 2003

hey! you guys are a great band you played at Buena Park High School, i liked it, it was awesome, nice to know that there are still good bands out there...not like those cheezy linkin park or limp bizkit...well hope you guys keep up the good work...i asked you for your autograph today 1/16/03 (guy with wrestling shirt on and told you guys not to go on mainstream) probably dont remember but you guys rock and i love your lyrics!...later

Name: Val
City: Estes Park, CO
Sent: 8.00 PM - thu 16 jan 2003

Hey! Love you guys a ton! You HAVE to come to Colorado as soon as you possibly can! That'd would be awesome. Until then, well, I don't know what I'll do. Oh well. Maybe I'll see ya someday!

Name: Lizzie
City: Buena Park, California
Sent: 7.56 PM - thu 16 jan 2003

Hi!! I just wanted to say that you guys were really awesome at BPHS today! I'm listening to your CD and loving it! Catch you guys later!

Name: PineApple
City: BP,CA
Sent: 7.25 PM - thu 16 jan 2003

Hey all you sexy guys!!
you played at BPHS today and u rocked!!
Alex u r SEXY!!!!! love u guys write me alex!!

Name: Marlene Pineda
City: Fullerton,CA
Sent: 4.58 PM - thu 16 jan 2003

Hey thanx 4 the autographs, I saw you guyz play @ my skool, Buena Park, today. I was excited when I found out that Alex likes The Misfits!! I'm lookin 4ward 2 the show @ the hub.

Name: Carissa Kuzara
City: Buena Park CA.
Sent: 2.18 PM - thu 16 jan 2003

Hey I heard you guys play at my high school. Buena Park. And i think you guys ROCK!!!!!!!

Name: Samantha Lang
City: Tipp City, OH
Sent: 9.53 AM - thu 16 jan 2003

You guys ROCK!!

Name: reila
City: in the boonies, cali
Sent: 1.07 AM - thu 16 jan 2003

faris said i should look at the site :), i love faris and you guys are hot too!

Name: BenitoK
City: Centralia, WA
Sent: 9.04 PM - wed 15 jan 2003

Great stuff. I love Prom Night, can't wait for the CDs to come.

Name: Kris
City: Urbana, Maryland
Sent: 5.21 PM - fri 10 jan 2003

i heard about you guys through, and ive gotten all of my friends to listen to you guys and everybody out here in hicktown mareeeland loves ya!!

Name: Letty
City: Santa Ana Ca
Sent: 8.32 AM - fri 10 jan 2003

you guys rock i love your cd i hope you guys make it big!!!!!!DROWNING FISH RULES

Name: Angelika
City: Toronto, Canada
Sent: 5.49 PM - wed 8 jan 2003

You guys are really good. The songs are awesome! Keep up the good work.

Name: lil' trip cuz
City: santa ana
Sent: 5.31 PM - wed 8 jan 2003

Hey there? i just wanted to day that my cuz brought me a cd of you guys and i really enjoy your music. you guys rock and i'll be on your next performance. and don't forget you guys rock.

Name: bryant
City: Pomona, CA
Sent: 5.38 PM - tue 7 jan 2003

u guys make really tight music. i really like the lyrics

Name: Teddy
City: Long Beach, CA
Sent: 12.02 AM - tue 7 jan 2003

Bought ur cd(well a few), anyway, u guys fucking rock!!!

Name: Heather M
City: Omaha, Nebraska
Sent: 10.24 PM - sat 4 jan 2003

Hey guys,
So I went back to omaha, stopped updating the site but hopefully now I'm back. I'm going to try working on it at school sometime so maybe i can fix it up. appreciate the help marc!

UR loyal and steadfast fan

Name: Scott Thompson
City: Broomfield Colorado
Sent: 12.22 PM - thu 2 jan 2003

hey hey whats goin on drowningfish i love the music its what keeps goin in my head thenks. And i hope uyou guys are doin really good

Name: James Taylor
City: london uk
Sent: 10.35 AM - thu 2 jan 2003

I heard about drowning fish on and finally got my friends in california to get me a copy of the cd its great make ssure you buy it!!!

Name: troy michlitsch
City: Broomfield Colorado
Sent: 1.57 AM - wed 1 jan 2003

hey you guys write very good lyrics and you guys have great music, i can relate to ur guys lyrics and i just wanted to say keep up the good work u guys are cool

Name: Raul
City: Santa Ana, Cali
Sent: 3.54 PM - tue 31 dec 2002

hey Thanks for signing my T-shirt when u guys played at Century and the CD is the bomb it it real good I liked it alot so when are guys gana play at Century again I hope soon well e-mailon that ok laters Drowning Fish

Name: Caity
City: Albuquerque, NM
Sent: 8.08 PM - fri 27 dec 2002

Hey y'all, ur Website is purdy tight, keep up the good work & whatever. Aight peace out holla' back.

Name: pelke
Sent: 7.46 PM - fri 27 dec 2002

YO YO YO, well i HATE punk, but u guys are aight!
not goiNG to pay for the cd though, so i downloaded all ur songs, HAHAHAHA u damn yankys, but ur music is all right, my band covers PROM NIGHT, man thats an easy song but its really good, THE GIRLS LIKE IT ;)

Name: Vita
City: san diego
Sent: 6.17 PM - fri 27 dec 2002

play in san diego

Name: Sir Punx Alot
Sent: 5.28 PM - thu 26 dec 2002

Friday, January 3rd
The Glass House in Pomona, CA
With: Face To Face, The Silence, Audio Karate
All Ages! Starts 7PM! $15!

For more info go to:



Name: *aShLeY & KaThryN*
City: Fountain Valley, CA
Sent: 3.35 PM - thu 26 dec 2002

Hey Hottees! All of your songs kicks MAJOR ass.You guys HAVE to come to our school again, i mean seriously u guys are all awesome. Well...hopefully I'll see ya cuties soon! O and ROCK ON!

Name: alex
City: yorba linda ca
Sent: 3.48 PM - wed 25 dec 2002


Name: Jennifer
City: Fountain Valley, CA
Sent: 3.48 PM - mon 23 dec 2002

Hey, You guyz are awsome! Come back to Fountain Valley High School and preform for us! My freind and I enjoyed the CD. Keep playing ur music! I love you're songs!

Name: Jenny
City: Fountain Valley, CA
Sent: 12.12 PM - mon 23 dec 2002

hey you guys!! you guys rock!! i love your songs.. esspecially summer of '89.. its really good.. same year i was born!! haha.. well if you have time.. go to Fountain Valley High School next year and perform!! i love your songs!! haha.. well hope to see you guys soon.. bye!!

Name: Nick
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Sent: 3.02 PM - sat 21 dec 2002

Closing with a Savage Garden song? one of the best of the "punk" covers i've ever heard. balsy, way balsy. great performance, played all my favorites, Memories Made, I'll Miss You and such. good job guys. hope to see you again soon.

Name: Lisa
City: Santa Ana, Ca
Sent: 10.53 PM - fri 20 dec 2002

Hey guys...I met you at my school Century. (It was when you guys were putting away your stuff and I was supposed to be in class) I was the one with the glasses and I was wearing all black and I had my 2 friends and a classmate there with me. And my friend in the red and white named Ana got Alex's autograph, remember? Heh anyways...that day you gave us the cd for free I went home and listened to your songs! I love them all! You guys kick major ...hrm...can't say cuz i'm too young...but yah. Hope you guys do get really famous, seems like you are now! Anyways, just wanted to say how much I liked your songs and all that goodness!

Name: Julie
City: Santa Ana, Ca
Sent: 10.25 PM - fri 20 dec 2002

I go to Century High and i loved your music. I really wanted to get your CD but they told me I had to pay money. I really didnt have any so I couldnt. I still luv you guys and I really want to get your CD.
PS-Sponge Bob Rocks!

Name: Andrew H.
City: Boaz Alabama
Sent: 10.41 AM - fri 20 dec 2002

Hey, guys! I took up and ordered your 1$ CD. IT ROCKS! You guys are freaking awesome! If you ever come to Alabama, me and all of my friends will be there. I'm spreading the word over here and making sure that "Drowning Fish" becomes a household word. Keep rocking, and EMO IS AWESOME!

Name: Brandon
City: Santa Ana
Sent: 7.33 PM - wed 18 dec 2002

Gee.. i guess u got some fan in Santa Ana..hehe just wanted to say u guys kick ass again. and just come back in Century High School if u have the chance. Keep rocking guys.

Sent: 6.46 PM - wed 18 dec 2002


Sent: 6.44 PM - wed 18 dec 2002

ALEX I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Bertha
City: Santa Ana, California
Sent: 5.48 PM - wed 18 dec 2002

Come back to century high school, you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Jose Benitez
City: sata ana,ca
Sent: 5.40 PM - wed 18 dec 2002

Hey whats up my name is jose thanx for playing in my school CENTURY HIGH SCHOOL you guys were ROCKING there oh and thanx for the free cd its awesome.

Name: alfredo
City: san gabriel California
Sent: 9.20 AM - mon 16 dec 2002

nice CD really like number five whatever its called.

Name: justin
City: bethel park PA
Sent: 5.04 PM - sat 14 dec 2002

hey i cant wait to see if you guys make it big if you do i hope you can play in pittsburgh pa later

Name: christina
City: Dexter, MI
Sent: 11.36 AM - sat 14 dec 2002


Name: ~Jen~
City: Leesburg, VA
Sent: 3.41 PM - sat 7 dec 2002

I LOVE U GUYS!!!! u guys r so hott and u r the best!!

Name: Jimmy
City: Rome, NY
Sent: 12.27 PM - fri 6 dec 2002

You guys are great and thanks to for telling me of how to buy your cd. Many of my friends are getting into you guys and are planning on getting a copy.I hope you guys get the fame and recognition you deserve. Try to swing up in the North East sometime. We need a band like you to keep the genre alive up here. I love the cd and the best songs are Summer of '89 and Prom Night.Keep on rockin and best of luck too all of you guys.

Name: Amanda
City: Whittier, CA
Sent: 10.36 PM - thu 5 dec 2002

i just recently found out about u guyz, and i have 2 say that u R absolutely awesome!! i hope i can get the opportunity 2 see u guyz rockin live. i wish all the best of luck 2 u, and i hope that u get all the fame and glory that u guyz deserve. Keep on rockin!!!

Name: anne
City: overland park, kansas
Sent: 6.33 PM - mon 2 dec 2002

Hey you guys rock my socks!!! I hope you become popular but dont go all mainstreem on us! I heard of you from 'round the way. I love you!!!! Come to kansas!!!!!

Name: Travis
City: Houston, Texas
Sent: 8.52 PM - sun 1 dec 2002

man yall are a really good band, i showed some of your songs to my friends and all of them loved it. when yall become big make sure to come and play in houston.

Name: Tanya
City: mission viejo, CA
Sent: 12.44 PM - sun 1 dec 2002

hey guys, thanks for the CD last night, it sounds great! your website is wonderful, i love the pictures and all the features. looks like you're working hard, and you deserve to make it big!

Name: Tors
City: Southampton, Ontario
Sent: 5.44 PM - sat 30 nov 2002

i hate u guys living so far away cuz then i can never see u guys live so i hope u make it big so u can come play in canada!!!! GOOD LUCk u deserve it u guys r great! love the cd :)

Name: brittney
City: fountain valley, ca
Sent: 8.34 PM - fri 29 nov 2002

hey! my mom works at f.v.h.s and she got me your cd. It rocks!! i love you guys!! i'm gonna go see you @ the Hub in Fullerton. Can't wait!! later

Name: Bobby
City: Fountain Valley, California
Sent: 12.54 AM - thu 28 nov 2002

Hey! i go to Fountain Valley High School and I saw your show at lunch today. You guys were great!

Name: Sam Mac
City: Norwood, Pa
Sent: 9.24 PM - wed 27 nov 2002

You guys get heard... Looking at where these people are from... well "Prom Night" accidently ended up on one of my cd's... I like it I want a cd

Name: ryan
City: worcester, ma
Sent: 8.29 PM - wed 27 nov 2002

those cds are good, i should have sent more stamps, anyways why arent you any popular, your reallly good

why do only girls like to sign this, i think im the only boy (and im straight)

Name: Julie
City: covina, cali
Sent: 5.58 PM - wed 27 nov 2002

u guys are really awesome! i mean u actually take the time to respond to emails and junk and i think that just really cool. so i figure u have nothing to do all day or just just get like 2 hours of sleep anyways keep up the good work! bye!

Name: veronica
City: norwalk. ca
Sent: 3.54 PM - wed 27 nov 2002

hey u guys. well i dont know u guys at all but i went to your show with jennifer and mary. so isaw u guys play for the first time and u guys are great. just wanted to the singer youll remember me when i say this (maybe) "u look cute jumping around" he he,:) veronica

Name: Karen
City: Buffalo, New York
Sent: 2.56 PM - wed 27 nov 2002

i am completly crazy about u guys, ur band is amazing. i especially love your song prom night its so cute. i hope u guys make it!
best of luck

Name: Matt
City: tallahassee, fl
Sent: 3.47 PM - wed 20 nov 2002

i just bought your cd and i wanted to wish you good luck with it and ill be waiting for the next one.

Name: nick stale
City: corpus christi texas
Sent: 3.39 PM - tue 19 nov 2002

Hey there...nice site here! My band, the Johnny Five, along with another TX band called the Bends, will be touring out your way soon and we're looking for shows in CA between Jan 01-07 (excluding the 2nd). Do you think you can help us book a show? If so, we'd be more than happy to return the favor should you ever be in Texas. To hear us, please visit our website at

Name: Drew
City: Lake City, Tennessee
Sent: 2.09 PM - sun 17 nov 2002

Hey guys,
I sent for the CD and listened to some stuff on mp3. You guys are great. Much love and good luck.


Name: Sean Hamilton
City: Whittier, CA
Sent: 8.36 PM - sat 16 nov 2002

Hey, I heard you guys at Esperanza high school at that German Soccer tournament, and I bought the CD. I like your guys stuff and I hope that I can get our next CD as well. The best track is "If this was a Love song" well anyway you guys rock and tell me when your next CD is coming out.

Name: Katie O'Looney
City: Santa Rosa, CA / Washington, DC
Sent: 9.40 AM - sat 16 nov 2002

Hey, this is Katie! I got your CD in the mail the other day, yet have NO clue who sent it to me? Do I know anyone in this band, or was it totally random? My sister at the U of Oregon got it as well, so we are both completely lost! Who are ya'll? Let us know! Me or Gina, my sister! Or if this was a completely random mailing deal, how'd ya get our addresses? We have yet to listen to the CD, but will when we get the chance! Take Care, Katie

Name: Grey
City: Bay Point, California
Sent: 3.44 AM - sat 16 nov 2002

Tell two friends, then they tell two friends, then they tell two friends...yeah, its happening like that here. Almost freaky. You guys are great. Summer of '89, I know the feeling. You can't go back in time, but you have to cherish it while you can. I love it. Same thing with Prom Song. You guys rock! Stay great!

Name: Pyrite
City: Bay Point, California
Sent: 2.44 PM - fri 15 nov 2002

You guys rock! I can only say genious. Had Lonely Hearts stuck in my head for a week and a day now. I love that song. Keep rockin'!

Name: Mike Thompson
City: Lemont, IL
Sent: 11.47 AM - fri 15 nov 2002

You guys are awesome! I was on, and i saw3 your ad, and bought the CD, and you guys rock so hard! you need to come to chicago and play some shows. i told all my freinds about you guys and they all bought your CD! You guys rock!

Name: Patrick
City: Lake Charles, LA
Sent: 6.32 PM - thu 14 nov 2002

Damn you guys rock. I wish yall would come perform close to my hometown, lol. I know thats wishful thinking, but hey! Too bad I dont live close to CA or i would go to a show!

Name: Janet
Sent: 8.17 PM - mon 11 nov 2002

when will you post some pictures of your last shows????

Name: jen
City: bethel, ct
Sent: 4.08 PM - sun 10 nov 2002

good stuff.. good stuff..

Name: Tyler LeBlanc
City: Harpswell, Maine
Sent: 6.55 PM - thu 7 nov 2002

i was just on and i saw the add for yr cd and i know they always have great bands on the site so i desided to check it out and WOW you guys are so great. Im sure you can go as far as u want in the music buisness. yep you rock. later

Name: Peyton
City: Pa
Sent: 3.00 PM - thu 7 nov 2002

that 1 dollar deal is crazy...cant wait to get mine..

Name: Renee
City: Huntington Beach, Hellifornia
Sent: 5.48 PM - wed 6 nov 2002

Hey, you guys are AWSOME!
Keep up the good work! I'm purchasing the cd as we... as I type!

Name: Chrissy
City: whitehall pa
Sent: 5.43 PM - tue 5 nov 2002

you dude's you guys kick ass , i listened to your cd throught the whole fucking day, and i cant get the songs outta my head, if any1 is looking at this who didnt buy the cd BUY IT DAMNIT

Name: Gemma
City: SC, CA
Sent: 7.29 PM - mon 4 nov 2002

hey you guys played at the coach house a looong time ago with Sean Johnstone, Chris Miller and Benny Redmond's band...anyway, umm. Ineed more bands on my site, so please tell your friends and go to it and email me asap...thanx!

Name: Guy
City: FallsMills VA
Sent: 5.43 PM - mon 4 nov 2002

I LOVE DROWNING FISH there one of my favorite bands

Name: jennifer
City: san juan capistrano, california
Sent: 6.04 PM - sun 3 nov 2002

your cd is really good. you are one of my new favorite bands. that is good cuz i only have 3 at a time

Name: Cheri
City: Elk Grove Village, IL
Sent: 4.42 PM - sat 2 nov 2002

You guy are great...The song Prom Night is really good..Its my favorite song on the CD. It funny it got in my head today..And I was like wow I only had the CD a day..


Name: Bryan Roberts
City: Harrisburg Mo.
Sent: 5.16 PM - fri 1 nov 2002

Hey guys,
your music is pretty cool. My best friend (Mike, the Luck Zero guitarist) showed me one of your songs and I loved it. You might know Mike. He has a skating site for Team Physical Hazard which we started together. We do everything together, even play in the same band. I play bass. But anyways sorry for rambleing on. I know you probably don't really want to hear all that. Your music rocks!!!! Keep up the good work.
Bryan Roberts

Name: Erin
City: Voorhess, NJ
Sent: 6.05 PM - tue 29 oct 2002

Sup my bitches..
I saw you on a site, and I decided to be
lazy and instead of writting all the shitout to get a free cd, I`ll just d/l and burn it. Your so rad, I love the lyrics, cant wait till ya come to Jersey so I can see you love!

Name: Brett
City: Peoria, AZ
Sent: 5.18 PM - tue 29 oct 2002

Hey i just send a dollar for your CD signed. I saw it on absolute and decided to download some stuff off kazaa. You guys are awesome and best of luck in the future. Hope sometime you come to AZ ill go check out your show out if you do!

Name: Kirk
City: anaheim, ca
Sent: 2.53 AM - tue 29 oct 2002

hey guys, got your cd tonight at chain reaction, best of luck with all of your upcoming shows!

Name: Eric
City: Bridgewater, MA
Sent: 6.58 PM - sun 27 oct 2002

Hey this band is really cool the music is rad and an awesome site. check out my bands site at rock on.

Name: Edgar
City: Whittier,California
Sent: 10.12 PM - sat 26 oct 2002

Sup, remember that one kid at Esperanza on the 26th of october, well if you do thats me. So anyways yeah that was dope how u let use your guitare man you guys are dope.Oh yeah i bought a CD and you guys sound dope.Well ill see you guys later.
LATERZ and rock on!!!

Name: mark andrews
City: corby, northants, england, uk
Sent: 8.10 AM - sat 26 oct 2002

hiya ive been a fan for a few months, got most of you r songs on kazaa ages ago, i really love you guys and your music rocks!!! i love the lyrics, i also listen to the ataris, dashboard confessionals, homegrown, the starting line. well im just wondering how long will it be till i get my cds? i sent away for 5, a few wks a go. can any english buyer tell me how long it took to come please. just put it in the guestbook, thanks. i love the emo punk rock of this band and yous have really became my favourite band, infront of the ataris and dashboard confesionals, no one seems to no of them in england, but they are so good and so are DROWNING FISH!! rock on!

Name: ana lewis
City: Orange,CA
Sent: 7.12 PM - wed 23 oct 2002

hey u guys its ana from church...i jus wanted to say i luved ur CD it was so awsome! keep up the good work...hmm maybe u guys can play at my school(el modena)alrighty see yall later!

Name: adam nerland
City: tallahassee, FL
Sent: 2.48 PM - tue 22 oct 2002

hey. i got your cd today! thanks alot. you guys should hop on a tour, opening for someone bigger, that way you can get more publicity... and maybe that way you'll be able to make it down to florida! (cause i doubt you would otherwise) best of luck to you, and keep it up with the great songs.

Name: janelle
City: courtice, ont, canada
Sent: 7.47 PM - mon 21 oct 2002

hey i was just browsing thru not super famous bands they other day on and i found u and u guys are really good.. i especially like my girl and wish this were a love song.. i wish i could get ur cd dude

Name: Lila
City: San Diego, CA
Sent: 5.08 PM - fri 18 oct 2002

hey! i just got your cd a couple days ago. i got 2 so that i could get a sticker (i put it on my guitar) one for me and one for my friend. we both love it and we are spreading the news about you guys at school. i hope you come to san diego soon, i want to see you! adios!

Name: Kristin
City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Sent: 2.57 PM - sun 13 oct 2002

Hey thought id tell guys rock, keep up gOoD wOrK! Thanks for your tight c.d got a few months ago. Kris

Name: Krissy
City: Jamestown, NY
Sent: 10.44 AM - sun 13 oct 2002

Hey guys!! Ive heard a few of ur songs and i must say, u guys are really awesome!! im sending money for a cd this week!! best of luck to u both!! i love u guys!! MWAH!! :oD!!

Name: dahlton
City: jacksonville, Florida
Sent: 7.00 AM - thu 10 oct 2002

u guys sound cool....could you email me a few of ur songs? thnx

Name: Fairie
City: National City Ca
Sent: 12.37 PM - wed 9 oct 2002

you guys rock soooooooo much thanks for the c.d hope you guys play down here soon (like at my school)

Name: jenn
City: San Jose, Ca
Sent: 9.43 AM - wed 9 oct 2002

hey.... you guys rock! not like you havent heard that before.. so when are you guys gonna come to san jose and play a couple shows?? huh huh huh?? well love your music!


Name: Adan
City: Cordoba, Argentina
Sent: 3.49 PM - mon 7 oct 2002

Great! Hey, check out Mumbling Miles at, they're pretty tight!

Name: mark
City: England, United Kingdom (europe)
Sent: 10.37 AM - mon 7 oct 2002

Hi im from england and really love you guys, im sending the 6 dollars for 5 cds, 1 compilation and stickers 2day! im from england and if any one would like to talk my msn address is, ps if drowning fish ever want to come to england my perants will let yous stay, and if not ill sneak yous in LOVE YOUS!!!!!

Name: Frank Licea
City: Salinas cali
Sent: 8.36 AM - mon 7 oct 2002

YoU sound good hope the best !!!!!!!!!!

Name: emma
City: anaheim, cali
Sent: 5.40 PM - sat 5 oct 2002

i got ur demo last nite... u guys rock. maybe i will send you 1 dolla and get me a whole cd. if i can get up off my ass and go to the post office ::sigh:: it will be worth it i presume...
i love The Total Package. check them out if you ever can...

Name: reject.punkcess
City: woodstock,GEORGIA!
Sent: 3.51 PM - fri 4 oct 2002

ya kick ass
i love you guyes
even though i am from Ga i dont kno how the hell ever heard of you

well later


Name: ry ry
City: riverside ca
Sent: 1.13 PM - thu 3 oct 2002

HEy guys, we are a ska punkband from riverside cali, we should play a show sometime, check us out, and email em if u guys wanna play sometime

Name: william anderson
Sent: 9.59 AM - mon 30 sep 2002

hi! when searching for some "screeching weasel" on KAZAA drowning fish came up as a file that was found. So i downloaded it and it sounds pretty darn good! anyone have any information on where i could buy thre CD in the UK because no one seems to sell it over here!!! LOL!!!

Name: jarrett
City: tucson
Sent: 12.33 PM - sat 28 sep 2002

i found out about you guys from
u had a little banner saying 1 dollar cd sale, so i thought to myself, what have i got to lose? (besides a doller) so i sent my 1 dollar and i got my cd two weeks later. best dollar ive ever spent.

Name: Graeme
City: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Sent: 9.24 PM - fri 27 sep 2002

Good CD, but you should have put Take Me Away on it and too much about love, like every fricken song is something with love, it gets annoying, but your band is pretty good, only CD I ever bought from a "garage" band, I bought becuase I liked the song Prom Night I found on Morpheus under Blink at time about month before Take Off Pants and Jacket Came Out, dirty trick but glad I found out about you, if you did that or not I don't really care.

Name: Andrew Gilmore
City: Sacramento, CA
Sent: 6.55 PM - tue 24 sep 2002

Dude, your band rox, i'm trying to get you guys airplay here in Sac-town. i've got you guy's link on my site, etc, etc, i wish you guys were bigger, you deserve it!

Name: Nicholas Craig
City: rogersville alabama
Sent: 7.52 AM - mon 23 sep 2002

thanks for the autoagraphed records for me and my friends. we all enjoy listening to it. good luck and come south!!!!

Name: Scooter Ireland
City: Magnolia Springs, Al
Sent: 7.47 AM - mon 23 sep 2002

I must say your cd is rather enjoyable. If you ever feel the urge to play a good old southern show. Ill be there front and center.

Name: Myke
City: Hendersonville, TN
Sent: 7.23 PM - sun 22 sep 2002

Thank You soooo much for the CD I ordered. It is the most incredible CD I have ever owned in my life. Your songs are the deepest songs ever. I hope my songs for my band are half as good as yours.

Name: eastcoastpunk
City: malaysia
Sent: 7.29 PM - fri 20 sep 2002

awsome songs!keep it up!!

Name: Tieler
City: denver, CO
Sent: 5.13 PM - thu 19 sep 2002

U guys rock. I am getting the word out about ur band but like most of the school i go to listens to hardcore music. But if the band i am in ever plays at shows i'll tell em to go to ur sight or order the cd. And peace out.

Name: cool dude
Sent: 4.18 PM - wed 18 sep 2002

Name: Ashley E.
City: Newport Beach,California
Sent: 5.46 PM - tue 17 sep 2002

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Ashlea
City: Vancouver, Canada
Sent: 9.16 PM - mon 16 sep 2002

awesome songs! u guys rock

Name: scott thompson
City: denver, colorado
Sent: 12.59 PM - sat 14 sep 2002

hey i got ur guys limmeted edition cd my bro gave me one u r awesome. Also u guys sound like mxpx i think that is soo gnarly

Name: Nicole FuckMe
City: hanover,pa
Sent: 6.16 PM - fri 13 sep 2002

i luv u punkedoutbilly

Name: Martyn
City: United Kingdom
Sent: 4.20 PM - fri 13 sep 2002

Wow, i have checked out all of your songs on, and i have to say, you guys rock!! so how long is it gonna be before you are coming over to the UK eh? ;) :p.....keep rocking!! I think i am gonna make a purchase of your fine cd!

Name: Paige
City: Rockwood, Michigan
Sent: 12.01 PM - thu 12 sep 2002

Heyz!!! OMG i love your guys's and my friend rena are always rockin it up in her's great!!! i love 16 a bombshell and my's great!

Name: alex
City: yorba linda, ca
Sent: 6.14 PM - wed 11 sep 2002

you guys kick ass, you remind me of alkaline trio, i want to play bass for you guys

Name: adam
City: rsm, C.A.
Sent: 10.00 AM - wed 4 sep 2002

I downloaded some songs and you sound really good.

Name: Lydia
City: New York, New York
Sent: 3.44 PM - mon 2 sep 2002

hey! i just got ur cd today, my friend gave it to me after he bought five. heh. but i must say that you guys rock and my friend and i are definitely spreading the word. hopfully you can come across the country and play a show at cbgb's or somethin like that, hehe...but keep doing wut ur doing cuz it rocks my socks


Name: Kevin
City: pa
Sent: 2.21 PM - mon 2 sep 2002

nice stuff.

Name: Jess
City: AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!
Sent: 3.01 AM - sat 31 aug 2002

Aha! I see my last entry has been noticed!!

Name: Desmond
City: Fullerton, CA
Sent: 8.11 AM - wed 28 aug 2002

Hey nice site guys, Everyone check out Thanks!

Name: LeftCoastPunk
City: Fullerton CA
Sent: 7.07 PM - sun 25 aug 2002

nice site, dig your music.

Name: Sparky
City: Lexington, KY
Sent: 5.42 PM - sun 25 aug 2002

Finally was able to see the site. Nice. Looking forward to listening to your demo. Take care and keep it up.


Name: Thinh
City: San Angelo, TX
Sent: 1.14 PM - sun 25 aug 2002

Drowning Fish rocks and are freakin' awesome. Keep rockin' guys.

Name: crissie
City: rio linda, california
Sent: 8.29 PM - tue 20 aug 2002

the new album is great-keep up the good work!

Name: * APRIL *
City: San Diego, CA
Sent: 1.34 PM - fri 16 aug 2002

i really love your CD!! i'll be first in line when you guys come to san diego to perform :D

Name: toby
City: california
Sent: 10.54 PM - wed 14 aug 2002

i never actually had heard of downing fish until today. like an hour agoi first heard one of our song. u totally rock!! well um thats about it. keep up the amazing work.
love ya- toby

Name: Karena (again)
Sent: 5.59 PM - tue 13 aug 2002

Oopsie, haha...I thought it was in's in yours!...same diff...chick's on crack :P Big Muffin...ahahahahahahahaha... :]Keep rockin...lmao

Name: Karena
City: Prince George, VA
Sent: 5.55 PM - tue 13 aug 2002

Hey this was on our guestbook so I decided to transfer it over to yours...

"Marc, Somebody told me that u've got a big muffin!!
I'm really bored.....That pic of you thats on the interview, behind the drums is very sexalicious!!"

Marc has a "big muffin"! Blahahahahahahahaha...that girl's been smoking something! Kiddin...Marc's gotta "special fan" maybe you should ask her to prom...lmao! :] I'm teasing ya...take it easy!
Much Love
-Karena -- CHECK US OUT! :D

Name: Cathleen
City: Miami
Sent: 3.29 PM - mon 12 aug 2002

Hey guys I just listened to your cd and it kicks ass! I really like it!This is worth way more then a dollar. Well youve got a fan in Miami. Rock On-

Name: Jess
City: AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!
Sent: 4.07 AM - mon 12 aug 2002

Marc, Somebody told me that u've got a big muffin!!
I'm really bored.....That pic of you thats on the interview, behind the drums is very sexalicious!!
Nananananananana im so fucken bored its not funny. I wonder if u read these things? Had anymore dreams about a blonde chick lately? ;-) Love Jess

Name: Jace
City: Butte,MT
Sent: 10.05 PM - sun 11 aug 2002

Hey whats up. I just got my cd and i can say it was worth the 1$ i paid for it. Keep up the hard work and keep rockin on!!!!!! U gotta a fan in Montana C- Ya later

Name: Tommy Morrow
City: Frederick, Maryland
Sent: 9.23 PM - sun 11 aug 2002

Hey what's up Mario and Mark, I hope you two still remember me, I know it's been awhile but I hope everything is going well for you two and your band. Say hi to your family for me, and I hope you continue with your success. Take it easy.

Name: Steph
City: rochester, new york
Sent: 10.58 PM - sat 10 aug 2002

:( AH
I want the cd so bad but my moms being an ass and wont let me buy it... fucked up i know... eh... is there any way i can get it without sending cash??
i hope to be able to get ur cd sometime...
you guys kick ass anyway

Name: Marlene
City: El Monte, Ca.
Sent: 1.51 PM - wed 7 aug 2002

Hey whats up, thats trippy that I decided to buy your cd, and 16, a bombshell...and my friend is the name of one of the song. Coincidence is creepy, huh? LoL

Name: John Herbold
City: Andrews, Tx
Sent: 10.30 PM - tue 6 aug 2002

i found a few songs of yours on kazaa and they were awesome... im thinking about mailing in for your cd, you guys rawk. keep up the good work

Name: Aaron
City: Lynden,Washington
Sent: 9.53 PM - tue 6 aug 2002

hey everyone! come check out my band at

Name: Ju
City: Berkeley, CA
Sent: 8.25 PM - sat 3 aug 2002

I just got your CD in the mail. The post office wasn't too nice to the package, but the CD was still intact and I think your music is great! Keep it up. You guys are tight.

Name: Jen
City: Tampa, Florida
Sent: 1.39 PM - tue 30 jul 2002

Hey, what's up? A few weeks ago I sent in the money for a cd, and I have to admit.. it's better than I was expecting. You guys are great keep up what you're doing. You've got a fan in florida.

Name: Karena
City: Prince George, VA
Sent: 3.39 PM - fri 26 jul 2002

So...I can't believe I haven't signed this yet! I've been listening/chatting with you guys for a while, and as you know, you rock! :] Thanks for being such cooperative and down to earth guys! and Thanks for everything! Now if you would just e-mail me back! Kiddin...Nah...stay cool, keep rocking, and be good! :D Love the site and definately love you guys!

Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 12.56 PM - fri 26 jul 2002

Hey everyone...i know i posted about this a while back but it didn't seem to help and the band hasn't sent out a newsletter to tell u guys about it yet so i thought i'd try on here...i've got 2 sites going for the band,

so go check 'em out and make the band grow...

hugs and kisses

ps. marc...thank you so much for the cds...i love ya!

Name: danielle
Sent: 10.29 AM - fri 26 jul 2002

you guys are very awesome.

Name: MIKE B
City: Mission Viejo, CA
Sent: 9.57 PM - thu 25 jul 2002

Hey, just came across your site. you kats rock! hope to play some shows with you sometime!

Name: X-avier
City: Montebello, Ca
Sent: 7.37 PM - thu 25 jul 2002

Hey guys. WOW, u guys rock. I remember someone was handing out your cd at the audio karate cd release show. I listened to it when i got home, but i feel asleep right away. so like, just recently i remembered i had it and this is the shiznit yo! keep on rockin. laters mang.

Name: ralf
City: chicago,illinois
Sent: 10.35 PM - wed 24 jul 2002

you guys r so awsome love yar cd

Name: Jessica
City: Dorothy, NJ
Sent: 8.31 AM - wed 24 jul 2002

hey, i just heard about the site and checked it out. it really is incredible. i hope you guys don't give up or give in. stay yourselves and keep doing what you beleive in. punk had always been here, just not how you guys are doing it. i'm sending the cash and stamps to you guys and hopefully i'll be able to spread the word. the lyrics are real, if ever you get to a point, where they have no real meaning to you or its a chore to write them, quit while you are on top. i have a lot of respect for great bands, and i am very happy to say, i have a new one on my list.

Name: Nai
City: Meadville, PA
Sent: 5.24 PM - tue 23 jul 2002

You guys are amazing. I heard about you through the NJ Punklist (person named Kelly C?) and am about to put some stamps and cash in an envelope for your CD. Punk Rock Forever.

Name: Justine
City: Daly City, California
Sent: 2.27 PM - tue 23 jul 2002

You guys are rad! I heard about you guys on an UP SyNDROME group that I belong to and I think that you guys rock!

Name: Samantha
City: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Sent: 12.43 PM - tue 23 jul 2002

This site rocks!!

Name: beth
City: PEI, Canada
Sent: 6.10 AM - mon 22 jul 2002

Hey guys. Found you on some how & I think you're awesome. Anyway, later.

Beth ;)

Name: patty
City: Hatfield, Pa
Sent: 8.00 PM - sun 21 jul 2002

hey guys! its patty again. im still spreddin u around. hope to hear frum u! how bout all 3 of ya take a road trip and come visit me......

Name: john
City: newjersey, nj
Sent: 2.22 PM - sun 21 jul 2002


Name: Lisa
City: Cerritos,CA
Sent: 2.05 PM - sat 20 jul 2002

hey do you guys have a street team..well if you guys ever start one or already have one i would like to be in it..well i love you guys..keep on rocking!!

Name: Lisa
City: Cerritos,CA
Sent: 11.19 AM - wed 17 jul 2002

whenever you guys are going play at chain please emaill me b/c i really really wanna c you guys and i hope its guys should play at the HOB in anaheim!! love you guys!!

Name: Harriet
City: Alpharetta,GA
Sent: 4.30 PM - mon 15 jul 2002

Hi, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! dont forget to go to GA for concerts. keep writing!!!!

Name: Lisa
City: Cerritos, Ca.
Sent: 1.29 PM - mon 15 jul 2002

hey just wanted to say that you guys fucking kick ass...i love your when are you guys going to play at Chain Reaction? i wanna see you guys there.!!keep on rocking!!!

Name: Manri
City: Singapore
Sent: 11.46 PM - thu 11 jul 2002 guys rock!!!

Name: Stephanie H.
City: Las Vegas, NV
Sent: 8.23 PM - sat 6 jul 2002

hi marc and mario! remember me? from the vegas warped tour parking lot? i came to check out your website.. and caught some mp3s- you guys rock. really.

Name: Harriet
City: Alpharetta , Georgia
Sent: 8.33 PM - mon 1 jul 2002

hey u guys i got ur cd and it has kept me listening for days now. Please when u start touring go to GA because i think ull get a huge response and ull touch alot of people. U guys are amazing and i cant wait to hear more of ur stuff.I luv u guys!

Name: Chad
City: Edmonton, Alberta
Sent: 11.37 PM - sun 30 jun 2002

Hey dudes, i got ucd like 3 days ago ad havn't stopped listenin to it.It is simply incedible. I hope you guys start touring and shit and make sure you come to EDM, Albeta cause you woud get a huge crowd. Plus sell tons of shit. But honestly stat recoding more cause i will definately pick it p. Well jsut wanted to le you know that i love your cd, and u dudes rock

Name: Chelsea
City: Sumner, WA
Sent: 10.08 PM - sun 30 jun 2002

great CD! it's different but its good! thanks for the cd guys!

Name: Anna
City: NJ
Sent: 1.09 PM - sun 30 jun 2002

Just need to say that u guys are awesome. There are a lot of good bands coming out of jersey now a days, but i hate to say it u guys kick all their asses. this is my first time coming back to your site in a while so im gonna have to pick up your special cd..Good luck

Name: Mary Thompson
City: CA
Sent: 10.20 PM - sat 29 jun 2002

Hey guys!
My cousin Melissa put ur cd on and i LOVE u guys sooooooooooo much. Especially the song, i miss you, it was sooooooooo cool. gtg now, buh-bye.

Name: Pat
City: Southwick, MA
Sent: 7.38 PM - sat 29 jun 2002

Every song on your cd is awesome especially Prom Night and Summer of '89. i listen to it all the time

Name: Tre
City: shitty Worthington, MN
Sent: 5.33 PM - sat 29 jun 2002

i tried helping you guys out by getting your cds, and help myself out cause your music rules hard and it's HARD to find. yeah, thanks for the cheap cds, and thanks mario for not getting annoyed of my e-mails.

Name: Heather
City: Dodge City, KS
Sent: 8.37 PM - fri 28 jun 2002

okay guys...i need your help! You know how i started that site, well now i just need some info for it. I'd like to make a page where each band member can post a little about themselves...but that means i need your help. And also...who's this brandon guy???

Name: Brian Jones
City: Washington D.C.
Sent: 7.34 AM - thu 27 jun 2002

Hey, I just got your CD 2 days ago...I love it!. I have to say though..Summer of 89' is one hell of a good song. I think I have listened to it about 20 times. By far your best song. Now that you have a bass plaer, dont forget to hook up the East coast with shows. I could find a place for you all to stay...

Name: William
City: south carolina
Sent: 12.29 AM - thu 27 jun 2002

i downloaded "prom night" like a year and a half ago. good shit.

Name: se-raaaaah
City: islip
Sent: 7.38 AM - wed 26 jun 2002

u guys r sooo awesome. i luv ur music

Name: Melissa Flores
City: Shittytown, California
Sent: 9.09 PM - tue 25 jun 2002

Hey guys,
I just wanted you to know that your music is really good, and its hard to believe that its 2 guys, to me it sounds like more. anyway i love the song "prom night", i like the lyrics to it and your voices are great.


Name: Masha Lepire
City: newport beach, c.a
Sent: 4.31 PM - fri 21 jun 2002


Name: Rebecca Arnold
City: CA , Newport Beach
Sent: 4.26 PM - fri 21 jun 2002

I really like your CD. My favorite song is Prom Night.
I hope you become famous! Also, your sister was my teacher!

Name: David
City: ISSY
Sent: 6.34 AM - wed 19 jun 2002

Bonne Anniversaire ! (Mon vieux)!!!!!

Name: Shandra
City: oregon
Sent: 1.38 PM - fri 14 jun 2002

hey you guys are awesome! your lyrics are really cool and a lot of ppl can relate to them keep it up im gonna get yr cd!

Name: Jamie
Sent: 9.21 PM - thu 13 jun 2002

one word rad!

Name: fishboy
City: boston, ma
Sent: 7.31 AM - wed 12 jun 2002

fish control my brain!

Name: Patrick
City: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Sent: 9.11 PM - tue 11 jun 2002

Yall are freaking awesome! I heard Summer of 89' and i was hooked. Yall rock! I keep telling people about yall all over here!

Name: Cowgirl
City: Dodge City, Kansas
Sent: 9.58 AM - tue 11 jun 2002

alright...i got to impatient so i went ahead and uploaded the fan site and i made it neither official or unofficial. So if you feel like chekcing it out the url is
so go check it out and make it grow!

Name: Heather
City: Dodge City, Kansas
Sent: 7.31 AM - tue 11 jun 2002

Alright...i've got a question, am i ALLOWED to make an official drowning fish fan site or do i have to make it an unofficial one? I'm just curious.

Much Love

Name: Sarah
City: Chicago, Illinois
Sent: 9.44 PM - mon 10 jun 2002

Hey guys, you're awesome. I love Drowning Fish! I have your CD and I listen to it 24/7. If you come to Chicago when you tour, I'll be the first one to see you. Rock on!

Name: Samantha
City: Arcadia, CA
Sent: 8.52 AM - mon 10 jun 2002

Hey Guys Hows It Going. I went to an Audio Karate show and i was given your cd sampler and I liked it a lot you guys are so awesome and as soon as you guys start doing concerts I will be the first one to get tickets to see you guys. So good luck and hopefuly see you soon on stage. You Guys Rock!!!!

Name: Slappy
City: Madison, Wisconsin
Sent: 1.47 PM - sun 9 jun 2002

our bands website if anyone likes hardcore

Name: Jeff Harris
City: Pontotoc, Mississipp1
Sent: 6.48 AM - sun 9 jun 2002

I am probably the oldest person to sign your book. I am 40. I am a musician, and I was a punk in 77' .. used to play with a couple different bands (still do)..
Think you guys sound way cool.. I just ordered 2 cd's.. (I work at a guitar store in Tupelo.. gonna keep one there on the in store player) .. you guys are freakin great.

-Jeff (Voxtones)

Name: thumbsdown
City: rochester, new york
Sent: 10.58 AM - fri 7 jun 2002

my bands website......

Name: DaNi
City: Seattle, Washington
Sent: 7.27 PM - thu 6 jun 2002

Hey you guys are AWESOME! I found you on you guys will get big if you keep doing a good job...WEll your a great band so keep up the good work
Love Always,

Name: its stephanie again
City: colton,c.a.
Sent: 6.55 PM - wed 5 jun 2002

alrite forgot to tell ya this on the last but o~well u should really check out this band called those one guys they r awesome trust me on this there site is they rawk u need to listen to them.alrite l@ur

Name: StEpHaNiE r
City: colton,c.a.
Sent: 6.41 PM - wed 5 jun 2002

****you guys rawk!keep doing GREAT and to all you punkers out there keep listening to DROWNING FISH!!****

Name: Dan
City: Littleton, Colorado
Sent: 3.53 PM - wed 5 jun 2002

you guys rock! I'm gonna get your CD for $1 and I can't wait to get it. I hope to see you guys tour in Colorado cause that would be so awesome!

Name: SvenEITE
Sent: 10.44 AM - wed 5 jun 2002

This is 100% TRUE PUNK!!!I mean that shit with the 1 $ CD!!!Dedicated 2 the scene......I SALUTE U.

True Punx!!!


Name: Dexter
City: Mililani,Hawaii
Sent: 1.37 AM - wed 5 jun 2002

Hey alright! one dollar cds! now thats true stuff! keep the punk up!

Name: Brandon Arant
City: Irvine
Sent: 10.12 PM - tue 4 jun 2002

Hi Guys. Just checkin out the site to see whats on the message board. See you thursday.

Name: DoCtOr
City: Perth, Scotland, UK
Sent: 5.10 PM - tue 4 jun 2002

Hey Guys, I just found u by lookin thru the sk8 punk charts & u sound pretty cool! Any plans on a UK tour? Especially Scotland? There are plenty young punkers in scotland and quite a few up-&-coming punk bands. Please check out PMX - and d/l their mp3s if u have some spare time... cheers:)

Name: Jennifer again
City: walpole, ma
Sent: 6.30 PM - tue 28 may 2002

I just listened to the track memories made, times forgotten, then i read your story behind it. you said what ive been feeling ever since my boyfriend of 3 months dumped me. i didnt think anyone could sum it up as well as you did, going from being everyone to somebody to nothing at all. thank you. i sat here with my mouth wide open and tears running down my cheeks. thank you so much.

Name: jennifer
City: walpole, ma
Sent: 3.27 PM - tue 28 may 2002

You guys rock. I found out bout u when i downloaded this thign on aimster and it was u guys instead. Kind of glad it happened tho, ur incredible.

Name: jeff
City: jurzey
Sent: 4.51 PM - sun 26 may 2002

site was ok

Name: felicia
City: bellflower, CA
Sent: 3.09 PM - sun 19 may 2002

yeah i got the demo cd at chain reaction too. i luv you guys! keep doing what you do! check ya l8r!

Name: carolyn
Sent: 8.00 PM - sat 18 may 2002

drowning fish is awesome! i got the 10 song demo last night from people passing them out at chain, great work! where do you guys play?


Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 8.47 PM - fri 17 may 2002

Alright everybody...listen up! There's a new group open for all Drowning Fish fans and wanna bes. The address is
Leave your comments and have some fun with it!

Name: Sarah
City: Speonk,New York
Sent: 12.33 PM - wed 15 may 2002

I play bass, but im not 18...u guys really should give younger people a chance...u enevr know how good they mite be. *just a suggestion* :) Rock on...l8r dayz

Name: Dug!
City: Grimshaw Ab Canada
Sent: 6.18 AM - sat 11 may 2002

Hey guys you got some great music here. I really liked Summer of '89. That shit rocked.


Name: Iggy
City: Deer Park NY//West Virginia Univeristy , WV
Sent: 2.03 AM - fri 10 may 2002

mmmf just when i moved out of so cal, a great band come sup and needs a bassist..crap..well i heared some dissapointed in one thing err 2 things..i liked the original prom night, and take me away should have been on it..make the second one a little faster hopfully i can give plasma, finish my finals, go back to ny, and buy your cd..sounds like a plan..yup

Name: breno
City: Montreal, QC
Sent: 1.45 PM - tue 7 may 2002

Hey guys, drowning fish rocks!
Check out this punk rock band from Montreal called Simple Plan! Their new album is out now and it's called No Pads, No Helmets...just balls! They have guests such as Mark Hoppus and Joel from Good Charlotte!


Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 1.17 PM - mon 6 may 2002

Okay Marc...i just gotta say were never very good at writing in the online journal to begin with so from now on i will be reminding you to write in it...and you have to listen to me because you love me so much!

your baby

Name: Ashley
City: san diego cali
Sent: 2.44 PM - sat 4 may 2002

you guys fukin rock! i hope you guys come out to san diego some time soon!!

Name: johnny minardi
City: arlington hts, il
Sent: 8.53 AM - wed 1 may 2002

you guys rock. great idea of the free sampler cd, those bands rock. come to chicago.

Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 5.12 AM - wed 1 may 2002

Okay...i've just gotta say something...Marc, you need a new girl, i know it's hard to forget your first true love but i think she's a little to...OUTWARD with her sexuality (thoughi'm sure that's what you want)

i feel like i'm the only one posting god dammit...i need a life, lol

kisses from your baby

Name: Alan Cooper
City: San Diego, CA
Sent: 2.02 PM - tue 30 apr 2002

Can't wait for you to play sometime in San Diego... Heard about you guys at the Greenday concert! Good Luck.

Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 1.29 PM - mon 29 apr 2002

Hey it's me again...i don't know why i wanted to write on here, maybe just because i found out that drowning fish has finally found a bass player for now...hope you're all as excited as i am!

Not Marc, that means you gotta get the band to Nebraska somehoe otherwise i'm going to have to drive to wherever you're playing and see ya...don't care hoe far it is, although i don't want to be driving for anyways....

just wanted to say hi

Name: Andrew
City: Canada
Sent: 5.45 PM - sun 28 apr 2002

Found you guys on not bad at all.
Check out Not At Fault if u got some time on your hands too

Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 7.04 PM - fri 26 apr 2002

I LOVE Drowning Fish! I can't wait till they come to my town or anywhere near me. And Marc is awesome! He's down to earth with a rock star flare, love ya man!


Name: peyton
City: Alabama
Sent: 7.41 PM - thu 25 apr 2002

Are you guys punk? I love punk. I just basically wanted to say hi. I stumbled upon your site accidentally but I am glad I did. Is there anyway that I can buy a CD w/o having a credit card?

Name: Vernon Mahoney
City: South Saint Paul, MN
Sent: 7.51 AM - tue 23 apr 2002

hi, my name is vernon and im from minnesota, i just wanted to say good luck you guys, im too poor to buy your cd and i dont have a credit card anyway... but im the guitarist in an unsucessful punk band, but we are at leat having fun, we mostly cover songs of our favorite bands. i just have one request, could you possibly send me the tabs to summer of 89? i promice i wont pla it for any performance, i just want to learn how to play it for shits and giggles. well if u feel like it write me back.

Name: Rita
City: Sydney,Ausrtalia
Sent: 2.11 AM - sat 20 apr 2002

Hey Guys
The cd you gave me was great! still waiting for the new one, i'm sure it's even better. Good luck.

Name: RS
City: Sydney, Australia
Sent: 10.49 PM - mon 15 apr 2002

Guys, i listened to your mp3's they are great.I wish you all the luck with your new Album.

Name: Wassim Shammaa
City: Beirut, Lebanon
Sent: 10.41 PM - mon 15 apr 2002

Where are you guys. Why aren't you sending any e-mails.
natreen nsmaa minkoun

Name: Jason Roundtree
City: Richmond, VA
Sent: 10.21 AM - sun 14 apr 2002

Dude I was looking around and I stumbled across you guys! You are so sweet! I hope you find a bassist soon so I can go to one of your shows!

Name: CM
Sent: 9.55 AM - fri 12 apr 2002

You guys really rock. Found you at the epitath demo-lition.
Please make a visit on this site:

upcoming punkrock band from Sweden.

Name: Chaz
City: Mission Viejo, CA
Sent: 2.57 AM - fri 12 apr 2002

darn it guys get a bassist so we can play some shows together!!!

we just recorded a 5 song EP at Lovejuice as well and I saw one of yer stickers there and laughed. Your cd came out pretty well. I was suprised!

Listen to our CD, Dave & Lenny did the mixing and mastering.

or you can check us out at

take care guys, get a bassist and play some shows with us before we go out on tour in the summer.

your friend,

Name: Rachel Camacho
City: Rancho San Diego, CA
Sent: 8.54 PM - sat 6 apr 2002

Hi, one of you guys game me a cd at the BOXCAR RACER show in san diego, and i actually listened to it. well i have to say that you're not too bad, infact i've taken a liking to your music. so email me if you ever play in san diego, cause i'll get a group of people to go support you guys. anyway, good luck!

Name: Jesus
City: Brooklyn, NY
Sent: 12.14 PM - sat 6 apr 2002

Dude's u guys are like the best band i've heard in a loong time.. i mean not only do u make good catchy songs but u make great and i mean great lyrics...i heard of u thorugh downloading "prom night"off of Kazaa as i was looking for some more Unwritten law stuff, and Taking back sunday, Thursday, and Saves the day...all are great bands...and u guys are right up there with em. I mean i havn't seen lyrics for the songs on ur cd so good since Linkin Park, and OlD( i enphasize OLD) Blink-182...i hope u guys get a bassist soon too..cause i really would want to see u guys live if u ever came to New York...they should play some of ur stuff on Krock's AWESOME!...I can't name one song on the cd that i don't like A LOt...Well holpe u guys have lots of the way i can't find ur cd in stores..i owudl buy it on the internet but my parents are all wack about buying stuff over the internet...well peace

Name: sputter ri0
City: san francisco, ca
Sent: 11.27 PM - mon 1 apr 2002

hey drowning fish. the mp3's are sounding really dope. i love the songs!! yeah! well i would like to hook up some shows with you guys in the future. yeah? email me back if this sounds like a plan. you can find us (Sputter Doll) here:

Name: hey
Sent: 5.01 PM - sun 31 mar 2002

good to see your FINALLY getting a bassist.

check out:

Name: BritTanY
City: NJ
Sent: 8.21 AM - wed 27 mar 2002

Hey guys... Got a new e-mail addy! :-D And by the way, If that one person was referring to ME as the "Fatal Attraction Groupie" I have 2 words for you, but I shall not say them cuz they are not appropriate!

Name: Bumshaka
City: Garden Grove
Sent: 7.24 AM - wed 27 mar 2002

Just sent an email....I play Bass....Seems like you have Great Fans and 1 Fatal Attraction Groupie!!! Hope to hear from you soon, Bum!

Name: steve
City: orange, ca
Sent: 10.08 PM - mon 25 mar 2002

ok im steve, im only 16 but i play bass. dont let my age fool you, ive played numerous shows at chain reaction and hogue barmichaels. im sure u wont be dissapointed with my bassplaying skills, i can also do some backup vocals, i could probably even fill in for the singer

Name: jordankelly
City: beachwood, new jersey
Sent: 5.04 PM - sun 24 mar 2002

you guys kick ass.. keep up the good work...

Name: oreocookie
City: Singapore
Sent: 3.52 AM - mon 18 mar 2002

love love love the music, love love love the band, love love love the site! u guys are simply amazing!! :)

Name: BritTanY
City: NJ
Sent: 12.17 PM - wed 13 mar 2002

Hey dudez! I miss writing to you! Damn AOhelL! It sux the big one! (Marc... damn u r such a hottie!) :-P~ Hehe... Well I can't stay cuz I'm at school. Bye!

Name: Trenae Lonetti
City: Casa Grande, AZ
Sent: 9.55 PM - tue 12 mar 2002

Hey guys, just bought the CD. You guys ROCK my SOCKS! You need to get a bass!! Woohoo Rock On!

Name: Anthony Burroughs
City: Michigan City,Indiana
Sent: 1.59 PM - tue 12 mar 2002

hey guys.i think u guys really kick ass.ive listened 2 a couple of your songs like take me away and prom night.i got prom night on Kazaa on accident and saw the artist name and looked alittle more up on drowning fish cuz i really liked the song and well got a lot of your songs now and gotta say i like em all and you guys gotchurself a new fan.just found out you had a website too so thought id visit this also.

Name: Nick Nuno
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Sent: 12.03 AM - sun 10 mar 2002

Get a bassist dammit! Your songs kick ass and I want to see you guys rock on tour. I would offer my own services but I've got a gig (Ellis Minor @ and I'm only 17. I can only aspire to be as talented a songwriter as you guys. Like you, I find that a lot of my most inspired writing happens late at night. Much of my material is similar to yours but not as articulate. You guys rule. It's as simple as that. You two are the collective Brian Wilson of emo-rock.

Name: Michelle
City: Carrollton, Texas
Sent: 6.06 PM - sat 9 mar 2002

Hey i Love ur songs they are AWESOME!! i really love EMO! it kicks ASS! the first time i heard "memories made, times forgotten" i cried, because it was SOOO i could totally relate with the words! never lose ur AWESOME talent! i love you guys!!

Name: GJ
City: Wharton, NJ
Sent: 4.49 AM - fri 8 mar 2002

Hey peoples...I can't say much right at the moment cuz I gotz to go, but just wanted to know how it's goin...?...well I wish i could say more but I g2g...Peace!

Name: persil
City: Netherlands - Rotterdam
Sent: 8.32 AM - tue 5 mar 2002

hey ho! great band dudes, I've added you to my website so check it out if you have the time... well rock on guys..

greetz from the netherlands

Name: BritTanY
City: NJ
Sent: 9.40 AM - mon 4 mar 2002

Hey fellas... Sad news... :( My e-mail has been shut off. It's too bad cuz now I can only talk to you here. :'( You guys are the best! Rock on! (Marc you are hot!) :D ~Luv ya, buh-bye for now!~

Name: nick
City: ---------------------------------------
Sent: 4.31 PM - mon 25 feb 2002

Name: Chris
City: Santa Clara, Ca
Sent: 9.46 AM - sun 24 feb 2002


Name: Leo
City: souther california
Sent: 10.45 PM - sat 23 feb 2002

you guys rock........hurry up and get a bassist so you guys can start playing again!

Name: Tiny tim
Sent: 9.41 AM - thu 14 feb 2002

i wish the fish would drown coz my hoop cnt get any more batterd plz help !!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: jame sturgeon
City: ware, hertfordshire
Sent: 9.34 AM - thu 14 feb 2002

i love u bcoz i am one of u.i love ur hoops

Name: GJ
Sent: 7.30 AM - thu 14 feb 2002

Hey dudes...Just wanted to say hi to you rpeoples... well Gotz to go, Peace!

Name: BritTanY and GJ
City: NJ
Sent: 12.52 PM - wed 13 feb 2002

TY: Hey guys, I'm back GJ just walked into the room and saw me on your site so we just had to write again!! :-D This time if you click on our names you will get GJ's e-mail! Ok guys that's all I gotta say. Love ya and rock on!! ;-)
GJ: Hey dudes,
I been wanting to contact you for so long, but never got the chance
I like your music and listen to it most often.
Well Talk to you dudes Later...
Luv you ~GJ
Oh and you are our favorite Punk Rockerz!

Name: BritTanY
City: NJ
Sent: 12.45 PM - wed 13 feb 2002

He guys. AOL totally sux, so if you sent me an e-mail at my AOL s/n then chances are I never got it. I have an old s/n that I'm using for e-mail now, so mail me there. Love you guys! Later! :-D

Name: Josh bowman
City: Costa Mesa, California
Sent: 9.05 AM - tue 12 feb 2002

Hi we know your mother.

Name: Cypher
City: Edmonton, Canada
Sent: 12.19 PM - wed 30 jan 2002

I like the fish on the site. Rock on!

City: Rochester, NY!
Sent: 4.12 PM - sun 27 jan 2002

dudes! u guys like totally rock alot! so get a bassist and come to rochester!!!! or hey! get one here! we're over stocked! ok! ROCK ON!!!! byeeee! xoxo PLUR! *erin bananas!*

Name: Wokka!
City: Warwickshire, England
Sent: 3.20 PM - sat 26 jan 2002

you guys are wicked i first heard 1 of your tracks via audiogalaxy when the last blink album came out and there was a mix up with your songs and there
yours were great.
but im quite gutted i cant get you cd ova here (in the UK)god sake i cant even find all the mp3s (i would buy the actual album if i could)
keep the work up and get ur ass in england now

Name: Joe
City: Krugersdorp, South Africa
Sent: 12.00 PM - sat 26 jan 2002

Hi Guys!!
How about some TABS!?

Name: linz
City: crofton, MD
Sent: 10.52 PM - fri 25 jan 2002

wow. as a fellow musician and songwriter, i'm totally speechless, and VERY impressed. best of luck with your music. ::insert shameless self promotion here:: fairXwarningXrecords...consider yourself warned.

Name: Tyson
City: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Sent: 2.55 PM - fri 25 jan 2002

Hey! You guys are pretty good. You should check out the band Nothing To Lose. Also...can Casey from Billings Montana write back to me. I have a question to ask you. I know one of your friends. Thanx. Late!

Name: Tony
City: Costa Mesa, CA
Sent: 5.52 PM - thu 24 jan 2002

Hey freind Kyle talk to you guys at the Mxpx House of Blues show and i was there as well but didnt get a chance to meet you guys, but your music is pretty awesome...i like it....i think he mentioned we are in a band as well and our music style is very similar. when u guys find a bassist, contact us cause we'd be honored to play a show with you guys....keep in us at our website e-mail posted above or kyles e-mail...

Name: sexshop
City: Hollywood, CA
Sent: 9.02 PM - wed 23 jan 2002

Hey you guys rock! Do you know any punks in Hollywood that wanna join our band? Girls with looks, talent and attitude only! Good luck!

Name: sarah
City: Baltimore, MD
Sent: 6.01 PM - wed 23 jan 2002

drowning fish kicks ass! i listen to prom night and wish this were a love song on repeat! i wish there were more great music like you guys around..

Name: Brooksie
City: Indianapolis, IN.
Sent: 1.12 PM - wed 23 jan 2002

You guys rock my socks. I was looking around today and listened to a couple of your songs.. and I heart them. *thumbs up* I'm gonna tell all my friends 'bout you all.

Name: kathy / coop arts
City: san jose
Sent: 2.45 PM - sun 20 jan 2002


thanks for inviting me to check out your website. i hope to do it more often..

Name: jon drahn
City: monona ia
Sent: 1.27 PM - sat 19 jan 2002

you guys are awsome i going to get youre cd you guy are cool

Name: Carrie
City: LBI, NJ
Sent: 12.16 PM - sat 19 jan 2002

Hey, check out Different*Strokes, an emo-pop-punk bad from the Jersey Shore!!! Do it, you'll love them!

Name: britica
City: Valley center(san diego), ca
Sent: 11.56 PM - fri 18 jan 2002

hey i love prom night and my girl.. those songs kick ass i cant wait for your next show ill be there! DROWNING FISH KICKS ASS!!!!!!

Name: Britica St. James
City: Valley Center, CA
Sent: 11.52 PM - fri 18 jan 2002


Name: Brody
Sent: 7.04 PM - sat 12 jan 2002

I just wanna say that you guys kick major ass and please e-mail me!

- Brody

Name: Breno
City: Montreal, QC
Sent: 4.23 PM - wed 9 jan 2002

Drowning Fish rocks!
By the way, the stickers got here yesterday, thanks!

Name: Ellie
City: Milwaukee, WI
Sent: 6.55 AM - wed 9 jan 2002

hey hey...i'll play bass for df...if u don't mind someone who doesn't know how to play...yet...hehe...

Name: Tom
City: Birmingham, England
Sent: 12.44 PM - sun 6 jan 2002

I've only heard a couple of songs but I really like what I heard:) I'm just hoping that I'll be able to get a copy of your CD soon

Name: Mike
City: waterloo, ny
Sent: 4.47 PM - sat 5 jan 2002

hey you guys are good i heard you guys last yr on napster under blink song but i've been keepin track of your phat beats yo. - rock on

Name: Casey
Sent: 7.49 PM - fri 4 jan 2002

Nice Your Cd is Finally Out.Im Gonna Buy It.

Name: AmAndA
City: Beach Park, Illinois
Sent: 10.49 AM - fri 4 jan 2002

The CD is awesome, thanks for the stickers too!!

Name: Michelle
City: San Diego, CA
Sent: 11.22 AM - wed 2 jan 2002

OMG, you guys kick @$$!! I love ur songs!!! They're sooooo cool! I swear, I'm gonna buy ur CD!!!

Name: Brian
City: Schaumburg IL
Sent: 8.39 AM - wed 2 jan 2002

check out this new band queen mab at their web site and listen to them at

Name: Joe
City: Krugersdorp, South Africa
Sent: 12.59 PM - tue 1 jan 2002

Hi guys!! I got the stuff that you sent me and I got it on the first day of the year! Thanks a lot and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Shamrock
City: Hamont-Achel Belgium
Sent: 4.51 AM - mon 31 dec 2001

Never ask for city and state, you guys are on the world wide web and countries are visiting you. Aside from that, the site is cool. Check ours out

Name: a-cup
City: gulfport, ms
Sent: 12.40 PM - sun 30 dec 2001

i like the band...really cool songs! i especially like "16, a Bombshell...and my friend" guys are great!! Idea!! Come to Mississippi...haha...oh well...keep making great music! I'll keep listening...

Name: jewels
City: augusta, ga
Sent: 5.31 PM - thu 27 dec 2001

ooooh pretty guestbook! pretty songs too! ^_^

Name: Jeremy. Muxlow
City: wallaceburg, ontario
Sent: 1.09 PM - mon 24 dec 2001

this is my enw fav band..i love al the songs!

Name: Laura
City: Liverpool, UK
Sent: 10.07 AM - mon 24 dec 2001

i like your prom night song, you guys come to the uk!!

Name: www.famous
Sent: 9.15 PM - sun 23 dec 2001

yoy guys are hot!

Name: lee
City: East Sussex , England
Sent: 8.13 AM - sun 23 dec 2001

U guys rock - gonna get the cd soon. u got so many good songs - good luck with the search for a new bassist. make sure u tour the UK soon!


Name: Jon Grant
City: OC, CA
Sent: 11.24 PM - fri 21 dec 2001

Hey, i read about you guys on and want to say you rock. I tried emailing you off your site about if you still need a bass player. Im kinda close to you guys and looking for a serious band.


Name: Ashley Ladd
City: Scottsdale, AZ
Sent: 1.38 PM - thu 20 dec 2001

Heys guys, you rock! To all the fans out there looking for a place to talk about Drowning Fish, check out


Name: Tom
City: UK
Sent: 7.48 PM - sun 16 dec 2001

Just saying the albums gona b top of my list when i'm paid.Good luck to you guys, ur a gr8 band.

Name: Heather
City: Omaha, NE
Sent: 1.47 PM - sun 16 dec 2001

Hey all,
i just heard about drowning fish and i decided to check them out and i must say...i was impressed. I hope they come to my area soon.

your baby

feel free to drop me a line

Name: Ellie
City: Milwaukee, Wi
Sent: 10.44 AM - sun 16 dec 2001

I think u guys should do a tour...if u do...make sure to come to milwaukee...i'd love to see you perform live

Name: Joe
City: Krugersdorp,South Africa
Sent: 6.42 AM - sun 16 dec 2001

Hi Again! My adress is:
Johannes Nel
PO Box 5182
West Krugersdorp
Krugersdorp, Gauteng 1742
South Africa

Thanks alot for everything!!! I really appreciate it!!!!

Name: Joe
City: Krugersdorp,South Africa
Sent: 3.50 PM - sat 15 dec 2001

Hi Guys! I've finally bought your album! Now I'm just waiting for it to get here. Remember when you said that you would send a personalised note, some stickers and something about a guitar pick and that there might be someone out there who would appreciate it? Well, that would be me! I have proof of the purchase if you'd like to see it. Thanks anyway! Cheers!!!!!!!

Name: Iggy the Punkasaur
City: Morgantown,WV and Deer Park Ny
Sent: 1.23 AM - thu 13 dec 2001

ok guys..finally the cd is not sell in as soon as i clear my credit card (college books cost so much)...ill buy it..i previed i like brain freeze, grey skies is really good..prom night.. i liked the other should have put take me away i liked that one..even though i hate emo er emo kids.. you guys are pretty good...well of to sleep finals are killers..peace guys..come to long island and play

Name: karina
City: west covina, ca
Sent: 11.06 PM - wed 12 dec 2001

I got some email from some chick kelly c. i was like pathetic. this is some other bogus band, but fortunately for me i heard you guys and you sound rad. i'll have to come out and see you so as soon as you get a bassist let me know your next gig!

Name: Viffy
City: Glasgow/Scotland
Sent: 8.46 AM - wed 12 dec 2001

You guys ROCK!!!!

Name: Shop 11 Phoenix
Sent: 1.02 PM - fri 7 dec 2001

check out skate punk from CA

Name: Dave
City: Quakertown, PA
Sent: 11.46 AM - fri 7 dec 2001

i must say that song prom nite, yea its "bad ass" keep up the good work!

everyone go here...
its my personal bands site..theres not much 2 say about us but check it out!!

Name: Kris
City: Kearns, Utah, USA
Sent: 3.46 AM - thu 6 dec 2001

I really like your sound. You guys should be way proud of what you've done. It's great.

Name: shawn
City: av,ca
Sent: 1.21 AM - wed 5 dec 2001

Nicely done. I'm happy for guys, your cd's been in the work for awhile now. But it was well worth it!

Name: Will
City: Edgefield, South Carolina
Sent: 4.21 PM - mon 3 dec 2001

i haven't looked at my aimster songs in a while and i looked and prom night was on there and i dont remember downloading it so i listened to it and its a really good

Name: Jonna
City: Los Angeles
Sent: 1.02 AM - mon 3 dec 2001

U Guys RaWk. Good luck...

Name: Are we bound by names?
City: Ugine, Floreeeda
Sent: 3.17 AM - sun 2 dec 2001

I took a listen to your new songs, there really depressing. I mean really depressing. Almost every song is about saying goodbye or missing an ex-girlfriend. Everything sounds great, I personally can't stand what your singing about, but you will obviously go far in today's "pop" music, because depression is the latest fad. Carry on.

Name: Joe
City: Gauteng, South Africa
Sent: 10.37 AM - sat 1 dec 2001

Hi, guys!!
I heard your new cd is out, so I checked out because I wanted to buy your album, but I live in South Africa and I don't know what the shipping costs will be. (I've started saving because 1 US dollar is about 10 bucks in my country, thats why I want to know about the shipping costs and the time it will take to get here). SORRY about the long message!!!

Name: Kevin Finlay
City: Glasgow,UK
Sent: 12.50 PM - fri 30 nov 2001

hey guys it's kev her, one of ur first fans!!!!!!
i just wanted to know if u guys are signed to a record label??
if ur not then send the cd to companies all over the world cause some 1s bound to sign u

Name: Nathan
City: Newfoundland, Canada
Sent: 4.48 PM - wed 28 nov 2001

Hey, You guys have some good ideas and dedication :)
I'm in the same boat about the bass player except its just me, i have a band i play with but i'm in Collage now an hour away and there in high school.... so practice is hard. I thought i'd find some other dedicated musicians out here-since i am studying music- but no luck yet so i still do everything myself....
We have the same style of music and are about as far alone as you guys, we should talk more about doing somtheing together. Anyway congrats on the debut, and good luck. next time i come back i'll expect to be able to get a autographed guitar sent down....*L* just kidding, but i'll pick up the CD anyway, it sounds great!

Name: Tori Soto
City: League City, TX
Sent: 6.59 PM - tue 27 nov 2001

Hey hey fellas....i'm really into punk music and i stumbled upon your album on so I DLed a couple songs...decided i liked i listened to the whole album..and I checked out your site to find out more info on this awesome poppunk band i had come across. You guys have amazing talent and dedication to work for soooo long on that album. I only admire your persistance to get that job done. Because you worked hard and you got a well-deserved album debut. Well I just thought i would drop you a line and let ya know you got a new fan :-D


Name: alvaro rubio
City: Santiago, Chile
Sent: 4.36 PM - tue 27 nov 2001

es el mejor grupo que he escuchado... y ademas es nuevo
me guataria comprar el cd pero no tengo plata ( quiza me puedan enviar uno)
me guataria que me dieran el puesto de fan numero 1 en chile... que saliera yo en su pagina como el fann numero 1 en chile, para que todos empezaran a conocer a este gran grupo aqui en chile...
saludos desde chile.. sigan tocando asi..

(trasnlate it please)

Name: Marc
City: Trenton, Ontario
Sent: 8.06 AM - tue 27 nov 2001

damn, you guys are pretty good....check this shit up..

Name: Linda
City: Los Angeles,CA
Sent: 2.47 AM - tue 27 nov 2001

omg! u guys are soo freakin awesome i listen to u guys all da time fo sure!! i really hope u find a bassist soon , so i can attend some of ur shows!rock on!!!

Name: Brytt
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 5.49 PM - sat 24 nov 2001

Your song Lonely Hearts is awasome, I luv it!!

Name: gabriele ... yes one more time
City: Itaaaly
Sent: 2.52 AM - thu 22 nov 2001

ehm ... your don't show DOG SOLDIER's URL ... ehm ... here's the link :
Sorry for the mess ...

City: Italy ... yah, ... I T A L Y !!!
Sent: 2.42 AM - thu 22 nov 2001

Good site ! Keep on the good work guyz ! Here's an italian Southern Rock Band (ehm ... I've put the URL instead of the mail address ..) Take a tour to (sign our please) and come in Italy ... we'll support you !!! Maybe ? Now I take a look to and d.load some drowning fish tracks ...
Greetings from Italy, country of sun, good food and pretty women !!!
Gabriele - bass player & webmaster

Name: Graeme
Sent: 3.08 PM - wed 21 nov 2001

I'm glad that the album is out. I live in Canada and am planning to buy the CD soon. I hope that you guys can become more popular. I was kind of surprised that Take Me Away was not on the album.

Name: Sniffin Dog Ears
City: Racine, WI
Sent: 5.12 PM - wed 31 oct 2001

Just happened to stumble upon your site, you guys seem pretty cool. When you guys get a bass player perhaps we could swap shows, we're looking to play out of WI. If not could you email us and let us know where some good places to play there are. Check out our site thanx, take care and good luck.

Name: Thoms
City: Brasil, So Paulo
Sent: 5.07 PM - tue 30 oct 2001

I live in brasil and I think the album will not come here
the cd must be launched in brasil
I dont speak very well english but Im trying to speak right

Name: Courtney
City: Raleigh, North Carolina
Sent: 3.19 PM - tue 30 oct 2001

Hey you guys are the best! I love your music can't wait to get the CD. Well I gotta go but I'll be back. Love ya.

Name: MANU
City: Innsbruck
Sent: 9.27 AM - fri 12 oct 2001

You guys are just great!

Hope i can buy your CD also in Austria!
Ok cu and go on just like this

Name: Joe
City: Gauteng, South Africa
Sent: 2.02 PM - thu 4 oct 2001

Drowning Fish simply RULES! I absolutely dig this band but I live in South Africa and I don't think I'll be able to get the album. It will SUCK if I can't get it.

Name: Libbi Courlas
City: Springfield, Ohio
Sent: 7.45 AM - fri 28 sep 2001

I'm always waiting for new bands. You guys are awesome!!

Name: Glen Shaw
City: Saegertown, Pa
Sent: 4.16 PM - thu 27 sep 2001

Hey i found this site by accident i was just messing around and found it but can you send me something on how to get my own website up and running.

Name: Misha
City: San Luis Obispo, CA
Sent: 7.16 AM - wed 26 sep 2001

Cool site guys!

Name: Casey
City: Billings,Montana
Sent: 8.35 PM - wed 19 sep 2001

I was Wondening How you Guys do it all without A Base Player.Anywayz your all f*&kin Awesome

Name: Plankton
City: michigan
Sent: 6.53 PM - wed 19 sep 2001

hey Plankton will sum day get as good and drowing fish

Name: Chris
City: nichoalsville ky
Sent: 12.17 PM - sat 15 sep 2001

Wow this band has talent and a futurei was thinkning i wasgetin a link 182 song but when this band came up i knew i had to find out who it really wasand now that i have i anna say you guys kick ass and good luck with the band and future of punk!!!!!!!!

Name: richard clayson
City: albuquerque nm
Sent: 6.41 PM - sun 9 sep 2001

yeah dude put me on the list. see ya

Name: richard clayson
City: albuquerque new mexico
Sent: 11.59 AM - thu 6 sep 2001

hey whats up you guys are awsome you should play in my city sometime we have the best fans ever. hit me back lates

Name: Casey
City: Billings,Montana
Sent: 7.01 PM - wed 29 aug 2001

Cominnnnn Give us a Update Its Been Since July 15 Since we've had an update

Name: Casey
City: Billings,Montana
Sent: 10.26 PM - wed 22 aug 2001

I want this album Too..Only Songs i can find are Prom Night and Take me away.I wanna buy this album

Name: Dave All_TimeRadio
City: dana point, ca
Sent: 8.39 AM - wed 22 aug 2001

dood i want this muther effin CD now!! frick ya! mark call me lover boy! ok dawn even trip num sayin? ok late- DAVE

Name: Diego
City: Buenos Aires - Argentina
Sent: 10.56 AM - sat 18 aug 2001

Hi Friend!!!!
Saludos desde Sur America!!!

Name: nick stale
City: corpus christi texas
Sent: 6.17 PM - sat 11 aug 2001

hey guys, nice site, i am in a punk band from texas called the johnny five...maybe sometime we can hook up a show! check out our crappy site

Name: andrew
City: san diego cal.
Sent: 8.34 PM - mon 30 jul 2001

where can i get your album in san diego?

please i would love to own it

Name: Rachel
City: Newport Beach, Ca
Sent: 11.36 AM - mon 23 jul 2001


Name: glenn
Sent: 4.33 PM - fri 20 jul 2001

havnt been on the site in a while i live in ireland so will i be able to get the cd?

Name: Gina
City: Wisconsin
Sent: 7.27 PM - thu 21 jun 2001

I got your song Prom Night the same way as some other people seem to have, on accident, but i really liked it and then i found your website and i really like it, but i live in wisconsin so i dont think ill ever have a chance to get your cd...

Name: danelle
City: ohio
Sent: 10.13 AM - tue 12 jun 2001

hey! i can't wait 4 the new album!!later!

Name: KaL
City: Lincoln, U.K
Sent: 12.59 PM - wed 6 jun 2001

hi guys! you habve another fan from England!!!!!!!!!! I want to get ur album, how would this be possible? best of luck anyway!!!!!!!!!!

Name: tomas
City: lincoln, uk
Sent: 7.07 AM - mon 28 may 2001

aight doodz i karnt find ne of ur songs on limewire or napster gggrrr unless i type in blink 182 and prom way kool site guyz...will the album eva be out in england??


Name: Alexandra
City: Dana Point, Ca
Sent: 11.39 PM - sun 27 may 2001

You rock guys...have fun and don't forget me! I want to go to the MTV Music Awards with you guys. :) Alexandra

Name: Linda
City: niceville, fl
Sent: 5.34 PM - sun 27 may 2001

Hey you guyz are pretty rad, keep it up!

Name: melissa
City: sacramento, cali
Sent: 8.23 PM - sat 26 may 2001

you guys are good. and funny too. i like reading the little diary thingys...

Name: Tommy Morrow
City: St. Louis, MO
Sent: 7.00 PM - sun 20 may 2001

Congrats you guys, can't wait to see you guys hopefully this summer. Let us know when the CD is finished!! See you soon!


Name: shooz
City: ca
Sent: 5.09 PM - sun 20 may 2001

you guyz are kool!

Name: Chaz
City: anywhere but here...
Sent: 1.43 PM - wed 16 may 2001

hey lemme know when the new cd comes out so i can send some cash your way!

thanks for the sympathy: "...and one was handed the boot!"

my website will be up in june!!! it's PUNKPLAYGROUND.COM. be sure to visit it. I'll have about 1 gig of only punk/emo/hardcore MP3's, guitar and bass tabs, punk personals, concert dates, cd and show reviews, live photos from your favorite bands like the Ataris, NOFX, MxPx and much, much more!

hope to see all you kiddies there!


Name: Andy
City: St. Louis, MO
Sent: 7.46 AM - mon 14 may 2001

When you guys come to St. Louis on concert, I want some VIP passes ya hear!!! Mabrouk you guys!!! I can't wait to get the CD. See ya soon!


Name: jaimo
City: mission tx
Sent: 9.08 PM - sun 13 may 2001

oh yeah, ill buy the cd if im not too broke.


Name: jaimo
City: mission tx
Sent: 9.08 PM - sun 13 may 2001

its about time we heard from you people again. good to see your getting stuff put together. i want this cd to come out! till then, ill keep entertained with my dropkick murphy's, mad caddies, bad religion, and other such things. keep it going and good luck

jaime (a guy)

Name: Dan
City: Phila PA
Sent: 10.30 AM - sun 13 may 2001

where'd you get that blue les paul?

Name: Meggie Mathias
City: Peoria , AZ
Sent: 12.16 PM - thu 10 may 2001

I love you guys !!!

Name: Jerry
City: LA, California
Sent: 9.33 PM - sun 6 may 2001

hey, you guys are really awesome, i've only heard one of your songs but i think it's great. you guys are from OC right? thats pretty close, i was wondering if your gonna play any shows around here. when's you're album gonna come out, i think i really wanna buy it

Name: Graeme
City: Ontario, Canada
Sent: 7.51 PM - sun 6 may 2001

While trying to get songs from Blink 182's new album on Napster, I somehow downloaded Prom Night. At first I thought that it was Blink but it sounded different. I liked the song and got Take Me Away which is also great. I'm looking forward to your album and I hope that it is a great album!!!!

Name: glenn mc cue
City: dublin,ireland
Sent: 1.01 PM - wed 2 may 2001

i thought it was really cool the way you e-mailed me back.i really want to get the new album and i just hope it will come out in ieland.thanks a lot!!!!!!

Name: nathaniel hanni
City: easton pa
Sent: 11.46 AM - fri 27 apr 2001

this is great

Name: Rhonda
Sent: 1.22 AM - wed 25 apr 2001

hi guys,dont really know much about u ,but my mum is kinda related to ur dad i fink.well u know uncle fouad hes my mums uncle,hes here in sydney and told me to check out ur web page.well write bac

Name: David Finlay
City: Glasgow
Sent: 3.48 PM - mon 16 apr 2001

Hey Mario and chums, and yes i am related to Kevin Finlay. He is my cousin and we have just started our own band. We have named the Band LINX. You guys have influenced us alot so we say Thanx.
Could you give us some tips on song writing and stuff like that!
Your Band is great!! You have kool songs

Regards David + Kevin

Name: jay
Sent: 7.06 PM - sat 14 apr 2001

rock on!

Name: Kevin Finlay
City: Glasgow,UK
Sent: 5.26 AM - sat 14 apr 2001

You guys rule
great songs

Name: Dan
City: Temple, PA
Sent: 7.48 AM - thu 12 apr 2001

You know what's weird...I named my band Drowning Fish then came across the best band yet!

Name: Estevan
City: So Paulo, Brasil
Sent: 12.29 PM - sun 8 apr 2001

Man, I dont giva fuck if they changed the names of the songs, 'cause I wouldn't have found this crazy band. Your songs are great. Keep up the good job!

Name: Ali
City: Mission Viejo
Sent: 11.08 AM - thu 5 apr 2001

You guys rock!!

Name: Iggy
City: west babylon, ny
Sent: 3.21 PM - wed 4 apr 2001

hey..i was searching for some new songs and came across...prom night....sounds like old blink-182..which i i guess i like your band now lol..keep up good work.

Name: TJ
City: Riverside, Ca.
Sent: 9.32 PM - mon 2 apr 2001

What up guys? I saw you sooooooo long ago at Showcase Theatre in Corona and I thought you were aweomse. I was just bored and thought i would see if you were still together and had a site and you do. So ill sign up for the mailing list and get that CD when it comes out. Keep up the goodwork. tj

Name: *Ericka*
City: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Sent: 8.38 PM - sat 31 mar 2001

Hi Marc! You know I LOVE your guys' band and your site as I always tell you! You guys sound awesome! Marc - just between you and me - you're the hottest one! hehe You know, you never did tell me when you are going to send me an official Drowning Fish bumper sticker for my car! lol No pressure! ;) I luv ya! Keep workin hard!BYE!

Name: Shawn Independence
City: Martinsville, IL
Sent: 8.47 PM - wed 28 mar 2001

Hey from what I heard on your MP3 site you guys sound pretty good! I have a pop-punk band called the Livingstons! Please check us out and our homepage Well L8R!

Name: your cousin WAR WAR
Sent: 8.28 PM - wed 28 mar 2001

Hello Morris from your cousin WARWAR

Name: jamie
City: glendora, ca
Sent: 9.23 AM - tue 20 mar 2001

i would like to know how old all you guys are? If you guys don't mind. thanks monkey girl.

email me

Name: a
City: o.c.
Sent: 9.54 PM - wed 7 mar 2001


Name: Nick
City: Chester, NJ
Sent: 10.32 AM - sun 25 feb 2001

Hey wassup! Cool site, I wonder if you sound as cool as you look. Punks rule!
-Your pal nick from NJ

Name: Melissa
City: Pomona, CA
Sent: 12.10 PM - fri 16 feb 2001

Hey there Drowning Fish! Just wanted to keep the guestbook alive, like Mario told me to in an email. Well, if anyone wants to talk to me, IM me. My SN is AngryNerdsRock36 and SincerelyMe1212. I'm always online (as sad as that sounds).

Name: Elia Tenorio
City: Anaheim Hills, CA
Sent: 3.18 PM - tue 23 jan 2001

Hi my boys just an old friend checking up on you guys. You look really cute.

Name: Clyde26
Sent: 11.57 PM - thu 18 jan 2001

Is it just me...or all these girls leaving messages for you guys, hot strippers?

Name: Anna
City: Los Angeles
Sent: 2.02 PM - fri 12 jan 2001

Great site Marc! Thanks for sending me here!
Keep up the good work!

Name: Kimberly Fisher
City: Los Angeles, CA
Sent: 9.49 AM - fri 5 jan 2001

Hi Marc!

Cute site! Best of luck to you and the band!


Name: Ali
City: NB ca
Sent: 9.10 PM - mon 1 jan 2001

Just wanted to thank you guys for the great time last night.

We will have to do that again soon.

in case you don't remember me

Name: sara
City: irvine, cali
Sent: 1.07 PM - mon 25 dec 2000

hey marc
Your site is awesome, and i hope everything goes well with your band!

Name: Lisa Marie
City: Laguna Niguel, CA
Sent: 8.46 AM - tue 19 dec 2000

Hi Marc!
Awesome site and awesome diary. It's nice to see people who really put their heart into things. May 2001 bring health, happiness and prosperity.
:) Lisa Marie "professional starving actor" (lol)
"Live for today but don't forget about tomorrow..."

Name: Rose
City: Santa Ana, CA
Sent: 11.45 PM - mon 18 dec 2000

Hey Marc. Well I just want to say that im glad I met you, you seem like a very sweet guy. Im interested in hearing your music, maybe I can hear u some day. I like your web site... check out mine at It's under construction but Im going to work on it this holiday so check it out later. Talk to u later! Buh Bye! :P

XOXO, :*
Rose @->--

Name: Helen
City: Stockport, ENGLAND
Sent: 1:10 AM - tue 21 nov 2000
Just dropping by & thought I'd leave a message as suggested! Lol! I like the site, well-designed! : )

Oh & a quick plug for a cool site: ! : )



Name: jen
City: Alberta, CANADA
Sent: 9:42 PM - tue 14 nov 2000
When you guys find a bassist come to alberta. Nice web page.

Name: BatMan..A.K.A...Tymour =)
City: CA
Sent: 6:39 PM - mon 13 nov 2000
Hi....I just checked on site and it's cool. You should get some songs on Napster or something that would be cool. Anyways tell me when ya think the album is comming out. I'm tired....well cya...Wazoo!

Name: Carly
City: orange county
Sent: 12:21 PM - mon 13 nov 2000
hey marc and mario:
well you guys are doing really good it seems like. i hope that i can get a cd when you guys are done. well anyways the site is a plus and i wish the best of luck. if you dont remember me im Faris's ex-girlfriend. anyways how cares you guys are still cool. well talk to u sexy boys later! oh, you should try to make a video for vans warped tour.
well see ya!

Name: Forrest
City: Dallas Tx
Sent: 12:59 PM - sat 11 nov 2000
You Guys Are Pretty Cool...come buy and check us out too when you get a chance

Name: Abreu
City: Vitoria- Brazil
Sent: 7:39 AM - fri 10 nov 2000
awesome band!!!
visit the TEEN LOVERS (Pop punk band from brazil) site :, get mp3 at

Name: Longbow
City: OC, CA
Sent: 10:57 AM - tue 7 nov 2000
My old band played with you once at El Toro high school's bullstock... We were Minus Blindfold or whatever but my new band, As I, is looking to play shows with fellow OC bands. So when you get a new bass player just email me...

Name: jaime again
City: mission, tx
Sent: 8:13 PM - fri 27 oct 2000
silly me, youve got a mailing list. ok bye

Name: jaime
City: mission, tx
Sent: 8:07 PM - fri 27 oct 2000
hey this page is cool. drowning fish is fun. well not drowning em but i think you know what i mean. your little fish with the scuba gear is definately a plus. your music is cool. i like the song prom night. ive only gotten my paws on that song and another one called.... i dunno what its called. anyway, you guys are cool. make a mail list! yeah, if you do, ill be on it. and then maybe ill have mail for once..... heh, i have mail everyonce in a while. wait what am i talking about... bye.

Name: Sandmaster
City: Cape Breton, Nova scotia, CANADA
Sent: 3:35 AM - mon 23 oct 2000
Hey Guys. Great technical website!
Come back and visit SANDMAN-DESIGN.COM when you get a chance. Love to hear the band sometime...fellow musician and web guru...sandmaster

Name: Ericka
City: Highlands Ranch, CO
Sent: 2:48 PM - thu 12 oct 2000
Hey Marc!I'm liking the new diary entry you wrote in! LOL ... you're such a dork but I luv ya! So, as SOON as your CD is released, you're going to order me one riiight??? I can't wait cuz DROWNING FISH IS SOOOO COOL!!! : So you better not forget! Oh, and by the way - I just LOVED your glamour shots! Those were sooo .... ummm ... sexy! Yeah ... they were pretty cool! Haha ... anyway, I'll talk to you later babe! Bye! ;)

Name: Wasif Warwar
City: orange, california
Sent: 7:11 PM - sun 8 oct 2000
it's wasif from church i was wondering if u guys have a cd out there aight see ya!!!

Name: Chris Benamati
City: NY
Sent: 7:42 PM - thu 28 sep 2000
Hey Mario...The Comp is finally done and your copy is coming soon!!!! Hey I was wondering if you guys would like to do some more stuff with us? Like a Cd or whatnot...Contact me to verify that you got this!



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